What to give a girl for 20 years? Top tips

20 years - a turning point in the life of a girl. This round date when it becomes truly adult. Gift girl of 20 years can be a serious problem for her friends and loved ones, but we will give you some suggestions, among which you are sure to find one that suits you.

What to give a girl for 20 years? Top tips


If the birthday girl is engaged in handicrafts, such as knitting or embroidery, then give her a high-quality embroidery frame or spokes. In specialty stores, you can also find gift baskets, collected in such cases. A great gift for 20 years old girl who loves extreme sports - skydiving or riding a quad bike. If the hero of the occasion a real music fan, it is possible to present her CD collection of her favorite artist or good headphones, or a player. If she likes to draw, give her an album for sketches, a set of paints, pencils and brushes.


The book is her favorite author - the perfect solution to the problem that give a girl of 20 years. If she has all his books, it does not matter if you buy her an expensive and colorful edition. In the bookstore you can find a gift even for those who are not a fan of reading, for example, photo album cities of the world, or the works of famous artists.

What to give a girl for 20 years? Top tips


What to give a girl for 20 years? Of course, it certainly will appeal to any kind of bauble earrings, bracelets or necklaces. If the money on diamonds and emeralds you have not, just beautiful jewelry will also be welcome. If you know what her type of hair and skin, it is possible to present her shampoo or conditioner expensive brand or a cream that is suitable for her.


The girl, who has his own apartment, you can give a beautiful decorative pillow, blanket, or a set of dishes for the kitchen. Most importantly, keep in mind the color and style of its interior features. Also, household appliances - is a great option that give a girl of 20 years. Iron, multivarka or tea - all this will be helpful to have any young person. Most importantly, check to see if it has what you are going to present.

Gift Certificate

If you have a birthday girl, for example, colleagues or acquaintances not so long ago and did not know what she likes, it is always appropriate to Prezent will be a gift certificate to the spa or shop. Thus, she can choose what she liked, and, therefore, will appreciate your attention. Apparel

What to give a girl for 20 years? Top tips

If you know the size, you can give her a T-shirt or tank top. You want to make your gift original? Make her print your photos together or amusing inscriptions. You can also give her a set of funny socks or underwear. If your twenty-year relationship is not as mischievous personality, then buy her a beautiful set of lingerie. It is best to give such a gift is not at all a party, and personally, that there was no awkwardness. Scarf or belt will also be quite helpful.


If you've already figured out what to give to a girl of 20 years, do not forget about the flowers. This supplement is appropriate, and if you meet with the birthday girl, and if you just her friend or girlfriend. Learn from her loved ones, what kind of flowers she likes, or ask for advice from a florist. Also, the original replacement for the usual flowers is a bouquet of balloons, toys or candy.