Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

Shopping in Turkey - a paradise for holidaymakers. Eastern markets, colorful stalls and small shops will be pleasantly surprised with bright colors, loud sellers are willing to offer whatever your heart desires. In addition, Turkey is recognized as one of the cheapest countries of the Mediterranean.

In this wonderful and warm countries produce cheap leather, high-quality cotton, and gold jewelry. Shopping in Turkey every year attracts tourists from around the world.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

According to reviews, the majority of street stalls and markets, product prices are not clearly established, so tourists should always bargain with the seller before you make a purchase. Shopping in Turkey attracted by low prices and a wide assortment of quality clothing and goods for local production houses. The Turkish stores there are certainly traditional painted decorative ceramic plates, coffee grinders, vases of onyx, and a high quality cotton.

Shopping in Istanbul

The most famous city for shopping in Turkey - Istanbul is. Here you can find the best products from around the country at the lowest prices.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

Grand Bazaar

A huge and the most famous Turkish market - Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, Market Hall, Kapali Bazaar or Grand Bazaar). The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest covered markets in the world. It is situated in the old part of Istanbul, its area - more than 30, 000 square meters. On the territory of the Grand Bazaar are over 4000 shops and stores on 66 streets. Over half a million people each day visit the covered market in Istanbul. In stores Kapali Bazaar offers a wide range of goods - it is jewelery, antiques, leather wear, high-quality textiles, Turkish carpets, tourist souvenirs, ceramics and wood products. Among the stores Grand Bazaar succinctly cafes and restaurants, mosques and homes. In the center of Kapali Bazaar is a market selling old weapons and Oriental antiques - Old Badestan. He will surely attract lovers of antiquity.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

Shopping in Antalya

In the resort cities of Turkey there are many shops and stores, bazaars, designed for visiting tourists and local residents. So, right in the port city of Antalya is the so-called Free Trade Area. Vendors offer to make a purchase here without any taxes, fees or duties. In addition, they take any banknotes, and even checks, but it is worth remembering that the free market with such conditions is only for foreign nationals will have to show your passport to confirm his nationality.

Do not be shy - bargain

In order to make the right shopping in Turkey, real recommend to bargain. This rule applies to the trading venue where the price is not fixed. Bargaining skills - is an art. You can call any arranging the price, the main thing - to find common ground with the dealer and ensure that you understand them with each other, because not all Turkish sellers know Russian or English languages. During bargaining is necessary to say with a smile, to receive from the purchase of pleasure. Pleasant experience - to make shopping in Turkey. Reviews say friendly, outgoing and helpful local merchants. In this country it is customary to treat their potential customers coffee or tea directly in the shop, in the process of selecting the necessary goods. Even if the transaction does not take place, the seller is in any case will not be offended.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

working time in Turkey

The most common local Turkish shops are open from 9.00 to 21.00. However, markets and shops located in the resort areas, guided by their main customers - the tourists who go for a walk after dinner, shopping, and so are open until late at night.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

Shopping in Kemer,

Shopping in Kemer (Turkey), like most Russian tourists. The resort accommodation offers high-quality service, the mild climate makes the holiday even more comfortable and natural beauty and Turkish flavor of these places make this trip unforgettable. What can be bought, making shopping in Kemer? Turkey and its noisy merchants offer high quality textile and leather products, a variety of jewelry. In order to make a successful and inexpensive to purchase, reviews advised to study outlets Kemer. For example, in this city work daily food markets, they can meet the terms with inexpensive clothing made in Turkey. To get to a big market with a huge selection of clothing, souvenirs, shoes and bags, you need to go to the center of Kemer, on Tuesday. In this market it is going to a lot of customers, most of them - tourists who want to implement an inexpensive shopping.

Shops and shopping centers of Kemer,

As the reviews, to buy more quality goods than in the Turkish market, it is best to make shopping in the store. Prices, of course, will be higher, but they are well worth the variety and quality of the goods. On the streets with shops in Kemer, a tourist will meet a lot of signs in Russian, enticing buyers. It is not necessary to purchase in small Turkish clothing stores known brands, it is better to give preference to local producers.

Popular brands are represented in the major Turkish shopping centers, such as "Migros" in the city of Kemer. While it is closing - 23.00, there is a service of free delivery to the buyer, which can take advantage by providing receipts confirming the commission of shopping center.

Kemer: what to buy?

Best to buy in Kemer local products, they are high quality, without extra charge. These include: leather, fur, gold and silver jewelry, natural silk, high-quality textiles, inexpensive Turkish jewelry.

Shopping in Alanya

Tourists love shopping in Alanya (Turkey), because the prices of goods are available. That is why many vacationers are trying to take with a stylish new clothes. Most often, Russians buy leather jackets, coats, as well as natural fur products, making shopping in Alanya. Turkey specializes in making such clothing. Throughout the country there are many factories, you can make a purchase directly on them or in specialized shops in Alanya. For example, the value of women's leather jacket is 250-300 dollars, and men's demi will cost 350-400 dollars.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

For those who arrived in Belek

For fans of rest comfortably fit and the resort town of Belek (Turkey). In addition to beautiful nature, tourists will be offered a wonderful shopping. The largest number of stores located in the city center, which is very convenient for tourists. On the territory of a city like Belek (Turkey), there is a large market where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs, clothes, sweets, spices and other local products. When the ability to bargain with the acquisition of vendors in this city will be very beneficial. At this Turkish resort, according to the reviews, it is best to pay attention to the knitwear and leather goods, furs, high-quality home textiles. Carefully attributed to the purchase of gold and silver Turkish products, as well as hours: in any case, do not buy them from street vendors. The road and branded clothing is better to go to shopping malls with fixed prices, such as Migros and Depo.

Shopping tours in Turkey

The popularity of Turkish shopping areas, no less than the trips for shopping in the UAE. Most of these tours are made in Istanbul, this is where the greatest variety of Turkish products and the lowest prices. Organization of such tours is engaged in travel company offering a tour of both wholesale and retail customers. Shopping tours are mainly held from 3 to 5 days. The fare starts at $ 350, and often depends on the price of the ticket and category of hotel. For the convenience of visitors accommodated in hotels that are in the shopping districts of the city of Istanbul. In addition to flights and accommodation to the chosen type of catering, tour included medical insurance, airport transfer and back. you can use the services of a consultant who will be more comfortable to spend shopping in Turkey if desired. Prices for such services start at $ 50-60 for 4 hours or $ 100 for an 8-hour working day shopping consultant.

Shopping in Turkey. Prices, reviews. Shopping tours

Let trip to sunny Turkey will be remembered not only a great vacation, but also useful for shopping and brought oriental souvenirs and trendy outfits delight for many years!