What to bring from the trip: souvenirs from Turkey

Turkey has long been a favorite destination of many tourists. In addition to the warm sea and exotic eastern people attract affordable prices and good service. Of course, every trip I want to remember for years to come. It is best to keep the memories of photos and gifts journeys.


The most popular souvenirs from Turkey contain the full flavor of the eastern states. One of these gizmos is a talisman against the evil eye - Nazar bondzhuk. Glass blue eyes can be purchased in the form of a bracelet, keychain or ornament for the house. On cold winter days, you and your loved ones will warm knitted socks and gloves made of mohair with ethnic ornament. A great reminder of the journey will be a hookah. However, when buying a careful approach to the choice, especially if you plan to use it for its intended purpose. Remember that light his gift option is very difficult or impossible to do.


What to bring from the trip: souvenirs from Turkey

New home comfort will help Turkish handmade carpets with unusual and bright patterns, woven from wool or silk. If you can not imagine his morning without a cup of coffee, you will certainly buy the grinder and copper Turk. By the way, here it is called pots. Looking for a gift to friends, pay attention to the articles of porcelain and ceramics to hand-painted. If among your friends there are collectors and fans of vintage things, bring them to antique weapons. Its easy to find in almost any shop. Festive

High-quality leather goods at affordable prices - this souvenirs from Turkey, that will serve you and delight for years to come. While shopping at the market, do not forget to bargain with the seller. If you want to update her wardrobe fashionable things, it is wise to go to malls or boutiques, located in the central streets.


What to bring from the trip: souvenirs from Turkey

Excellent souvenirs from Turkey for chefs, it is definitely spices. The range presented in any bazaar, very wide. You can buy what you need, individually or take immediately set. The pride of the country is the extra virgin olive oil. Real men Prezent will anise brandy - vodka on grapes. For starters it can serve the following products: goat cheese and Turkish bread-ek mek. From drinks tourists traditionally buy coffee and bitter tea. But various fruit drinks are not recommended to buy, because anything useful about them.


What to bring from the trip: souvenirs from Turkey

Nothing will please the sweet tooth, like oriental sweets. Turkish delight is perhaps one of the most popular Turkish delicacies in Russia. It is best to buy it in bulk, rather than in the package. Moreover, they are not less tasty and pakhlava paste, sherbet. bath

Choosing souvenirs from Turkey to women, buy olive oil soap and cosmetics based on olive oil. In addition, buy a natural sponge or loofah-glove is made of cotton or silk. Ugly-looking bag that is called in Turkish Köse, perfectly cleanses the skin. We wish you a pleasant stay, unforgettable impressions and great shopping!