75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

I want to share impressions of living in such a beautiful country like Cambodia. This is purely my vision of the country and not the ultimate truth.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

1. Residents of Cambodia - Khmer.

2. Cambodia is not packed with tourists from Russia and Germany, like neighboring Thailand.

3. But then the crazy number of visitors from China (in principle, as in all countries of the world) and a lot of South Koreans. This is generally one of the few countries where I've seen that do not duplicate the name in English and in Korean!

4. In Cambodia prevented from entering the Turks, the Arabs did limit per year for South Korean tourists. The reason was the mass export of the citizens of these countries Khmer girls for further sale to brothels. Why did South Korea indulgence - I do not know, but again, the incident and it will close the border.

5. To get to Cambodia from Russia only through Thailand, but talk about the appearance of direct air flights have gone next year.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

6. Angkor Wat - the most popular place for tourists. If someone you know has been in Cambodia, that 95% say that the architecture of the monuments have only seen this temple complex.

7. The name of Cambodia is only in Russia, all the country called Kingdom of Cambodia or Kampuchea.

8. Rouge hate Thais and vice versa.

9. One Russian woman married to a Thai and moved to Cambodia. He did not go after her. And do not go.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

10. Cambodia has a lot of fruit plantations, as well as Thailand. However, transport from the south to the north fruits more than drive them from neighboring Thailand, so tourists from Bangkok and Pattaya do not see any difference in the taste. 11. Exceptions are coconuts: Cambodia are - huge.

12. Some people think that it is delicious durian in Cambodia than in Thailand.

13. The basic diet Rouge - meat.

14. If there is a pool - it necessarily zavedet fish, so Khmers are not particularly worried about the food.

15. The most important myth - Cambodia life-threatening, are walking around with machine guns, killing people, famine, unrest, rampant poverty.

16. There are no military action is not here for many years. For some reason everyone remembers only the time of Pol Pot. This is how many foreigners think that we are still the Soviet Union.

17. There is no children's homes.

18. There is no hunger and poverty.

19. Rouge mostly live in small "shacks" satellite

a plate, a plasma on the wall and Lexus about this shack.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

20. Machine Rouge - that's it!

21. Education in the Kingdom of optional, so many parents can set their children a question: "Do you know how many there will be 3 + 8? Well then throw his school and start engaged in business! "And all the kids go to work for parents.

22. However, those who are still out of school, have a good education and are aware of two to five foreign languages.

23. Generally, to meet Khmer speaking in perfect French and English - in the order of things.

24. In Cambodia, the largest settlement of Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. These people live here illegally, but they had not been touched.

25. Universities in Cambodia insanely expensive for the Khmers, and children in the family Khmer average of 3-5, so the King issued a decree by which khmerets can learn in any university of the world at the expense of the state. As I recall, these students a year may be about 1500. There is a reward system for successful students. 26. Therefore, students have to constantly look for jobs: you can often hear the phrase "Give me a couple of dollars, and that I am a poor student."

27. Especially behaved insolently history students, they tusuyut in places where tourists begin to tell them some facts about the history and then ask for money for the services provided.

28. In general, they are intrusive service and beggars are very similar to the Brazilian. If you give at least one child to the dollar, the crowd of children will ask you to give them money, too. These children will haunt you to your car, will be knocking on the glass when you already sit. If you do face brick - it helps, but if you catch their eye - op these kids resumes.

29. Speaking of money, banks you change dollars for small bills, because in this country it is customary to tip everyone. Generally all. Waiters, bartenders, drivers.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

30. If the store renting less than a dollar, then it will give the local currency - Riel.

31. Hotels in Cambodia - very chic, otherwise they simply can not.

32. Cambodia Tax Code takes 3-4 pages.

33. SDA-existent. The more your vehicle, the more advantages you have on the road. You can turn on the horn and drive so all the way, all the small cars and motorcyclists will you concede.

34. The only thing that can stop you - it's the lack of a helmet. Write out a fine, and will write a piece of paper on which you now no longer have the right to penalize.

