Rules of Life Andrew Merzlikina

• Rules of Life Andrew Merzlikina

Rules of Life Andrew Merzlikina

When I was asked about the interview for the "rules of life", I said to myself, "Why? I'm still alive. "

INTERVIEW FOR ME - is a way of self-analysis. I can not imagine a situation where you ask himself: "How will you raise children? And Kubrick? "Influenced you. If I did not give interviews, I did not know if to himself a lot.

NEED to learn to be contemplative. Do not look and see.

Vast majority of people, appearing on TV today, as if to say "I am an intelligent, educated and knowledgeable person." And so in general facebook: one hundred per cent - is a smart and well-educated people with accurate understanding, correct assessment of what is happening, and almost always ready to save the planet. But this is not the case.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS - this is not the ten commandments on how to become a saint. Ten Commandments - it is simply a technical description of normality.

The hardest thing - to be normal. We just want to be the best, great, we want to be remembered. But Tortila sang: "To be such as it is, you need courage and honor." Or a cake? (Alexander Gradski)

I HAD the usual Soviet childhood. The settlement advanced textile workers, violent years of perestroika, then the nineties. But I will never talk like rappers love that grew up in the slums around it was all bad, evil laws streets, alcohol and drugs. Yes, it was all, and we have grown up in a world of which we are so diligently trying to protect. But then we discover another world.

Only Fools and Horses. You need to become a fool, and I became them.

I often hear: "I'm not doing a TV series." I say: "And I'm doing, and I know why I'm doing: preparing for the Olympics, you have to train and not just wait for the Olympics." You may first to admit: my role - is practical and has all the things that life offers me. Every sentence I perceive, as a student who never takes off.

I'm never going to be an actor and never dreamed of this. I did not even know that there are places where this is taught. My decision was connected with not the best, perhaps, a period in my life. Remember, there was a spirit - "Royal"? By itself it is evil, but my desire to become an actor is associated with the consumption of this legendary drink. I remember we were sitting in a boarding house with the guys from Ivanteevsky groups; accidentally met when I went there with friends. We lived on the same floor, and spent two weeks in full coma. Leader they had a guy named Kurgan, and that's from him that I first heard that there are such institutions - GITIS and VGIK.

My character in the profession - Mickey Rourke. Many people think: De Niro or Al Pacino? Stallone or Schwarzenegger? Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? And I have just Mickey Rourke, and he is not even an antagonist. it is for me - a Russian man. I read an interview with him, I look for the way his life, for his self-destruction, for his transformation. He said: "I am a person who pissed away everything." And I see these words, a man who could give a precise analysis of their lives. Such a person, like a phoenix, reborn and has the right to go on, without proving anything to anyone.

I always wanted to meet with Rourke. In one of his visits to Moscow, I bought a liter of vodka, went to a restaurant where he was having dinner ... But before that, if I may, I'll tell the story. I was visiting his spiritual father and say to him: "Here, my friend, Mickey Rourke in Moscow." - "So You go to him." - "No, Bat, I'm not going anywhere, because it is certainly here on business." Then he said: "Two times is not repeated. I bless you to go. " There is a concept - disobedience and blessings; so like it or not, but we must go. And he takes a pirated copy of "Francis" (1989 film about the life of St. Francis of Assisi with Rourke in the title role) and says: "Here, take this for my autograph. And here's an icon of the Virgin Mary - go and present it. " And here I am with this icon, a disk and a bottle of vodka I go to a restaurant where Mickey Rourke is sitting, and, timidly, said: "distracting you for a second. I have to perform the blessing of the priest. I am not in any way do not bother, just the blessing came. Here, take the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, like a spiritual blessing, and now, please sign. " Then Mickey asks: "So you've got the padre?" I say, "Well, yes." Then he stood up and said: "Bring us a vodka." And I say, "Vodka is not necessary, there is vodka." And so we sat and drank together litrushu this in front of people. I understand that I was guilty before a translator, before Anna Zaitseva, who translated the whole day and come to the restaurant just to eat, and then she had to translate all this nonsense. It all ended with "write down my home." When saying goodbye, he beat me, zaborol. He is powerful, I thought it was easy for me to discourage. And he said: "All of you are my brother, come. I'm from New York, and is forced to work in Los Angeles. Write down my home address. You'll be in New York to immediately phoned. My black brothers will meet you at the airport. " And it was all really. I understand that this is about the same as a child, in the pioneer camp, parting forever, we swore that we would write letters to each other. But then we met a second time, again in Moscow, and he said: "Do you think I forgot you? A person who has a Father? "And then I had to go to New York. I wrote a letter to him, and he replied that starred in "Iron Man." No black brothers did not come to meet me. He sobered up, I understand. But it is not important. It is not as important was the friendship is rather important was the meeting. FAITH - it is an opportunity to see everything as a miracle.

I had such a period - not so much depression, but something close. I was thirty years old, I was alone, there was no more likely to work than it was. And quite unexpectedly, I came to what became in the morning run. Usually we run when we Mode, work and all is well. And when all is bad and there is nothing, then you do not want to run. But I began to run in the morning. He wore sneakers and just ran - not for health, not for sport, not for the figure. Running away from something, drove thought. Perhaps it's some stupid, but stupidity, too, sometimes need to do.

Very important to know where the bottom is your life, to go on it. Youth is given to you could dive in and swim down. But your task - not to stay at the bottom and learn how to start from the bottom, float.

Do not be a grandmother who just stands at the station next to the very heavy suitcase. We must try to pick it up. Yes, you did not succeed, but it will see the others, and they can offer assistance. If you just stand next to the problem, and no one would guess that the assistance you need. The Lord calls us to even knock, ask. All the wonders that Christ did, were made by someone else's request. No miracle, made without a request, you will not find in the Bible. Perhaps this is a very important point.

Here at Leningradsky Prospekt have an understudy, and my job - it's like an understudy of my life. I love to travel around the understudy - and often go through it - but there are areas without a backup. Life, I take it as a six-lane avenue.

Life - it is a verb, not a noun. When you live, you act.

Take life as it is - the most important thing. Humility higher fasting and prayer. Fasting is not fasting - it is better not try. But humility - it is work that leads to transformation. All of a sudden you start to see things never seen yesterday. GIVE ME GOD hold on to what is now talking aloud. Be who show themselves. Once you aloud said something - there will always be tested. In wanting to expose Andrew Merzlikina there are so many opportunities to poke me like a kitten in its own the same shit. I know it.

I calmly refer to the fact that I can see a man who stumbles. Yes, I can drink not only tea, and yes, I can withdraw not only a good movie.

I speak loudly: I am not tolerant person. Not for a second, not once. And do not even replace the word in the Russian word "tolerance." Not necessary.

A large sum I took away more than once, but in the end I have developed the right reflex: no matter what happens in the first second I can, and get upset, and a second think: well, okay. As they say, thank you, Lord, that he took the money.

The epithet is changing very rapidly. More recently - in the Soviet era - it was the concept of the "great", and it can be applied quite sincerely. we're talking about "popular" or worse, "rating". And then there are the concept of "media."

I DO NOT Elvis Presley, have varying degrees of popularity. I came here today by the underground.