61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

We present our 60 facts about Hong Kong, where we traditionally talk about those moments that we remember the most, during our travels around the country, as well as give some general tidbits.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

1. Hong Kong is an autonomous Special Administrative Region of China since 1997 (before that time, more than 150 years was under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom).

2. Internal politics and the economy Hong Kong Tutor and management of foreign policy and defense are assigned to China.

3. The Hong Kong lacks many of the standard taxes, including VAT - it attracts both shoppers and foreign investors.

4. In Hong Kong has two official languages ​​- Chinese and English.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

5. Three-quarters of the area of ​​Hong Kong is covered by forests, while the population density in the rest of the very high.

6. Hong partially located on the mainland and partly on the islands - lanthanum and Hong Kong. Between them, you can move on the ground (buses and taxis), underground (metro) and water (ferries) - the last option the cheapest.

7. Bus in Hong Kong around the clock - in many routes there are night buses (marked "A")

8. Most of the buses in Hong Kong - double-decker. Ride them on the mountain serpentine (such as climbing to the peak of Victoria), especially if you sit on the second floor in the first places, comparable to the attraction.

9. To pay for travel on any transport, including taxis, it is convenient to use a magnetic card Octopus. This card can also pay off in many small shops and bakeries, as well as some cafes.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

10. Against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers looked unusually old, narrow double-decker trams ( "dabldekery"), preserved from the 1950s. Travel on the tram costs 2HK $ (8 rubles) - in any direction and at any distance. 11. The metro system in Hong Kong is very thought out - there are both underground and surface areas. Everywhere hang cards and clear signage in English. Many stations have wi-fi, and even on some computers with free internet access.

12. On many stations there are between two and six outputs, the distance between which can be very important at the top, so it is better to clarify what specific output you need.

13. Like many in Hong Kong - Airport huge, but comfortable and well thought out. In waiting rooms quiet and comfortable - carpeted floor carpet, nice soft music playing, there are outlets and free wi-fi. Soft benches without handles even allow you to sleep if necessary.

14. In Hong Kong, are very common above-ground pedestrian crossings. Transition "Mid-Levels" is one of the longest in the world and represents a system of stairways, escalators and bridges for pedestrians.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

15. As in Singapore, Hong Kong has an evening laser show. It held it, but only once a day, but is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most massive, permanent show.

16. Hong Kong people love to eat - cafés and restaurants are a huge number, with shows all cuisines of the world - from the Tibetan and Nepalese to Mexican and Italian. Although the Chinese, of course, is the popularity of the leader by a wide margin.

17. In the evenings and at lunch most cafes are crowded to get in, sometimes you have to stand in line.

18. Food prices are quite high relative to most countries in Southeast Asia. Dish in the cafe of an average hand is worth 40-60HK $ (160-240 rubles). The most simple food in a street eatery is available for 25HK $ (100 rubles). Cheaper only sandwiches and ready meals in chain stores, such as "7 Eleven". 19. popular restaurants sets consisting for example of a main dish, soup and beverage. Numbered sets (A1, B2, and so on. D.), And, as a rule, are equipped with pictures, so do not even speak the language, you will not be hungry, you just tell the letter with the number of the selected meal. But vegetarians have difficult - the picture is not always clear which of the cooked dish.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

20. The overwhelming majority of people in Hong Kong - it is the Chinese who are very fond of meat and, consequently, most of the classic local dishes - meat, both in the expensive places, and in cheap cafes.

21. For fish lovers find a dish to taste is not difficult - in Hong Kong, a huge selection of Japanese food, both in restaurants and take-away. Price / quality ratio - one of the best in Asia.

22. In the majority of cafes and restaurants for dinner comes with a free included with the price of Chinese herbal or green tea (usually unlimited).

23. Hong Kong - a paradise for lovers of starchy foods. In every shopping mall, subway stations, and indeed in every street a lot of bakeries, pastry shops, with a huge selection of pastries and cakes (from 5HK $).

24. Hong Kong very popular network convenience stores "7 Eleven" (seven-eleven). They work 24 hours a day and are at every step.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

25. On the streets a lot of Chinese shops that sell in bulk dried mushrooms, seaweed, nuts, dried fruits and many other products of unidentified species, common in Chinese medicine.

26. The most grand celebration in Hong Kong - Chinese New Year. He comes in early February, but the exact date is calculated according to the lunar calendar. Prepare for the holiday, many are beginning a few months, this time carried out grandiose sales - with particularly good discount to buy sweets, for example; very popular here Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Lindor, who, among other things, and in normal times cheaper than in Russia and Europe. 27. Cash withdrawal from ATMs in Hong Kong can be no commission (on the part of the Hong Kong Bank)

28. The prices of products sold by weight in street shops and grocery stores do not indicate per kilogram, and for the British pound (455 g)

29. Most Chinese inscriptions are duplicated in English

30. I live in Hong Kong, Filipinos have a tradition - every Sunday they have picnics on the pedestrian bridge. Sitting on cardboard boxes and they also closed from the wind. The first impression at the sight of this - on the steps of the poor, but if you look closely, you can see that many of them are sitting with tablets or even laptops, chatting and eating food brought by with him - rice, pies, pizzas, etc...

