Rules of life of George Clooney

• Rules of Life of George Clooney

Rules of life of George Clooney

My first recollection relates to the age of four: how our whole family gathered on a farm with my uncle George. He was gorgeous guy, a bright personality, claimed that during World War II flying bomber and met with the "Miss America" ​​- in short, one of those people who enter the room and immediately light up like it is. Remember the words of Al Pacino in "Scent of a Woman": "Oo-oo-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" In the same way, and Uncle George said. With full conviction. I could say something like: "Do not eat mustard! From it you will have a heart attack! "He's just come up. But I still have not forgotten - I smear a hamburger with mustard, and on the soul as something restless ... There was Uncle Chick - slicker, what else to look. As a child he suffered meningitis, lost one eye, and instead he put in a glass. Throughout the war he worked in the rear, but when you come to the tavern, put his glass eye on the counter and said, "Treat a glass of a soldier who lost an eye in battle!"

Remember, as we children sat at a family gathering of around Uncle George, and he said: "Chick, lifting a finger to George, Timothy and Ada Frances." Uncle Chick was an artificial finger, and he pretended that his tears, and laid them on the table. "Now, Chick, take out your teeth." And Chick took out dentures and also put them on the table. "Now, take out the eyes, and lay it on the table, so that young people can take a look at him!" Chick removed his glass eye and puts it in front of us. Uncle George said, "Now, Chick, unscrew your head." And we all rushed out in all directions, because when you're four years old, you can believe anything.

The main thing I took over the mother - the ability to be versatile. She was a beauty queen and led his own TV show. But for my birthday I bought a circular saw, and she repaired the roof in our house. And more importantly, it has taught me to be realistic and to survive in difficult situations. I've got a friend in Italy, Giovanni. We ride with him in the summer on a motorcycle God knows where. Suddenly out of nowhere a car crashes with the lady behind the wheel and flatten Giovanni leg. Just awful: instead of legs bloody mess. And a hundred kilometers in the district of any hospital. It starts to gather the people. I do not speak the language, but somehow explain to them: "From you I need it. From you - something. " Got hold towels, bamboo, rubber bandage, splint, and then the car was found. Not pulled, bringing the work to the end - that's what I've learned, looking at her mother.

Rules of life of George Clooney

When they killed Bobby Kennedy, the father was a journalist and was doing a TV show in Columbus, Ohio. Just recently killed Martin Luther King - in general, the time was hard. So, the father comes into my room, and I see that something's wrong. He says, "Give me your toy guns. All come on, what it is ". And I give him my guns - plastic, water - all that I had. He puts them in a bag, and then goes on his show and says: "My son gave me this. He said: "I do not want to play with them." I understand why he did so: he had to look convincing and the effect was enormous. Father knew that such a statement from the lips of seven boys will work great at all. Well, that was smart on his part, but as a child, then look at everything else. Then, because both react: hey, this is my favorite gun!

I REMEMBER, boy I sometimes went to dine at a restaurant with my family and with other families. Then in Kentucky it was a great event - go to a restaurant. We were very rich, and I just wanted to, how to get your shrimp salad. And here, happened, the waiter put in front of you this is the salad, like a man from another family would say something like: "Well, and that there is a problem with these?" And mother immediately began to rush us: "Eat faster! Eat quickly, "Because we all knew:" the "means" black ", and the father would pop up on their side, to create a scandal, and we'll all have to leave the restaurant.

My aunt Rosemary taught me a lot, and without saying a word. She taught me the right attitude to success, although it was not an example of positive and negative. In 1951, she was on top of the world, on the covers of all the magazines. Then nine famous singers, there was one singer. She toured for five years, returned, and then came into fashion rock-n-roll. Elvis was the king, and on the stage was dominated by men. She did not sing worse - just change the situation. The rules have changed. And she felt broken. He believed that he was losing his gift. She began failures, she is addicted to drugs, it was a bad manager who whistled a lot of money, and then she ran over to the tax office, and it is already the end of life do not have anything. Fortunately, she had the strength to recover and return to normal life. And what can be learned from this? One very useful lesson: you are not as good as they say about you, and you're not as bad as they are saying about you. Before he became an actor, I have a lot of what he did: cut tobacco selling ladies shoes. And you know what I found out when they are sold? All women lie about their size. Everything. You can believe me - every one. For example, a young woman comes to me with the size of forty-one, and said: "I have 38 and a half." I look at her and see that she has 41 minutes, and said: "38 minutes with a half will reap." But she pushes his leg in the 38th and a half and says: "I take." It was in Kentucky, in the seventy-ninth. By the way, at the beginning of the century there is a whole generation of women who cut himself on the finger on each leg to wear pumps. This is a pure truth. This ought to make a documentary. They cut no little fingers, and fourth fingers, so as not to lose balance. When I have in store octogenarian woman appeared, I knew that would be a very unpleasant sight.

Real success came to me after thirty. I distinctly remember sitting on the floor in the closet, in the house of his friend, completely broken. My friends were going to go to dinner, eat a hamburger, and I have even this was not the money. Of course, they could pay for me, but I did not want it. And it has happened more than once. I remember once my buddy Brad lent me a hundred dollars. He now manages our production company. I have it still did not give this a hundred, you know?

