85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

• 85 facts on the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

Our reader writes Marina: I live in a nice and happy to share their observations and advice

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

1. Nice founded by the Greeks in the IV-th century BC and was called Nikeyya in honor of the goddess of victory Nike. To our days on the Côte d'Azur, numerous monuments of ancient architecture.

2. In 1543, the year in Nice story became a laundress Segyuran Catherine (Catherine Ségurane). During the siege of the city of the pirates and the troops of Francis I, she, armed with roller laundry, kill enemy soldiers and took away his banner, and then, with his skirt, showed the enemies of his ass. Named Catherine Seguyuran named the street and one of the largest high schools in Nice.

3. Nice on the Promenade des Anglais, the famous dancer Isadora Duncan died of a tragic accident (Isadora Duncan), the wife of Sergey Yesenin. Her throttled gas scarf wound on a vehicle axle. A few minutes before her death, she told the assembled fans "Goodbye friends, I go to glory."

4. In Nice, there is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, doctoring the most beautiful cathedral of the Orthodox Church outside of Russia. Unfortunately, he was surrounded by a high fence and enter it only at certain times. In every Catholic church in Nice free entrance at any time. The doors are always open. Almost everywhere you can examine the fresco, enjoy the interior decoration, photograph.

5. Airport Nice - Côte d'Azur is among the ten airports with the most spectacular views during takeoff and landing. The airport is in the city, so fans of hiking, not burdened with heavy suitcases can easily walk to your hotel in one of the most beautiful and famous of the world promenade - the Promenade des Anglais.

6. Nice - very calm and democratic city. Contrary to popular belief, do not roam the streets of millionaires in the "Louis Vuitton" and "Christian Dior" and drive about "Ferrari". Demonstrate the wealth and status are considered indecent. 7. In all the attributes chic life can be enough to admire during the Cannes Film Festival and race Formula 1 Monaco, as well as in the height of tourist season in the hottest summer months. But to the people of Nice, it has nothing to do. In August, residents of the city usually leave for the holidays. Closed many popular with locals cafes and shops.

8. Russian millionaires spend their lives here behind high fences villas and darkened glasses of cars, and mostly only in the summer. French millionaire, you can easily keep up to step on the bus at any time of the year, and not knowing that it was a millionaire.

9. Russian tourists always seen from afar: a girl struggling to hobble about in high heels in the expensive and uncomfortable shoes on tile or cobblestone streets. Men are deliberately expensive shoes and watches. Or on the contrary too casually dressed, they look extremely unsportsmanlike, and appear in public in a bathing suit and beach footwear. Most Russian tourists can be found in the words of doom and tired of disgust on his face. They did not seem to have a rest, and perform grueling work called "holiday on the Cote d'Azur."

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

10. Traffic jams in Nice are only in July and August. They provide tourists. In a completely free movement of the rest of the year. A ten-minute delay on the road is the French panic and indignation.

11. In France, you can drink alcohol while driving. Acceptable rate of 0, 5 ppm. This is a couple of mugs of beer or two large glasses of wine, or one potent cocktail. If you take a car, then you carefully hang on the rearview mirror of a list of alcoholic drinks that you can consume without fear of penalty. Typically, roadside checks only happen in the summer tourist season. The rest of the traffic police on the French Riviera will not notice. Holy Terror to the traffic police from the French is not perfect, however, as an accident. 12. Provence historically is the first region of France, where they began to produce wine. More 600 years BC, the Greeks founded the city on the coast of his, doing viticulture and winemaking.

13. Bottle of decent wine in France costs about € 3-5. Not unusual wine for € 1, 50-2, 50. This absolutely does not mean that the wine is bad. Rare French buy more expensive bottle of wine € 10-15. Only in the case of a special celebration. All the French prefer to drink young wines. Special difference in the quality of wine for € 3 and € 15 no. The exceptional taste of things.

