Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

New Year - a truly magical holiday, because it covers all the pleasant bustle: both children and adults. In the New Year's Eve there is a question what to give dear and close people, friends, parents, teachers. In this article we will look at what gifts to give teachers the New Year.

Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

Gift selection principles

When choosing a gift for the New Year a primary school teacher, you should consider two things: it should not be something too intimate, personal, but a souvenir recipient must like and be his good memory about a particular student. Considering the options of gifts, it is necessary to take into account certain nuances.

For example, for someone it is a surprise - a woman or a man. For example, a soft toy can not give a man and a woman, while a set of cigarette case and lighter does not approach the girl.

Gift Budget

If a gift from the whole team, you can buy something of value, for example, a picture. But if it is an individual - to invest in it a lot of money is not worth it - it is the teacher put in an awkward position, because "oblige" him to respond in some way.

Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

Who is the target?

Under the question refers to homeroom or class teacher. In the latter case it is possible to know a person better, his preferences and tastes, in addition, may be a personal gift, for example, something for hobby, hobbies. If we talk about specific subjects, it is possible to pick up for him something close topic of the course - to geography - a set of interactive maps, for the historian - miniatures of famous sculptures, for a musician - a beautiful stand in the shape of a treble clef, a teacher of English - Dictionary of special vocabulary and etc.

Age teacher

Young teacher can give a specific gadget, the teachers are older, these things can give only if you are absolutely sure that he understands what the device is intended, and also knows how to use it.

Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

The leaders of the tops

If the gift ideas teachers in the New Year to develop absolutely no desire, you can use any of the ready-made options, "working" is already a lot of years. A list of these gifts include:

  • Flowers. Such "living" gifts - a very popular show. In this case, if we bear in mind that the New Year - not quite "flower" festival, is usually limited to a bouquet is not necessary, and better express their imagination. At the present moment you can pick up an original bouquet of delicious chocolates or a pot, which the teacher will long remind his disciples.
  • Vase. A huge number of teachers can boast almost museum collection of different vases. Of course, the "museum" is not qualitatively, but in numerical terms. But modern stores make it possible for the New Year to present a truly unusual object, which still is not exactly in your teacher's collection!
  • What is better to make a New Year a primary school teacher? You can purchase a picture frame or photo album. At the same time they can give to teachers of both sexes, accompanying a present interesting class photos at the end of also write a touching desire.
  • Stationery. Diary, pen, organizer and so on. Present are the classic male teachers as representatives of the flower-vases in this case are not particularly suited. In fact, these things are mandatory for each teacher, therefore, for the New Year, you can buy your favorite teacher stylish, expensive pen or qualitative organizer.
  • Gift Cards. In our life, it is a fairly new phenomenon, but such we launched had already gained fame gifts for all holidays. Map Store home appliances, cosmetics, bookshop - Pick the one that is interesting to you. Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

For relaxation and recreation

Not all of us are, how complicated is actually working at the school. Therefore, teachers need at least sometimes in the workplace a little relax. While the students problem - to help the teacher, the teacher having presented an original gift for the New Year:

  • Tea. Such a gift will please his master, after all coffee lovers among them a huge amount. Coffee makers at the moment are inexpensive, while the effect of a present that will be what you need.
  • Electric. This is a mandatory item for each utility room or teacher, therefore, is a new device to replace a previous can be a great show.
  • Anti-stress toys. Immediately it should say that the New Year - a holiday kind and cheerful, and therefore, selecting gifts, you can afford a little bit naughty. Thus, anti-stress toys - it is original and very nice product with a granular special filler, which is so nice bruise. At the same time experienced and knowledgeable people say that it helps to calm the nerves of man. Toy can accompany some interesting congratulation or playful desire. Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

Memorable gifts

It is disappointing, school years pass quickly, therefore, each student will be certainly pleased to leave his favorite teacher something to remember. This means that the non-functional, but original and memorable gift to the teacher in the New Year on the class - this is also a suitable option:

  • Souvenirs. By choosing such a gift to the teacher in the New Year, I want to note that in this case you are limited to only a wallet and your imagination - is there are animals that symbolize the following year, in addition, something to the teacher specialization close (for example, you can give geographer Crystal small globe souvenir scissors - working teacher), etc.
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  • Books. These are universal gifts for all occasions, especially if it is colorful, beautifully designed publication. Theme is any: are considered the most suitable books from the series "Famous sayings", "100 Great", etc.
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  • Cups. Selection of unusual dishes with a variety of slogans and images at the moment is also very large. In addition, the cup can be ordered in almost any gift shop, where it will cause desired image or photo. Such a gift to the teacher in the New Year on the class will be accepted favorably. Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

For the family and home

When choosing a gift to the teacher in the New Year, do not lose sight of that, even a very strict teacher on arrival home is transformed into a simple man who is definitely dreaming of comfort in their own home. Therefore, an excellent Prezent become all that relates to the home comfort:

  • Textiles. This gift to the teacher in the New Year more suitable for female teachers. In fact, what the representative of the gentle sex refuses a good set of bed linen or towels? However, in this case, the word "quality" should be paramount.
  • Jewelry. We usually decorate their houses with original pots for plants, paintings, candy, etc. The main thing -. This finding is not only a thing of the consumer goods category or kitsch and buy original designer item that will please the teacher and take its rightful place in his house.
  • Home Appliances. If students can please his teacher a good steamer, multivarka or other device, it may be worth it to make? Of course, such gifts to get better pool their savings, but one such device will be much more useful than a simple 20-brac.

Appetizing gifts

In this case, it is practically impossible not to fall - is the standard gentlemen's set, which includes chocolate, coffee and tea. In order to present trite did not look, you can barely dream: to buy a rare type of coffee or tea, as well as to present a basket of fruit. In addition, you can purchase a kit for the preparation of carving or sushi. One should not think that this is only a present fit woman - such a gift to the teacher a man on New Year's Eve will be pleasing to him and his family.

In this case, an alcoholic drink to be careful. It seems to be a good bottle of wine or champagne - on New Year's usual business, the alcohol can not be accurately attributed to the eternal and the good that you want to sow teachers. Therefore, in this case, the decision must be taken, depending on the specific case.

Teacher gift for the New Year: the interesting and unusual ideas

And finally ...

Choosing a gift to the teacher in the New Year, try to approach this process with the soul, but do not buy the first available thing. After all, the holiday must be held wish fulfillment and joy to all, without exception, including the most demanding and rigorous teachers.