Rules of life of Aretha Franklin

• The rules of life of Aretha Franklin

Rules of life of Aretha Franklin

The singer, 70 years, Detroit

I do not feel the gravity of the title - the Queen of Soul. At least as long as I wear it on the right.

Now, at seventy, I sing with the same voice as she sang at twenty-five, and there is no secret. I just had no one else screamed.

I do not feel at seventy. So - in the sixty-five-something.

Memories are sweet and are monstrous. And they both make you cry equally.

More I just feel sorry for her life that allowed her son to leave school.

About me said so many bad things, and so many good things that I'm starting to get confused myself where the truth and a lie.

I really do not fly planes since 1983, and I can well understand why the Pope kisses the ground every time down the ramp.

My favorite place in the Bible? Live and let live. I know this is not in the Bible, but it is the main principle on which to live.

Basically, people are divided into two types: those who believe that all the good is in the past, and those who believe that all the good things the future holds. The perfect time to do something - now.

I sing for those who accept life for what it is.

The best people in my life were always the ones about someone when you first meet think: My God, what kind of psycho.

Who was the love of my life? I'm still too young to answer this question.

Stop loving someone you love, it is more difficult than to lose weight.

Recently, I lost 85 pounds, and it was not so difficult. We just have to convince yourself that you will not die of hunger if you eat a hot dog instead of two.

I realized the full horror of what is happening with Detroit when she closed Obzhorka, which was near the cinema "Apollo". Although the theater was closed even earlier - in the late fifties.

Do you know why the stars get fat? When you go after a concert, a carrot and a glass of juice - this is not what you need.

When my doctor said that in order to lose weight, is enough for me to give up Coca-Cola and chocolate, I at first he could not believe.

I sang in commercials for Coca-Cola? Yes, and with Ray Charles? Do not remember that. I can not imagine who could sing at my wedding.

I was always sure that those who will take me as a wife, get the best woman in the world.

Coming on the scene, I always think that people should receive from me the same pleasure, what I get from itself.

Yes, I need the support and attention of men. Only weak women declare their independence and power.

Nobody ever wrote me these letters, as president.

In 2009, I spoke at the inauguration of Obama, and above all the fact that you already know how I feel at this moment, I can add that there was damn cold.

I always went to all the polls, because I know for sure that those who do not go to vote, has no right to complain about life.

In this world, the problem of excess weight confronted each. If not the body swims fat brains.

More women need long hair.

Music is changing faster than you have time to change.