EL KAULINGS for me - a sample of a true friend. I admire his behavior at the time when the OJ Simpson called him and said, "Man, they are my" tail ". Start the car. Get me the money, twenty pieces, and a passport. We must get away. " It's easy to be a friend, when all was quiet, peaceful. I admire the man, capable to sit behind the wheel and take his friend, closing his eyes to reality and truth, which is that this fellow has killed two people last night. Full trust - it's great. I would like to have such friends. I would like to think that he can be such a friend. However, the truth and that you are to get away with a killer on the conscience of which two victims. When you open your eyes, how will you do? I was shooting in the revelation of a bad movie. I never expected that "Batman and Robin" will be a great film. But I saw it as a good chance for himself. And the shooting started. The scenario does not fit. I am miserable in this his suit, trying to somehow pull their scene ... I was beaten for "Batman and Robin" - and rightly so. But the thing is, that without the "Batman and Robin" I would not have become what I am now. He taught me that my failure or success depends solely on my own taste. I began to do "Out of Sight" and "Three Kings" and "O where are you, brother?", Because it is the movies that I myself would go to watch. Of course, not every time it ends well. But the lesson of "Batman and Robin" was very important.

"Batman and Robin" was released during the third season of "ER." This series was a real gold mine. In the second month after its launch, we were on the cover of Newsweek. In the first two seasons I have nominated for "Emmy." And not only me, but us - all five. The third season of "ER" was the most successful for me. I was like a baseball player who scored in the first season in batting average of 0, 310, in the second - 0, 315, and the third - 0, 328. I'm not the one that I should nominate and the third year, but that in the first two have been nominated, and I know that in the third worked just as well. Announced the nomination, and my publicist Stan calls early in the morning: "You is not listed." I say, "Okay. And who is "And he told me:" Uh-uh ... but everyone else who was there filming. " I come in the morning to shoot. All excited, so it is understandable: they are all nominated for the "Emmy". We are all great friends, and I know that they fear embarrassment. I enter - they fall silent. I waited a little and said: "Oh yes, I think, today announced the nomination. What is there in them? "Everyone looks at me. Nobody says anything. Then I told them: "Your mother, yes, I know!" And everybody starts laughing. IF I WERE president? The first thing I tried to do away with the oil problem. Why not? Remember, in 1961, when Kennedy launched the space program, he said that our astronaut to land on the moon in ten years? At the moment we missile plopped to the ground, they killed a monkey and some said yes this guy is crazy! But we really landed on the moon in 1969. And it opened the way for new technologies. After 10 years, we must abandon cars with internal combustion engines. Once upon a time we still have to do it, because that oil reserves are not infinite. So why drag? I also like how grumbles "Chevrolet" 1957 year. But the world has changed, and somehow it will be necessary to live, when oil is over. If we learn to do without it, the small countries which have entered into force on the 30th due to the oil under their sand, no longer control our economy. We will eliminate the source of their power, and at the same time create a new technology. This will be a new era.

I become president, I would have said, "We are at war? Yes it really? "In it something similar. Usually, if a country is at war, people go to the victim. But let's face it: our women are not at the machine at night. The only ones who sacrifices - those 150 000 kids who went to the military service and the war had fallen to them out of the blue.

ABOUT gay marriage. Because of what the fuss broke? Is anyone really still believe in the sacrament of marriage? What's the percentage of divorces - fifty, or what? Therefore, all the objections to gay marriage are as follows: "And then what? Allowed to marry a goat "And you say," Well, yes, but why not legalize marriage with a goat? Let marriage with a goat would be legal! If you're so crazy that you want to marry a goat, go ahead, take it! "To jump from a skyscraper is prohibited. But if this prohibition cancel hardly all at once flee from there to jump! MY LITTLE MARRIAGE taught me, because then I was not disposed to learn. This does not mean that I did not love the woman, whom he married. But what I really was not ready - it's the fact that if things get really bad, I have to correct all carefully. I was 28 years old. I had no patience, and not enough willingness to compromise. If I was older, maybe I have been able to establish a normal family life.

The best thing in my life - it's friends, whom I consider my real family for twenty-five years. It's all the same guys who did not despise me with it, and I told them reciprocate. They do not care where I work. They have their own work, their own lives and their families. But every Sunday we go to the movies, playing basketball, going to family gatherings, or we go somewhere together. We cherish our friendship. I coast it is much stronger than their marriage.

My Uncle George was a drunkard. Once we found it on the racetrack, "River Downs" in Cincinnati, in the closet for the harness, - he lay there, an old man with a long gray beard. Thanks to Uncle George, I learned a lot about death, because I was with him when he died. And the main lesson is this: the death - this is a private affair of all the things you are about to do. I reproach: "You do not want to have kids? (I really do not want to.) Have you not afraid to die alone? "Everyone dies alone. And point. This is a very personal matter, and when Uncle George died, he looked somewhere ... I do not know where. After that, I learned to look at life soberly, namely in life will be all sorts of trouble. And I well know what is going to do. Uncle George sat in bed - he was sixty-eight. He looked at me and said: "What a shame ..." Even today I do not know what he said about smoking, which ruined his lungs, so that in the end he could hardly breathe, or drink, or about all his life - that he does not become what he could become, with all its inclinations. But I came to the conclusion that I do not want to wake up one day in sixty-five years and say, "What a shame."