Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

The day is approaching your friend's birthday ... What to give her? In a conversation you need to find out what people want to get for my birthday. If you are bosom friends, she will tell you the most secret desires. In this case, if you do not give a precise answer, the hint.

A couple tips

Choosing gifts is necessary in accordance with the preferences of the person. A lover of reading a book is better to hand, and fashionistas - certificate to a beauty salon. Another common mistake is that as a present many choose everyday items such as jackets, hats, boots, mittens.

Not only to buy, you need to choose an unusual gift to a friend for his birthday. You do not want to be the person who will present the banal and unnecessary thing? We think not. Hard to make a choice, if you want a creative and unusual to congratulate her friend.

Gift with a hint of

If you decide to choose a gift with meaning, it is necessary to take into account the personality and character of the birthday girl. So Prezent can become a souvenir, name, or self-made things.

Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

The best gift is a box with a picture of the birthday girl or a collage of memorable photos from childhood, your poems in the form of decoupage to box. Another good Prezent is a mug with a picture of her favorite animal, with its own portrait. It is also possible to present a box with a secret, hand-made. It will add the birthday girl jewelry. By the way, and some jewelry may come as a good show.

Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

Hobbies and we launched the

Continuing with the gift idea best friend's birthday, we tell about the things related to hobbies culprits celebrations. If a girl likes to go hiking, climbing mountains, and then give her a thermos, a tent, a compact set of dishes for travel. She is a creative person? Hand her a gift related to her passion: set for quilling, decoupage, beading. Such things can be easily purchased in specialty stores.

original present

Choose the most creative gifts on the day of a friend's birthday.

A great variety of options, and the choice of those who will present them. Good Present may be:

  • E-book;
  • hours;
  • figurine with clock;
  • jelly-jellyfish lamp;
  • a circle on the legs with a picture of her friends;
  • pajama-rabbit;
  • a computer mouse made of silicone;
  • pink keyboard;
  • medal girlfriend for long friendship;
  • photo album with funny stories from your life.
Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

Think cake with pop-up figure that holds the inscription "Happy birthday, best friend." Such a surprise sure to please culprit celebration.

There are many gift ideas girlfriend birthday. For example, it is possible to please the birthday girl an interesting souvenir.

They come with overtones. If a friend is constantly working and rest her little time, as a present to her, you can choose a cosmetic set for relaxation: soft bathrobe, a fluffy blanket, aromatic massage oil. Such a gift you hint that it was time to relax and unwind. If she works in the billing department, she, of course, appreciate the aroma lamp with oil of lilac or orange, and pillow-calculator.

The basic rules for choosing

How to choose an interesting birthday gifts? The main thing that the thing was original and unusual. Such prezenty made with their own hands.

Now let us consider a few options:

  • If a friend - a sweet tooth, make a bunch of candy.
  • If it is a child at heart, hand bouquet of soft toys.
  • If a great connoisseur of tea or coffee, then it will suit tea and coffee bouquet.
  • Every woman loves flowers, and your girlfriend is no exception. Therefore, it make a floral arrangement of fresh flowers. Making a present, remember the color scheme, which is like your girlfriend.

Money in gift

Now consider the unusual gift ideas girlfriend birthday.

To present the money - an idea unusual and banal at the same time. For example, print to a printer bills, fold them from the buds and alternate them with real flowers. There is another version of the original design. Buy a bouquet of roses, wrap the tube of bills each flower. Another idea - to inflate the ball, fill the cavity with money.

Creative prezenty own hands

You can make creative gifts on the day of a friend's birthday. Such a thing will make their own hands. These gift ideas girlfriend birthday present would be appropriate even when you do not have very much to finance.

It can be made:

  • Textile doll.
  • Flowers from beads.
  • Chocolate poster.
  • The video with her friends.
  • Dry bouquets.
  • Photo collage. It is made on Whatman paper, paste pictures birthday with various events in life.
  • Chocolate collage. Made similar, but instead of glue pictures chocolate bars with different comments. His hands can bring a variety of gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Those people who are engaged in arts and crafts, can easily make an interesting and unusual gift.

You can also make yourself decorating birthday of natural stone and minerals. They are very beautiful and elegant look.


It is fashionable to give creative beautiful show. But useful, too, have a place to be. Here's what you can give of household:

  • set of dishes;
  • a towel;
  • pan;
  • appliances:
  • curling irons;
  • waffle iron;
  • a blender;
  • mixer;
  • the grinder;
  • toaster.
Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

you name it, you can buy as a gift. But this banal and uninteresting, because the friend can all buy itself.

Please friend can be other things. For example, give a chic mini handbag, a silk scarf or jewelry birthday.

Now a lot of masters, that you may make your jewelry custom-made according to your wishes. For example, they make exquisite things from clay ceramic or glass: Interesting earrings in the shape of orchids, light thin rings with floral motifs.

Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

As you can see, pick up interesting gifts for birthdays is simple enough. After all range of goods is increasing every year.

Appearance in the original packaging

No matter which one you choose a present, his hands beautifully decorated.

Packing a lot of options: the shape of a sphere, pyramids, cones, cake, boat, heart, even in the form of soft toys.

Packaged in a gift wrap appears more enigmatic and mysterious.

The box can be decorated with all sorts of little things unusual, for example, buttons, decorative keys, figurines. The elements of the scenery packages can be made from different materials.

Gift ideas girlfriend birthday. Tips for Choosing a creative gift

Now, consider one idea clearance. Wrap gift in fabric gray or beige. Then tie twine, giving the shape of a bow. This style comes from Japan, it is used for centuries, is packed gift in bright fabric.

A beautiful congratulation

You bought a gift, his beautifully drawn up, and now it is worth thinking about how you will greet her friend. It's an important part when giving a present. Beautiful and original greeting can create a festive and easy atmosphere in the company.

For example, you can:

  • to change into a suit of her favorite cartoon character congratulating poems;
  • to order it, and a large portrait to hang on the wall with the wishes;
  • put rose petals birthday greeting for her windows.


Now you know the gift ideas girlfriend birthday. We hope that you will be able to find the right thing. The tradition of bestowing gifts comes from ancient times, it has a special meaning, regardless of their religion and culture. Give each other gifts and make pleasant surprises.