35. Legs according Rouge, the "dirty" part of man. Head - the most pure.

36. Rouge marriages with foreigners - a rarity.

37. The marriage of convenience - a common occurrence. The thing that particularly do not need much for a wedding celebration: he put the table in the street, invited guests darkness, bought food and drink. And always give you only the money. Any wedding pays off twice. After that, then people get divorced. 38. In Thailand, a foreigner - farang in Cambodia - barang.

39. You think that a black man - a rapper, five blacks - a basketball team, and the quarter of blacks - a robbery, drugs, prostitution.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

40. The French are very fond of Cambodia (and they will not live where anyhow).

41. There is even a tour of the village, where Jolie adopted a child. Generally, Jolie often visits here.

42. Smile - the most important part of communication!

43. The cries and screams - it's bad form. In the eyes of the Khmer you lose face and do not want to talk more with you.

44. Passports are not changed, and the pages are pasted. A thick sheet for Khmer - this is normal.

45. Rouge may defecate in a public place, talking with friends at this very moment, you can even say "Hello" is very difficult to get used to this.

46. ​​Take a motorbike for rent for foreigners in Siam Reap is prohibited by law. Therefore, if you come without a travel agency, you have to hire a taxi driver.

47. Buy marijuana can be anywhere, even a policeman.

48. The margin on any imported alcohol is $ 1.

49. Beach vacation very good.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

50. In pharmacies have a rapid test for malaria.

51. You do not understand how you can keep cooked food in the evening for tomorrow.

52. To grow rice - the most difficult and the most highly paid profession.

53. A lot of rice sold to China. We can say that the Chinese are buying land in Cambodia for rice cultivation for their country.

54. Khmers love to sleep on the streets in the hammocks, so this year was the news of the death from hypothermia.

55. To bend the fingers and hands of girl with childhood sleep-hand with special planks. 56. The Russian, who live in Cambodia, mainly used to live in Thailand. According to them, too, Thailand is littered with tourists, and is quiet and comfortable.

57. The white-skinned blondes and a delight for those Khmers, who have never seen tourists, but the higher the status of a person - the more indifferent to him, what is your color. People with higher education, by the way, are considered, high-status people.

58. By some miracle way Beeline is the operator in Cambodia, but never catches and generally not very popular.

59. For the poor khmerok to marry a foreigner - top dreams. Immediately we can give birth to children and not worry about material things. As I said, the rich Khmers are deprived of all their rights, if marry / marry barangay.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

60. Here, too, developed sex tourism, and again the majority - a poor girl from the provinces of Laos and Burma.

61. If you want to drive around the country alone or with a couple of friends, know English at the level of an ordinary tourist, you will be able to do it without any problems.

62. Understand your emotions and gestures among Rouge - it wonders some!

63. And yet they are very welcoming, all show and tell all. Fed, meet everyone.

64. Normally, everyone wants to visit in the province of Kampot - so here are grown famous kampotsky pepper.

65. And this pepper - the main source of income from turistov- "phony" who can not get it back when the house will find a fake. Pepper of the provinces of Kampong Cham, Kampong Speu, Sihanoukville and all other areas of Cambodia packaged and sold as Kampotsky pepper at a high price.

66. In Cambodia, start their own business tend to all and sundry, the most French of course. 67. In the northern and southern boundaries are a casino.

68. In Cambodia, on the border are fingerprinted.

69. Khmer hell - it is a prison, if you put in jail for more than 3 years, consider that you are already dead.

75 facts about Cambodia through the eyes of Russians

70. The prison is a 4 walls, within which people walk. Great fun.

71. There is a stereotype that the Khmers do not drink milk. This is partly true. But if they drink it - will not die, believe me.

72. But the beef - it is the main product consumption.

73. People who have moved from the bustling Bangkok to Cambodia, in the evenings entertained Khmer cooking. Against the background of very spicy Thai food, Khmer at first seem blissful, although many dishes and similar.

74. Licensed software in Cambodia is mere penny. Even I do not mind paying if it is fair.

75. If you are a tourist or a native English speaker, you can find a job in an English school teacher. You do not even ask, at what level do you know him.