Gift mother with his hands, and not only

How many holidays of the year? And how much time you want to please the most native person in the world - my mother? Not necessarily that the gifts were expensive in terms of money. After all, the main thing that they were from the heart. Everyone probably remembers how at school was making my mother a gift with their own hands as touted him as she was happy, and kept it for a long time, admiring and protecting. Now such souvenirs not only lost its relevance, but became especially roads, as well as any manual work. Among the huge selection of things that you can simply buy in the store, a gift my mother, made their own hands, especially valuable: because in it part of the soul. How to make so that the thing has brought joy and not become another dust collector? No one but you do not know my mother so well. Remember, what kind of things she likes, consider what could be interior decoration in her house, the room than it would enjoy with pleasure. Fine, if you know how to knit, sew or own another skill. After all, my mother a gift, made their own hands, may be different.

Gift mother with his hands, and not only

Examples of gifts

  • connected or sewn bag, wallet;
  • painting batik tapestry;
  • decoration of beads;
  • wooden box for jewelry;
  • a set of napkins and tablecloth, embroidered cross-stitch or embroidery;
  • photo frame, decorated in decoupage technique; vases, decorative bottles and more, on that enough imagination and possibilities.

holiday gift

New Year's holidays, Women's Day - that's all, perhaps, the main celebrations on

Gift mother with his hands, and not only

which is accepted to give the presents. Often, women like not only beautiful, but also useful gifts. If possible, observe the mom, think about what she would like to have, but that it is due to any circumstances can not buy yet. After all, these circumstances may be different from time deficit to a banal lack of money. If the amount is high for you, you can save money and give great gifts mother on March 8, Christmas or New Year, anniversary or birthday. If the amount is small - make my mother a nice surprise to your next visit. If you think that it has everything you need, do not buy a thing and buy a subscription to the spa, swimming pool, theater tickets or an interesting exhibition, brings his mother into a pleasant restaurant for dinner. Believe me, it is also important to your attention. Anniversaries

Every person in life there are some very significant anniversaries, one of which - the fiftieth. This holiday is usually accepted to celebrate in a big way, in a cafe or in the family circle, next to the kith and kin. And, of course, a gift from my mother for 50 years should be carefully selected.

Gift mother with his hands, and not only

An excellent option could be

  • photo album with images arranged in chronological order;
  • gold or silver jewelry with an engraving;
  • trip to the holiday home, travel or tour in foreign countries.

What to choose?

Options for a gift can be a huge amount. It is important to consider all good, and it may take more than one month. It does not matter whether a gift made with their own hands my mother, purchased in a store or made to order. The main thing - that it was pleasant to give as gifts.