14. In Nice, a lot of people drink alcohol in the morning. Elderly ladies discussing news with a glass of wine at 9 am, men, reading the morning paper, sipping a cool beer or a glass of pastis - this is a common pattern for Nice. Nobody sees this as something reprehensible and defiant. This is the norm. Spirits are unpopular. In stores large selection of vodka. The French sometimes buy it for parties, to drink in the cocktail with ice and tonic. During the summer in the coastal cafe is very popular mojito cocktail. Often it is added watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries and other fresh fruits. You can order a non-alcoholic mojito.

15. A bottle of real French champagne can cost in the supermarket € 15-20. Simply, it is not unwound worldwide brand - such as "Veuve Clicquot" or "Louis Roederer ', and small family houses of Champagne, of those who do not want to spend money on advertising. Only on the beverage industry.

Sparkling wine produced in France, but not in the Champagne region are usually € 3-7. They are also very tasty.

16. Nowhere in France do not produce rosé wines in such volumes as in Provence. They are ubiquitous in the French Riviera and drink in hot weather, the water, often with ice. Rosé wine goes well with the local cuisine, especially fish and seafood.

17. Among the wines of Provence have to mention a few apelyasonov with a fairly high rating: "AOC Bandol", "AOC Bellet", "AOC Cassis". These wines are not inferior in quality to the most famous wines of France, and will please any connoisseur of fine wines. 18. None of Nice does not drink tea. Usually, everyone drinks coffee. If you see someone who is drinking tea, especially in the summer - this is likely, tourists from England.

19. The French never do anything special in order to hide her age or to seem younger than his years. Every French woman believes that she is beautiful at any age. And it is true.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

20. The French man can divorce his young wife to marry a woman older. He is looking for a companion and associate, not decoration.

21. Bright Russian girls, repainted in the blondes in tight blouses, short skirts, make-up during the day and high heels French call "navel Russe" - it means "matryoshka".

22. No inhabitant of the Côte d'Azur will not wear high-heeled shoes, if it is not invited to a wedding or other celebration. And in this case, the heel is the average and the most convenient. No one would expose himself to the discomfort in order to make for someone else impression or like the man.

23. Despite the large number of world-famous fashion designer and the status of one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, the inhabitants of Nice prefer at home athletic shoes (sneakers or running shoes) clothes - the most simple T-shirt and jeans, which you can buy in stores for € 15 -twenty. Collections such clothing is very diverse and changing almost every month, so you can safely buy the most fashionable clothes, wear them a few times, and immediately sent to the recycling bin when a new collection. So usually all and act. Shops fashionable and affordable clothes occupy entire streets in Nice and the French with pleasure walking, looking at the windows and trying on your favorite items. Often in shops are sales, where you can buy two for the price of one, or at a discount of 50-70%. Each French since childhood knows that she goes and what does not. If she wants to emphasize the dignity of its shape or eye color - no doubt you'll notice. You will notice it is a woman, not the clothes. 24. Nice shops, where they sell the most expensive and prestigious clothes are always a few Russian saleswomen. As a rule, they are very arrogant in front of their fellow citizens, and try not to show that they, too, Russian, although it was for this they are there and working.

25. Nice in the winter can be quite cold days, when the wind blows and the rain drizzles unpleasant. The French would not put on a warm jacket or coat all the more. Ozhitsya and will wrap up in a long scarf on the ears. In pharmacies, you can buy special sprays a mixture of essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender, specifically designed to spray on a scarf. This is considered a protection against colds.

26. Russian tourists often looks can be confused with tourists from Milan. They, too, too flashy dress. But Italians are cheerful, and our forever dissatisfied with something.

27. The waiter, who wiped your table or put away for your dirty dishes, may well prove to be the owner of the restaurant where you dine. In France, no one is ashamed of any work, often in the restaurant his parents help children on vacation or close relatives.

28. It is not necessary to find out their relations, swear or discuss the people at the neighboring tables, assuming that your Russian nobody here understands. Nice - very Russian city. Chances are good that you hear very well and understand, even if everything they say in French.

