What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

What is the show-room clothing? This is the room where the little-known designers put up their own production. Why do they do, for whom and why, read below.

The definition of

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

What is the showroom of clothing? This is a studio apartment or who are equipped to demonstrate to customers of those or other article of clothing. What is this place different from a regular store? Most shops sell clothes mass market, that is not exclusive things, and those that were sewn to the masses. If you do not want to dress in the same way as the half of the city, your way is to be in the show room. In such places sell several types of goods. This may be the luxury products of famous brands or products little-known designers. And so, and others unprofitable to sell stuff in retail stores, as the flow of customers they will be small.

Buyers who take luxury items are usually already know what they want, so call in advance they man the ordered goods. But coming to a novice designer, most people just do not know what and wait. Therefore, they can drink coffee while sitting on a comfortable sofa, while the young designer will showcase the best examples of his clothes on the models.

Why do you need a showroom

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

Not all people understand why open studio for a demonstration of things when there are many convenience stores. But what a show-room clothing? This is the place where you can buy exclusive. Such things can not be bought in the nearest mall. Young designers often rework their apartments under the showrooms. This is the place they use and as a workshop and a shop. The atmosphere in these institutions mostly friendly, if not friendly. People like to come to visit, drink coffee and at the same time make an order for exclusive dress. Many showrooms operate on the principle of the studio. Designers can not only sell something from your own collection, but also make unique dress for the client's idea. Often showrooms used as a place where young talent, organizes presentation of its collections. They hire models and invite the public, which consists mainly of friends and clients. Such events claim to be secular, so they usually go to the buffet and further afterparty.

At what audience they are designed

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

The dream any budding designer is set wealthy clientele. It was on its search and focus all efforts of young designers. What is the show-room clothing? This showroom. Therefore, designers try to make it as much as possible known. Today this is done easily with the help of advertising on social networks. Raspiarivaya their services, people want to profitably sell an existing product. But the next batch to sew in no hurry. Clothing in showrooms for the sale of a single narrowly selected segment of society. You can not sew something that everybody likes. Therefore, young designers are waiting, watching, who like their work, and in case of success to continue on the chosen path, and if it fails they release a new collection in a different style. Thus, the produced individual handwriting and dialed a certain range of clients.

The different showrooms brand clothing from the showrooms of little-known designers

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

Of course, the number and status of the client. Showroom brand clothing sells exclusive designer outfits. D & G, Gucci and Valentino does not require advertising. About all they know ladies. Clothes by famous designers is a dream for many people, so in all these showrooms where you can view and order a dress or a suit, usually painted for the next six months. And often they even impossible to get a person on the street. The new customer branded showrooms do not need. Their main goal - to keep the respect and recognition of their loyal customers. But in the show-room men's clothing or women's dresses from the young designer doors are always open. Here people waiting for a warm welcome, as well as in luxury showrooms, however, outfits are not so famous. Although their quality and style can not be inferior to the work of the world's fashion designers. After all, sometimes a young designer can sew one dress a week or two. Perhaps it goes without saying that the prices in these showrooms will be much lower than the branded showrooms.

Showrooms on the Internet

Many people are afraid to order clothes on the network. This is not surprising, because to feel it and to try there is no way. How, then, work showrooms menswear, women and children on the Internet? Designers pictures of their products from different sides and angles. And the pictures sometimes too detailed. For example, on many dresses you can see not only the buttons of all, but even the lining and inner seams. Many showrooms operate on the principle of online stores. The client can order any thing to try, and if it does not fit, then sent back. Still, such a practice is not as common. To avoid confusion with the size, the designers make clothes according to the general grid. Therefore, the girl, ordering the dress, which is written on the label 46 will definitely be sure that it will suit her.

Women's Clothing

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

In our country, a lot of young talent, whose heads are full of creative ideas. Many of them create their own showrooms women's clothes in Moscow. For example, you can select XARIZMAS. This is a Russian brand, which is characterized by the high quality of clothes. It is difficult to find something artsy, but the classic styles of clothing style of office will not be difficult to pick up. It attracts many customers. Candy-store - another show room in which the capital fashionista can buy yourself new things. Here things are sold not only domestic sewing, but also foreign production. For example, dress Korean and Greek designers.

There are very unusual show-rooms of women's clothing in Moscow. For example, BLESS MY DRESS. Here she has the ability to completely transform, and not just to buy a new blouse and shoes. Each client the offered services stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist to her image turned completely updated.

Showrooms menswear

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

The representatives of the stronger sex rarely go shopping, they just do not like this occupation. Therefore, show-rooms for men offers not so much. Basically, they are aligned with the female. Such a move is quite logical: seeing his companion for shopping, man and himself be able to watch anything. In the capital, there are more than one exhibition hall, where you can see men's clothes. For example, MFashion. In the showroom you can find clothes of Russian, American and European production. Use me - another metropolitan exhibit space. Here you can choose anything you like - from a business suit until sweatpants. A stylish shoes and accessories to help complement any image.

Children's clothing

What is the show-room clothing? Clothing lesser-known designers for adults and children

In contrast to the fairground for adults, for young fashionistas special open space is rare. Children are often easier to put stores. After all, it is not known as a child to behave at a party, whether it will be capricious, and may, on the contrary, embarrassed. Yet there are also children's showrooms. clothing store such a plan specialize in wholesale sales. Here buy goods famous shops, as well as purchase products store that specializes in selling exclusive items. For school-age children, you can find a showroom, but to spend time in a place like the guys usually do not like. They do not get pleasure from beautiful things, and especially do not appreciate the exclusivity of his attire. Therefore showrooms baby clothes are popular only among wholesalers and mothers who have too much free time.


On such sites exhibit nontrivial models of fur coats, jackets and coats. Expensive furs not everyone can afford, so the showrooms with outerwear are often closed. Not all designers and sellers want to touch coats and jackets, and beheld the people who buy them simply can not. The more exclusive models that can be not quite so exclusive if the store is a large cross. Therefore, fur clothes are kept under good protection from prying eyes away. The same goes for the leather products. It is one thing - an ordinary jacket, black leather jackets, which are fully in any shopping center, and the other - the product of a unique cut, sewn from various materials. In one design can coexist jacket and leather and suede, and even drape.

Showrooms outerwear rarely arranged in an ordinary apartment. Often to relieve them a separate room, where you can observe the storage conditions are necessary to create the fur, so it is better maintained and to not start moles in it.

Are there many showrooms

Exhibition areas are created for different purposes. Most often they show clothes and sold to customers. But sometimes the designer is forced to open a showroom for the status. Even if he is doing well and sales are well established on the Internet, customer confidence will be greater if it will open a real store. Showroom fashion can show anything. It may be evening wear, casual wear and even tracksuits. Many women find pleasure in walking on the exhibition grounds. they spend their leisure time in such manner and shall be attached to the beautiful. After all, often young designers in their studios hold various social events, which accounts for the representatives of creative professions.

Showrooms can sell and accessories. Among them, hair ornaments, jewelry, or designer shoes and bags. All these accessories are presented mostly in a single copy, and repeat them the designer will not. That is why many ladies prefer to dress in showrooms. After all, on a secular party they meet a girl dressed in the same dress, or hold in their hands the same handbag.