Terms of police life

Terms of police life

Ensign patrol, 48 years old, Moscow

My childhood was so long ago that I do not even remember what he wanted to become. As returned from the army, appeared in my many police friends. One police work each, other. Let us say. I have come to their boss, and talking like nothing was, and I agreed. Incidentally, you might say.

Now I think that the police went because I was then attracted romance - chasing crooks and kradunov catch.

In the eighties to the police respected, and another militia was: right, I suppose. She began to change in the nineties, when we began to break the law themselves. Today, the law does not simply violate already and no there is no law today.

Divorce Head taught us: "First of all - personal safety. Do not like the car, stop. Passengers should get out, hands on the hood. If that - put a face to the ground. Always have time to apologize. "

Recently Sheremetyevo was the case: a bum lay down on a bench and fell asleep, and while he was sleeping, the cleaning lady threw his dirty boots. He woke up, went to the duty of writing the application. The duty of his kicks and bum him: "Do not have the right to accept applications." Received, the shoes found. But where have you seen a homeless person came to the police station to seek the truth? Ten years ago in it and could not believe it. The police never beat just like that, only for the deal. Correctly Gleb Zheglov said punishment is not without fault. And I beat. What am I, a saint?

Now shout all: "The man tortured Kazan!" But let's think logically: me, to do nothing more than how to point to someone a bottle of pop? And then there was dokazuha reinforced concrete, he stole the phone.

We are ordinary people, not the villains. We just have a job is not like at all. But as soon as something happens in humans, they run to us, not a bath.

From the point of view of police officer, any rally - hemorrhoids. If ordered, it is necessary to disperse and not to execute the order - against you a criminal investigation. Any person has the right to protest, but I'd have protested, but it seems to me that to what it will not.

I do not think that you are better and more honest police. Try to put yourself in our place. Sure that would have been otherwise behave?

All my friends in the police, and even the wife of the policeman - the service met. Now she is on maternity leave, the son of increase, but I say it all: "Tell him to back out." But I think, it's better to sit at home, fuck her back.

Corpses across different: there are - in one piece, and there are - parts. It is terrible when we leave on children's corpses - then come home and drink. Recently, a terrible event was, went to the corpse of a young woman. Not the body, and a colander, thirty-two stab wounds. Killed near his apartment, and the next, in a wheelchair, a two-month child - alive, thank God. And I was struck by the victim's hands - his hands twisted, to the bone plowed. The woman behind the knife blade as for life, in short supply. I have a different vision of the street. I see what others do not see how there are cars who sits in them. In the courtyard I always notice new cars. The policeman, who has long worked on the ground, the crowd immediately see who is doing what where fish is where traders and where just people.

Recently, there was a fight in the bus: one knife hit, killed artery. We arrived, called an ambulance, and do nothing can. And here stands fast, wait until the person dies, and he is still conscious, and his eyes were so alive that horror takes.

Recently, I was afraid of death. My son is small, afraid to leave him. I want to grow up normal.

When my daughter was a little girl of twenty, it is like the "Our Father" knew that if the street that something bad will happen, it is necessary to break the first that fell a policeman - in a booth in the car, anywhere. But now I already have doubts about the police, it will help: send guard, and in the booth person will not appear.

Perhaps we are to blame for that missed a whole generation. For example, I can not forgive myself, that when the eldest daughter was little, I always was not at home. He worked all the time. Now I look at her and her friends, and they seem to me some kind of goofy. Loafers, not want to work, and the interests they have such strange: doing nothing, to make a million, and then - silence. I had no desire to leave Russia. Homeland as bosses, not selected. But I am a patriot, a Russian. Me and abroad has never been, though, say overseas people live better.

We have a lake next to the house, he went, I threw the bait, sit. Carp catch the cat, and that's good. Quiet, birds singing, no one will distract. Vytyanesh fish, and she did not resist, silent.

I would like to think that after life there is one. One life just does not have time.

The most important thing in life - family. On the ground, you have a family holding. We have so arranged the country: every man for himself, and if you get sick, you should not rely on doctors and on the family.

With his wife quarrel in the morning, afternoon reconciled, and just the feeling that life is going well, and no exploits unnecessary.

I do not know if there is paradise and fall Does it police. I would like to think that there is, and will there be a place for me, this is how the court decides.