29. A thin as a reed, a Frenchwoman easily cope alone with the whole pizza or a huge portion of spaghetti. After that, she usually will order a cake for dessert.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

30. If you did not order a dessert in a restaurant, after a three-dimensional hot dish eaten something you are likely to be watching with regret and sympathy. All French sweet tooth, and a selection of desserts here can lead to thrill any gourmet. No one is denying yourself the pleasure. French dessert after a long savor a small cup of coffee.

31. Nice made dinner from 12:00 to 15:00. At this time, closed for a lunch break, almost all institutions, except for large stores and souvenir shops for tourists. If you had a meeting with the Frenchman at half past eleven, then you instead of "goodbye" is likely to say "bon appetit". At 13:00 may well not be a free table. Chances are that after 14:00 at a table you will not be put, as the kitchen closes. This applies, of course, only the most fashionable among the French sites. Naturally, with a huge variety of cafes and restaurants, no one will be hungry. The kitchen is beautiful everywhere. But if you're somewhere not hit, I advise to remember this place. Surely you will enjoy so that you will return to subsequently once again. 32. French dined the evening from 19:00 to 22:00. For those who are hungry in the "odd hour" or for tourists always have a cafe with uninterrupted service. There, as elsewhere, it is possible to eat very, very tasty, but respecting institution with a reputation and loyal customers from around the world, working alone at lunch and dinner. This rule is. French he strictly followed, probably, so they always have a good appetite and a slim figure.

33. In France, not usually given too large a tip. The check is always pointed out that the service is included in the dinner, so it's not necessary. Usually for lunch for two people leave the French coins for the amount of € 2-3 (roughly at the rate of € 1 for € 25 check). At the very chic restaurant, you can leave the bill in denominations of € 10-20, provided that you were all very, very happy. If you "throw" more large bills, which means, according to the French that you do not know the value of money and, most likely, some kind of fraud. However, they take a tip with gratitude, and your reputation - it is your personal care.

34. You can never take a table, covered with a cloth or towel if you're not going there. If your plans include only a glass of wine or a glass of mineral water, always look for is not covered table. If such a table, you have not found, then you are in a restaurant and not a bar.

35. The French paradox - this is not fiction, it exists! Too full of people almost can not be found here. Most meet too thin.

36. On Sunday closed all the shops and many restaurants. Monday closed all that work on Sunday.

37. The famous Provencal market Marché des Fleurs in Nice, where farmers sell their daily fruits, flowers and vegetables, as well as mountain honey, fresh fish, olives, homemade cheeses, pates and sausages, closes at 12 pm. The most vivid and varied market on Saturday and Sunday.

On Mondays at Marche de Fleur exhibit their goods and antique dealers starovschiki. Many connoisseurs of antiques come especially from other cities and countries to find for themselves on the market rare old crafts, unique crockery, furniture and silverware. 38. All the French are very helpful and polite. Always adhere to each other door, men to women, women to men - it does not matter who is who. Refer to each other with a friendly smile. For example, if someone do the same, then I dropped, or stumbled, always rushes to the aid of half a street. Genuinely ask if everything is in order, if any help is needed? Always ready to help collect the scattered belongings or offer to go to the nearest cafe, sat on a chair to make oed if you hit. All personnel cafes will also be carefully fuss around the victim.

39. Nice clean and spacious public toilets. At the entrance you need to leave on a silver coin of 50 centimes and say hello. Men's and women's lockers are located or do not have the distinction of gender. When you leave the toilet, the toilet clerk will tell you "thank you" and a wish to have a good day. None of it does not bother the French. They are scattered in response to the mutual gratitude. On Sunday, a public toilet, located in a busy area of ​​the city, may well be closed on the weekend. This is not a problem, as the French are the toilets in cafes and bars. First, of course, you need to order a cup of coffee or a glass of mineral water.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

40. If the sidewalk accidentally collided two to gaze at passers-by display cases, the reaction is usually laughter and many jokes mutual curiosity about what happened.

