When the start winter sales, with a number?

Each shopaholic with genuine enthusiasm waiting for the time when the winter sales begin. This is not surprising, because the desire to buy a desired item, and even save at the same time a substantial amount of personal assets - an extremely attractive prospect. Alas, many sellers have become a way of gain discounts on unsuspecting buyers. Stores often make feykovye Salem luring customers banal fraud. That is why it is so important to learn from what the number of start winter sales for real and when you can buy the right product at the lowest possible price.

When the start winter sales, with a number?

The Passion Saving

For some buyers the season of sales has become a kind of fetish. For them, it does not matter what they are buying and what they do so in large quantities and economically. The very fact of getting real benefits leads many to fork out for an unnecessary thing. This is not surprising, because each of us dazzled by tsenopad, the main thing - do not make mistakes and in a fit of passion did not fall for the tricks of cunning marketers.

So when the winter sales start? In most European countries there is a season of discounts under the auspices of state control. And shops, and customers know when the value of goods will be reduced. Such a measure helps prevent dumping and artificial slacking economy.

In our country, unfortunately, this practice yet, and therefore the sale, the time of their beginning and end - a lot of owners of shops. Those, in turn, guided by global trends and act in its sole discretion.

When the start winter sales, with a number?

Two stages of winter sales

Now let's see when the winter sales begin. Their first phase will start in mid-December. This period - the time of Christmas and New Year preparations. Buyers willing to part with money, buy gifts, clothes, preparing for winter and holiday table. These early sales are more than nominal. Sellers can make a small discount on their products, but the difference with the usual price tag is unlikely to exceed 10-15%. In addition, not all countries celebrate Christmas, which so zealously prepared in the West. On the territory of the former Soviet Union more than quoted New Year celebration, so you can not expect a substantial discount until 31 December. This statement is true in any city of our country, and especially in Moscow. When the winter sales begin in the capital and the regions?

Usually from mid-January, close to February. Retail chains are trying to sell everything that is not spent during the holiday season, make room on the shelves for the new season. The maximum benefit will be buying in the middle or late winter.

When the start winter sales, with a number?

False Sayle

Not always tempting discounts are actually a good deal. Enterprising traders frequently deceive customers, organizing false sales. There are several mechanisms to mislead consumers. This is especially true for the New Year, when the winter sales begin.

A few weeks before the announced days discounts entrepreneurs deliberately wind the prices to after the "pampered" customer equity. Thus, consumers in the best buy products at a standard price, and at worst it will cost even more than usual.

Another way to entice consumers - to make discounts for a limited list of products. This is often slow-moving items from a range of point of sale, date or even a wedding goods. Such techniques help to attract a buyer only once, but it is unlikely the customer will become permanent in the case of such fraud.

When the start winter sales, with a number?


to buy cheap!

Experienced shopaholics are able to quickly determine where and when to begin sales. It helps them in this mainly periodic monitoring of prices in your favorite stores. When winter begins sale of clothing, footwear and other products of this category should not be a long time to postpone the purchase. The fact is that most running sizes dealt with first. Clothing and footwear for people with average parameters of the stores evaporate almost immediately, expect that in the warehouses for a long time delayed the most common items among buyers, it is not necessary. Wait until further price reduction is possible only to those who fit unmarketable size apparel footwear (very small or very large). Sellers usually do sell out in several stages. And if the first off - this is 10-15%, the mass of Sale is already happening at half price, clearance sale and the buyer promises reduction amount on the price tag at 65-70% of the original value of the goods.

When the start winter sales, with a number?

On sale in the main department of the country

CUM - a real Mecca for true shopaholics. This store has been around for over a hundred years. And almost as many sales take place here. This trading platform is the largest in the territory of modern Europe, here are the best global brands that produce the most eminent companies. Shoes, clothing and accessories from Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada, and dozens of other design houses beckon and attract lovers of the good life.

Following the traditions of the world, fashion boutiques and arrange a Sail-scale old collections. When the start winter sales in TSUM? Usually from mid-December numbers on the price tag a little decrease, but the peak prices achieved after completion of holidays. During this period, you can save money on buying branded coats, dresses and blouses to 70%.

dandies and ladies to note

Another store, visit all shopaholics who wish (and even especially in the season of sales) is Zara. This is the point of realization of fashion for men, women and children's clothing, shoes, underwear and accessories own production at very reasonable prices. A distinctive feature of the brand is consistently high product quality.

It is not surprising that consumers are always looking forward to Salem during that sweep down from the shelves of all goods. However, not everyone knows that in "Dawn" begins winter sale. The fact that the trade network is not too often satisfied with the days of discounts and exemptions from the shelves of unsold goods. Usually it is two or three weeks in mid-January. This event was not advertised, and customers and fans of the brand will learn about discounts during direct shopping.

When the start winter sales, with a number?

Private club

Many shops and networks encourage their loyal customers, and therefore pre-warn their customers about when to begin the winter clothing sales and other items in their retail outlets. Such information is the first to know members of loyalty programs and club cards holders, because they will be able to buy products with good discounts.

To keep abreast of the events taking place in your favorite store, you should contact the sellers or managers, they give out discount cards for loyal customers. This is usually enough to make a purchase of a certain amount, then the client automatically ceases participant loyalty program. This will bring a number of benefits and advantages for him:

  • participants in such programs first informed about when to start winter sales of shoes and clothing;
  • Card allows you to get the goods at a lower price, even if the store at the moment no discounts;
  • customers can accumulate bonus points for their purchases and use them for further calculations.

Almost all shops have a tiered loyalty program. Discount for the customer increases, depending on whether and in what amount he has already purchased a product in the point of sale, or how long it is her regular customer.

on discounts Glossary

There is also a lot of stores, which are permanent sales, but not all of them the same principle of working with customers:

  • discount - a point of sale of products with a simplified system maintenance and basic design of the trading floor;
  • discount center - a large shop where producers dumped unsold remnants of past collections;
  • stock stores operate on the same principle, but there are also common defective products and products that have lost their marketability;
  • Outlets - network, initially selling inexpensive products.

In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, I wish my readers a good discount and good shopping!