What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

All people love to receive gifts on his birthday, and work colleagues are no exception. A surprise for a loved one to choose much easier, because you know that he loves or does not love your mom, girlfriend, sister. What to give a female colleague at a birthday party? Oddly enough, a lot of options! Read the article below.

What to look for when choosing a gift

What to give a female colleague at a birthday party? Some question this unsettling. In fact, you just need to analyze the situation, and the decision will come by itself. Mistake with the choice can lead to a deterioration of relations, and in the work community is unacceptable. If your relationship with your gifts to the lady can not be called good, but wish her all the same need, do not give an expensive gift. It can be interpreted incorrectly. But too much is not worth saving, if you consider yourself sane and well-mannered person. It is best to stick to the golden mean, and then a gift on the day of the birth of a female colleague will be accepted and interpreted correctly.

Do not forget about the main thing: you - colleagues. So intimate gifts that you are used to give her friends and relatives, are not suitable. Even if the surprise is prepared for a subordinate, give up the familiarity. Funny gifts birthday female colleagues may not like too, because a sense of humor at all different.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

Do not give shampoos, deodorants, shower gels. A woman may think that it is dirty and it smells unpleasant. Do not give a plump lady subscription to the gym - it can be perceived as a personal insult.

As a surprise

It is important to think not only about what to give a female colleague's birthday, but also how to do it. The mood will create bright festive packaging or a beautiful gift bag. Do not get too zealous with things to packaging, it should be easily retrieved. A good solution is to attach to a gift card with a sincere congratulations. If you are easy to put words into poetry line, write a couple of quatrains to colleagues. And, of course, prepare a speech. If your team a good relationship, you can even sing the birthday song in chorus.

Gift woman from the collective

Most often, a team selected one active and enterprising employee who is willing to take on the mission of raising money and buying a surprise for the birthday child. What to give a female colleague's birthday from the staff as a whole? Similarly please any lady jewelry: pendant, earrings, watches. It will be good to get a box and a multi-tiered storage of existing jewelry. Girl can present high-quality perfume water, a mature woman will be happy to domestic appliance-assistant. Gift female colleagues birthday is chosen depending on the amount available.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

This can be a blender, vacuum cleaner, multivarka, kettle, Breadmaker, and so on. Only first carefully inquire whether bestowed in this unit. A set of crystal glasses or glasses, set of pots or pans will always be welcome.

An inexpensive gift female colleagues birthday

If you are on a budget, but still want to do something nice for a colleague, do not worry. There are a variety of stylish gifts, the purchase of which does not require large investments. If you notice that the lady often rummages in her purse, and can not find the desired item, give her a business card holders or housekeeper. This will help a little to restore order in the bag. Such trivial gift like picture frame, can also aesthetically pleasing if it is made of a material or has unusual original shape. If a woman wears glasses, gave her a stylish case for the enhancement. Houseplant will delight both young and mature employee. On the day of birth to 45 years old female colleagues can present begonia, violet or daisy. A more expensive option would orchid.

Office and computer supplies as a gift to

The Office - Department of the hottest shopping of gifts to colleagues. If you work in an office, the stylish and high-quality stationery set would be a good gift. Make sure that the woman is doing on the job. Like the new Secretary diary bound in leather, and the manager - an expensive pen. An accountant can evaluate the new folder for papers.

A wonderful gift to be found in the computer department. Almost everyone today in the required memory card - USB drive. You can purchase some unusual model, for example, in the form of an animal or fruit. Fashionistas will appreciate the USB flash drive, studded with shiny rhinestones.

You want to give an original birthday present female colleagues? Buy a computer mouse with unusual shapes.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

If a woman drives a car, it can be a beautiful mouse in a car. There are handles in the form of a chocolate bar or decorated with sequins and fur.

Lyubiteltnitse hot coffee in the computer department purchase a stand under the circle, with heating function. It is necessary and trendy surprise.

souvenir gift to a woman-colleague's birthday: the idea of ​​

Souvenirs - an inexhaustible ocean gifts for women of all ages. What you can choose from the variety of the range?

Stylish interior design - a theme that will impress any woman. Colleague exactly overjoyed vase paintings, statues and wall clock, selected wisely.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

If a girl likes to talk on a cell phone, give it a stand for it. Such an accessory can even reflect the nature of ladies: be stringent or fantasy, chrome or plastic. There are even variations with the function of the mobile device charging. Give a possible and beautiful case for your phone, key ring or pendant. If she smokes, presented her with a stylish lighter. For lovers of reading will always be the best gift book. Do not forget to sign it - and your memory will remain for a long time.

Clothing colleagues can not give, because the probability is high that you can not guess the size or style. But the scarf or tippet can be a great show. Choose plain things without screaming spots. And in the cold season, you can choose for a girl-colleague cute mittens or gloves. The rainy season will come in handy quality umbrella.

Classics of the genre: the flowers and candy

Do not slow down the pace and the most usual gifts for women - flowers and sweets. Beautiful bouquet - it's not a banal Present, and the timeless classics of the genre, which is always nice. If you wish to present female colleagues an unusual birthday present, do not go far from the theme colors. Now fashion are topiary - composition of artificial flowers, bows, shells, coffee beans, and so on.

If you want to give a tasty gift, can not be limited to a set of chocolates.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

Get a chocolate postcard set of chocolate figures, cake with the inscription, a bunch of sweets or fruit. Always appreciated sets of quality tea and coffee. Now even sell special gift food baskets, which may include eggs, meats, cheeses, olives and champagne.

Gifts-emotions for colleagues

If you want to give an original birthday present female colleagues, do not stop buying things. Give emotions! Perhaps such a gift hero of the occasion will not get on their own, apart from the unnecessary waste of money, but to get it, will be very pleased. So, what it means to give emotions?

  • Active girl Gift certificate for horse riding, swimming pool, a parachute jump or fly in a balloon.
  • Creative ticket presented at a workshop (eg, cooking courses, pottery, learning any type of needlework).
What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas
  • effeminate nature like a certificate for a massage or a spa. However, such a gift can give only if you are on friendly terms with bestow.
  • a lady who likes to be photographed, give a certificate for a photo shoot in the studio or photowalk. The memory of that Present will always be in the form of high-quality photos.
  • The gift in the form of trips to another city is also very like any girl.

Gift boss: what to choose?

If you need to present a gift to boss, you should keep in mind: cheap souvenirs and flowers will not do. In this case, you will have to fork, so it is better to collect money from all colleagues. That suit boss?

  • Accessories made of expensive materials.
  • Dear books, rare books, tomes.
  • An aquarium with goldfish distraction from everyday work.
  • The picture in an expensive frame.
  • Mini fountain.

For primary and gifts can make something small, such as the statue of Feng Shui. Let the frog on the coins or money tree boss bring good luck in financial matters, and the owl - wisdom.

What to give a female colleague's birthday: original ideas

If you can not determine the choice, in any case do not give money! This is not appropriate. Select gift certificate for a colleague - for household appliances, cosmetics and perfumes, clothing. Just do not overdo it and do not purchase a certificate in the lingerie store. This gift just for the closest people. Give gifts to colleagues birthday and do not be afraid not to please! Gift - it's always nice. Consider age, interests, character and position of colleagues - and you will not get trapped.