41. Often unfamiliar passersby can tell you some good words, for example, to praise a hairstyle or a fun wink, noting that today the weather is nice. Optional man thus advances to a woman. A woman can tell a compliment to the woman, the man to say nice things to the man. Simply, they are not afraid to "spill" a lot of positive emotions.

42. In France, decided to shake anywhere, wherever you went. In the elevator, with neighbors on the floor, with a driver cab, with a hotel maid, and of course with the waiters. By accessing the bus you need to say hello to the driver. Leaving the bus, tell the driver made a "thank you" and "goodbye". It is also desirable to say goodbye to the remaining passengers and wish everyone a pleasant journey. The exceptions are routes running between Nice and Monaco or Nice and Cannes. There are usually a lot of tourists who do not know the rules of etiquette. But the French are always visible, because they do not make any exceptions for the manifestation of politeness. And the tourists - they are wild, which take with them! They came and went.

43. Monaco is pronounced with the accent on the last syllable - as well as any word in the French language.

44. If the bar or cafe you tell the waiter the word "Monaco" will bring you beer, generously watered with sweet syrup grenadine. This is a very popular drink in Nice.

45. Monaco is a 15-minute drive from Nice. A large part of what all the tourists think of Monaco - a French town of Beausoleil (translated as "beautiful sun"). The city is constantly suing the Monegasque authorities for what they are building more and more skyscrapers overshadow residents Beausoleil sunlight, but so far without success.

46. ​​If you're a fan drive on luxury cars, buy expensive jewelry the most famous designers in her wardrobe pick bright outfits, lavishly decorated with rhinestones, the value of which can amount to several thousand euros, you in Monaco. In Nice, it is not.

47. Recruit people with average incomes can afford a dinner in any restaurant, the chic Côte d'Azur. There is always a special seasonal menu or a dish of the day by the chef, which costs quite reasonable money.

48. The well-known casino "Monte Carlo" - a very pleasant and democratic place, where you can drink champagne, make bets or just watch the game. The dealer casinos are able to pronounce the numbers and the phrase "bets are made" in Russian. At the entrance to the casino you may be asked to show your passport. 49. Most French people nourish soft spot for small dogs. In the market, a supermarket, cafes and restaurant dog is always accompanied by its owner. Most dogs in Nice walk without a leash, not trying to run away, they are also well aware that one can not cross the street at a red light, quietly behave in a restaurant, podromyvaya under the table, never bark and pay no attention to the other dogs. Many inhabitants of Nice every day taking your dog with you to work. You can always find the dog, it is interesting to examine the barber shop customers, or comfortably sitting in the window of a small private shop fashion. Many dogs are accustomed to ride with the owner in a basket, an attached somehow to the motorcycle boot. A very popular breed of the French Bulldog and a Jack Russell. Many have two or three dogs.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

50. In Nice, you can try hundreds of varieties of ice cream, including such unusual as ice cream with taste of violets, roses, cactus, chewing gum, avocado, poppy flower, chocolate and spicy chili, and quite exotic - with the taste of beer , tomato and black olives.

51. Nice huge number of bakeries. In addition to the beloved baguette in France, offers a wide selection of different types of bread from different types of flour. Also a lot of sweet pastries and confectionery. Often bread is baked in a wood oven. Each bakery you can find very different kinds of bread. Yesterday's bread does not happen in France.

52. Most bakeries are equipped with a special machine for receiving money. It receives and outputs a denomination change. Thus, the seller of bread has no contact with the coins, and always remains with clean hands.

53. Nice is located on the border with Italy, so there is a French and Provençal cuisine merged with Italian. Many cafés, restaurants and shops open by Italian families who have moved to live in France. No need to go to Italy to taste authentic Italian cuisine. In Nice, there are all the hallmarks of the Italians. 54. To hear the Italian language in Nice - the usual thing. Many French people here speak Italian. In Italian cities, located on the border with France, all Italians speak French.

