What to give the best friend a birthday - thoughts about

A friend of my days of magic ...

Make gifts best friend - the process is both simple and complex.

What to give the best friend a birthday - thoughts about

On the one hand, we know about it are the little things that sometimes unknown even to her mother, on all its preferences, hobbies, secret desires can accurately tell even under anesthesia, but on the other hand ... On the other hand, we many already have presented it in all the years of our friendship, that every upcoming holiday all the more urgent becomes the question of what to give your best friend's birthday. But you're a thinking person, and, therefore, there is always a way out.

The method by contradiction: what can not be done

If you want to give an original gift to a friend's birthday, you should remember about some things that are best avoided.

  1. A gift can not be selected in a hurry. The pleasure of such a present little or no, because I always felt: whether the person has invested in his soul, or just use a universal goal.
  2. Wondering what to give your best friend's birthday, you certainly think about how to excel. But remember that if the entire original gifts he must first be pleasant, so all sorts of masks of monsters is better to leave the scenes. What to give the best friend a birthday - thoughts about


  3. You can not buy what is on the surface, for example, there's the lovely chasing. Otherwise it may happen that after the end of the banquet your girlfriend will cycle through the mountain of gifts and think: who here gave me this fifth in a row funny thing.
  4. Do not give the original, but useless gifts. Presentation should be practical in other words, it must be designed for long-term use. And if you come to mind as a surprise present in the book, where the process of cast iron cooking is described, you can be sure that your friend is like no one present, but also the good of this tutorial, the book will not be enough. It is unlikely it will open up at least once.
  5. It is impossible as offerings to use things that are stored in your home. Especially all kinds of unnecessary trinkets. If they are not useful to you, and it is unlikely they will be needed, so turn it into an apartment in a landfill - not the best option for a holiday.
  6. Do not make and inappropriate gifts. For example, if a friend for a long time and successfully married, ordered her male striptease - a rather absurd idea.
  7. And never under any circumstances do not give a friend the things laid, usually an unpleasant undercurrent. Scales, oral freshener, for example.

The art of making gifts to

What to give the best friend a birthday - thoughts about

What to give the best friend for his birthday, so she was pleased, and gift reminded her of you for a long time? After all, you do not want your Present basket replenished unnecessary things.

  1. The best friend a gift on birthday can present a certificate for a chocolate body wrap or a visit to the spa.
  2. Another variant of the first variant can be a gift card for a certain amount on shopping in your favorite store. Very convenient way: the girlfriend herself chooses what she needed, and you have less of a headache.
  3. It is possible to order a photo session. Girls like to be photographed, but the pleasure is rarely afford to be solved.
  4. You have a girlfriend-ekstremalka? Give her the opportunity to fly in a wind tunnel.
  5. A good option can be any exclusive thing. For example, a T-shirt with her picture or some funny sign, understandable only to the two of you.

As you can see, there are many options on what to give your best friend's birthday, the choice is yours. The main thing - do not be afraid of bold, but reasonable and justifiable ideas.