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

31. Despite the fact that Hong Kong's center is very densely built up, the city authorities are trying to green the any available piece of land. Shrubs and trees can even be seen on the roof of the shopping center.

32. Photographic equipment in Hong Kong is significantly cheaper than in Europe and Russia (and even than in Thailand and Singapore). According to a particularly good price you can buy a camera with Chinese firmware, without the support of the European languages. The main limitation of such equipment - on it guarantee is valid only in Hong Kong.

33. Hong Kong is one of the largest Apple Store stores.

34. Prices on Apple equipment in Hong Kong are the same as in the US. All new items appear here shortly after America, and taking into account the contractual system and the level of salaries, the new iPhone can afford almost everyone. The previous model can be obtained free of charge at all when you make a contract.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

35. People of different nationalities live and work in Hong Kong - among office workers a lot of Europeans and Americans, among staff - Filipino. When selecting from the two, similar in competence, applicants for the position, the company prefers Chinese Europeans or Americans, t. To. The salary he will be lower by an average of 25%. 36. The standard of living here is much higher than in other Southeast Asian countries, but also room and board is much more expensive.

37. The average salary in Hong Kong - 12-15 thousand HK $ (48-60 rubles). The figures seem to be quite good, but with the price of housing, to accumulate the amount needed for the first mortgage payment is incredibly difficult. At the same time in Hong Kong you can earn very good money, but this requires high qualification and extensive experience.

38. Property prices in Hong Kong - one of the highest in the world (one of the main competitors - Tokyo).

39. The cost of renting a studio apartment in the central area of ​​approximately 15000HK $ (60,000 rubles) per month. On Lantau Island for 7-8000HK $ (28-36 ths. Rubles), you can rent a spacious, 2-3 bedroom apartment.

40. Quite a few people living in the so-called state. homes. But to get an apartment in such a house is not easy (really need to have a very low income level). Moreover, even among those who meet this requirement, there is a shortage, they are waiting for their turn for a long time.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

41. Young people who are not lucky enough to live in public housing, and which are so-called "first-time buyer" (ie. E., Those who have not owned any private property), terribly indignant about it here - organize demonstrations, etc., but there is no fundamental solution to the problem found...

42. The demand for housing in Hong Kong is extremely high. In recent years, mainland Chinese are very worsened the situation for its speculation with apartments in Hong Kong - they buy and hold an empty area, just to make a profit on this.

43. Prices for accommodation at the hotel, respectively too high. Per night for a decent room will have to pay from $ 100 (USD), and for $ 25 (USD) can be removed unassumingly small room 2 * 3 meters, but with the comforts and vayfay in Kowloon. If we consider the 4-5 star hotels, they are considerably more expensive than in Europe. 44. However, many goods are cheaper than in Moscow, and even than in mainland China (at one time it was the opposite, but those days are long gone).

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

45. The Chinese living in Hong Kong seemed to us not too friendly (compared to local Europeans and Americans) - although they do not always show, but it is clear that they feel their superiority over white. Most of them speak English, but are reluctant to speak on it. Well understood, only when it suits them.

46. ​​Kowloon have Indian quarter where one can quite cheap to eat, change money at a favorable rate and buy all sorts of cheap trifles.

47. Casino is prohibited in Hong Kong, but for those who like gambling, there are special floating casino - ships that every night come out of the territorial waters of the country, and in the morning come back.

48. Some city streets are reminiscent of the New York Times Square, due to the abundance of neon signs.

49. Having an ID card, you can free up on the 55th floor of an office tower in the center of the IFC, where the weather is fine offers a wonderful view of the city. There is also a money museum.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

50. The most breathtaking view of the city skyscrapers opens in the sunset hours with Victoria Peak (428 m above sea level).

51. In Hong Kong, there Avenue of Stars - analogue Hollywood namesake, with prints of hands of the Hong Kong film stars live and commemorative plaques of those who did not during his lifetime to be noted on the Mall.

52. On the Avenue of Stars is a monument to Bruce Lee, next to which every tourist of Chinese origin considers it his duty to take a picture, try to repeat his stand.

53. Hong Kong - a very clean city, though not as chistyulya as Singapore. He is one of the cleanest cities in the world.

54. In Hong Kong, the fastest in Southeast Asia online. 55. On the island of Lantau, on top of a hill, set the world's largest statue of a sitting Buddha Bronze, to which the lead car and the cable car, as well as hiking trails, which locals like to arrange trekking.

61 fact about Hong Kong through the eyes of Russians

56. In general, for hikers in mountainous terrain, Hong Kong - an ideal city. On Lantau Island are many paths and routes have on the Hong Kong Island.

57. On the roads of Hong Kong, with its population of more than 7 million people, very few traffic jams, more than 80% of all private transport account for public transport.

58. Chinese culture in Hong Kong is very important, the construction of buildings is conducted in accordance with the principles of "feng shui".

59. Bridge Tsing Ma Bridge, connecting the Lantau Island and the mainland of Hong Kong, among all the suspension bridges in the world, is in 8th place - the length of its main span of 1377 meters.

60. The last few years in the city construct buildings lower than 30 floors.

61. Hong Kong has more than 100 skyscrapers (buildings, above 150 m). For comparison, in New York today, 83 of the skyscraper.