55. In Nice it is impossible to catch a taxi, voting by hand from the sidewalk. Taxi There are special parking space. If there is no car in the parking lot, you need to call the telephone number listed on the label. At the height of the tourist season a taxi can come an hour later.

56. Many taxi drivers like to spend their time in cafes, soaking up the sun, sipping coffee, leafing through a newspaper and talking with peers, while you languish in the parking lot waiting for the car. They sincerely believe that all not make any money, but only one life, and from it we must enjoy.

57. Nice in recent years, a huge number of immigrants from Muslim countries and former French colonies. They inhabit areas on the outskirts of the city. Many do not want to work and live on welfare. They are more and more every year. Some foraged begging. Even five years ago, there was nothing like this in Nice. The French are very tolerant to them.

58. Nice people very badly imagine that such rudeness. This full use arrogant immigrants. They actively shove all elbows, climb on the bus or in the supermarket cashier, not wanting anyone to skip ahead. Frenchman then sheepishly apologizes and walks away. Illegal immigrants and homeless people who sleep on the streets, are not afraid of the police, because the police are very polite and attentive. They ask them to leave the scene of an overnight stay, those snarls and bicker, and then reluctantly go, but an hour later the other returning to a favorite place. Sometimes you can see a picture of how the French are trying to carefully lift a drunken bum, blockages in the middle of the sidewalk.

59. The guided tours, transport and cheerful gatherings in cafes, you often come across the French with the newborn babe. They do not believe that the appearance of the child must somehow change or limit their lives.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

60. Nice people are very cheerful. The usual pattern - singing the songs the workers renovating the sidewalk, waiters in cafes, sellers in the market. Even people such traditionally serious occupations as police, border guards, customs officers and bank employees, constantly satisfied jokes and jokes with each other. They can frolic and laughter as children, in the midst of "workflow". Any inhabitant of Nice always answers them a smile, a laugh and a joke mate.

61. In terms of mournful feelings, on the contrary, the French are very restrained. At the funeral of one crying out loud do not, all talking quietly with the usual kind and calm person.

62. Habitual for us to travel the word "souvenir" is often written on the tombstone of the deceased. This means "memory".

63. The French, as a rule, well-spoken in English. They were taught in school is much better than us. Hearing the accent or difficulty feeling with your hand, they go straight to the free version. An exception can only make a Frenchman from the provinces.

64. British are very discreet. Open mind no one to give, but as is often the British prim and neglect, and that the French can respond in kind.

65. Regular chicken in France costs about € 3. Often in supermarkets there are three offers chicken for the price of two or the second free. For € 3-4 you can buy fried grilled hot chicken. But as France - country of gourmets, there are also available for your enjoyment chicken for € 12 or even € 25. This chicken was grown in special conditions in the fresh air, walking all his life somewhere in the beautiful mountains and valleys. Ate only environmentally friendly, beneficial to health products and chicken was surrounded by loving care and attention of the farmer. Naturally palatability such poultry incomparably higher. On delicious foods here no one saves. All the same can be said about meat.

66. These age-old, in our opinion, the Russian products, such as jelly, herring, bacon, pancakes, salad - all common dishes of French or Italian cuisine, just have different names. Sold everywhere from supermarkets and small shops, similar to our "cooking" real "Doctor's" sausage, kvass and beer "Baltika" can be bought in Russian shops. 67. The French grow sturgeon and do their black caviar. It is cheaper than Russian and nothing she does not agree.

68. The French have their own Easter Sunday before Lent, Shrove Tuesday and the Victory Day. they are often genuinely surprised that we too have such holidays in Russia.

