What can you give dad for his birthday: a few ideas

You know that the most deprived in terms of the choice of gifts categories of people according to statistics are our fathers? If the tips for choosing gifts for women - a dime a dozen, then a question that can give dad for his birthday, the answer is difficult to find. But we still try to do it.

What can you give dad for his birthday: a few ideas


It is clear that the choice of gift to man and woman - is, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Image of a man dictating more stringent conditions in choosing gifts. Let's see what's necessary to give the head of household. First determine that the gifts come in two forms - tangible and intangible. Fun and excitement can bring both categories. So, what can you give dad a birthday of material gifts? It is necessary, of course, focus on the very identity of the birthday - Business man unlikely to be useful set of wrenches and a fisherman puzzled treat donated soccer ball. Consider it a hobby, give my father what he lacks: a stamp album - philatelist, new gear - fisherman. It is worth also will gift book publications on favorite hobbies. Just be sure to ask whether there is already such in your dad's collection. What can you give dad for his birthday? Good Present

Another present embodiment may be that to which the father eternally not reached. Pay attention to what he was in conversation can mention phrases like "That's bad luck, I forgot again ..." or "It would not forget about ...". This can be fines, useful on the farm, or just the thing a man would like to buy myself. Maybe your dad is just for happiness is not enough here to pipe wrench, which he had forgotten to buy a second year?

What can you give dad for his birthday: a few ideas

What can you give dad for his birthday? Technique!

Since we live in an age of all sorts of gadgets, think about it, maybe you should opt for them? Maybe in my dad's car has not yet appeared avtoregistrator? New phones and tablet PCs will also become a good option that can give dad for his birthday, unless of course, financial opportunities allow.

The status items

And, of course, the favorites in the men's series of gifts are not always necessary, but the status thing - a nice expensive alcohol, watches, perfumes, expensive office equipment, weapons and jewelry.

Intangible prezenty The second category of gifts are intangible things, but no less important for humans. Such surprises are, for example, all kinds of certificates for services. Maybe your dad wanted to jump with a parachute? Or rafting on the rapids of the river? Or maybe it is not so extreme, and it will enjoy a massage at the spa, and an annual subscription to a fitness club? Or certificate for service at the service station? Such services have become a viable alternative to more traditional gifts. Maybe he just wants a nice holiday? Then the question that you can give dad for his birthday, is easily solved - arrange the holiday it!

What can you give dad for his birthday: a few ideas

The criteria for selecting a gift

In any case, choosing a gift for his birthday should be implemented on the basis of the following requirements to it:

- Present should bring joy;

- be focused on birthday;

- to be useful (or at least not be useless);

- remind Given his man.

And most importantly - giving fathers love and respect!