Choosing men's bracelets in silver

Silver - Metal, concealing a lot of mysteries. He always ascribed magical and healing properties. Perhaps this is why silver create a huge number of products: tableware, gifts for kids, pens, watches, jewelry and icons, of course, jewelry.

Jewelry made of silver

It is considered that the jewelry designed for women, but this is not true. Jewelry industry offers a huge range of products for men, capable to emphasize the status, meaning and style of the representative of a strong half of mankind. Silver bracelets for men - one of the most popular ornaments. And today they are becoming more relevant.

How to choose a bracelet?

First of all, we must know that men's bracelets of silver, as well as women, have a range of sizes. So you need to pick up in the first place that is right for you. You also need to understand that on the big man's hand is best to look heavy, large items. But the young teenager's hand will attract the attention of a thin, in some way, even elegant bracelet.

Choosing men's bracelets in silver

Classification bracelets for men

All men's bracelets of silver can be divided into groups, depending on the method of production, weaving and fastening units, and the presence of additional materials, the use of which is increasingly in vogue today. So, all the bracelets can be divided into the following types:

  • bracelets chain;
  • glidernye bracelets;
  • combined (using materials other than silver).

Location of this page bracelets or bracelets chain

This group includes all the bracelets made in the classic version. Especially popular with men are weaving such as "Bismarck", "double diamond", a classic anchor and armored weave. These products are durable and reliable, but in terms of design are considered to be already obsolete.

Choosing men's bracelets in silver

Glidernye bracelets

Gliderny - a men's bracelet made of silver made of Glider, which are decorative units. Anchorages between them generally Hinge. These types of bracelets are usually used on the clock, but today they have become separate species ornaments. Typically, such products are quite massive and solid fit, handsome men, help to emphasize their masculinity and sense of taste.

Choosing men's bracelets in silver

Combined bracelets

Combined bracelets - a male bracelets made of silver, in which as a decor can be used materials such as wood, rubber, stone, bone, enamel or steel. The design of such decorations are usually a bit informal, so that these products are very popular among young people, and they symbolize the freedom of opinion and thinking of today's young people. So what do you choose?

If before you there was a question about what men's bracelets in silver right for you, think of the effect you want to achieve. If you have a bracelet - a symbolic decoration, and you prefer not to attract attention, then your option - a classic in the form of chain bracelet. If you are different from the surrounding lateral thinking and the desire for the bizarre, new, combined with leather bracelet or rubber insert will become your best talisman. But if you want to emphasize the importance and impress a business person, you should choose a luxury gliderny bracelet.