69. Holidays, dedicated to memorable dates World and the First World War, in Nice there almost every month. The orchestra, marching veterans in the awards, laying flowers at the monument of the victims, the mayor says oration. It is very honored its veterans and their memory. About monuments and often covered banquet tables for veterans in the city parks.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

70. The French Côte d'Azur love and are able to organize all kinds of festivals and large-scale events. In addition to all the famous Cannes Film Festival and race Formula 1 in Monaco, on the French Riviera festival held violets, roses and a holiday feast Jasmine. The design of streets and festive processions used tons of fresh flowers. Also Bread Festival held annually, Truffle feast of the patron saints of the city festivals, International Festival salutes and fireworks, the International Jazz Festival, Gastronomy Salon, Salon du Chocolat, Fair Italian food, and more. Throughout the year there are concerts of world's most famous artists and prestigious sporting events.

71. In July and August you can watch the fireworks and fireworks almost every day. In addition to the international festival of fireworks, many tourists arrange private parties in their villas and hotels. Here celebrating their weddings and birthdays. Celebrations usually end with colorful fireworks.

72. Since mid-February to early March in Nice, hosts an annual carnival, is not inferior to his brilliance with world famous carnival in Rio.

73. A ticket to the famous Opera of Nice is worth € 10-20 and freely sold at the box office of the Opera. The performances nobody did anything to dress up, not wearing shoes with high heels and heirlooms. People come to enjoy the arts, and not show himself. 74. The mayor of Nice freely walks around the city and shaking hands with familiar people.

75. Nice hold special open days, when it is possible to visit the Prefecture Palace, the ancient castle, is a military closed object air defense, and other places that are usually closed to tourists. In the case where these places are monuments of architecture and history, it's free for everyone.

76. By the number of museums in Nice is second only to Paris.

77. The inhabitants of Nice, very caring and attentive to the elderly. Old men, in turn, always cheerful, never "put pressure on the pity." Trying to give up their place in the transport might be offended. There is not very accepted. Any old Frenchman until the last days trying to lead a fulfilling life: lunch at restaurants, drinking wine, going to the market and take a walk along the promenade. French grandmother far 70 can meticulously choose their own in-store lacy bikini.

78. In January and February may be a few days in a row without stopping to rain. At the same time many people sunbathing on the beaches you can see in good weather during these months. Some bathe in the sea.

79. Nice pebble beaches. If you like sand, it is better to choose a place for a holiday in the neighboring city of Nice Côte d'Azur.

85 facts about the Cote d'Azur through the eyes of Russians

80. Close to Nice is technopolis "Sofia - Antinopolis". It is called the French Silicon Valley. This is a full-fledged city with modern residential quarters, hotels, high schools, educational centers and several universities. As there are more than 30 thousand people, the proceeds from innovations in the field of electronics, pharmacology and biotechnology - more than € 5 billion, which exceeds the revenue from tourism on the Côte d'Azur.

81. In 1901, the year in Nice, and more specifically in the Bay of Villefranche, next to Nice, visited our famous cruiser "Aurora". At this time, Nice has been a favorite place for winter holiday for the royal family and the most senior officials of the Russian Empire. 82. Bay of Villefranche is among the ten most beautiful bays in the world. Now they do stop cruise ships from around the world.

83. 80 km from Nice are the famous Alpine ski resort of Isola 2000, Valberg and many others, offering fans of skiing slopes and high-quality service.

84. All the French - a big sports fan and passionate fans. All the inhabitants of Nice enthusiastically jog along the promenade and is visited by a variety of sports clubs. Many citizens gladly take part in marathons, not even being particularly athletes. Not necessarily to run the entire distance. It is important to enjoy the atmosphere of universal revival and feel like a member of the sports festival.

85. Nice love to celebrate Christmas. Already two months before the holiday the city is decorated with beautiful illuminations. In cafes and bars offer mulled wine and a special holiday menu. The town center offers outdoor skating rink and Christmas market with delicacies, sweets and products of craftsmen. Traditional Christmas treats in Nice - a game, oysters and foie gras. All butchers filled with meat of wild boar, venison, and various wild birds. The restaurants serve game dishes. Pastry bake a lot of cakes and sweets, decorated with Christmas motifs. On the eve of Christmas in Nice you can see long queues for the oysters. On ordinary days, the inhabitants of the city of special attention they do not pay.