13 habits that exist only in the Russian people

13 habits that exist only in the Russian people

Under the Russian in this case, refers to those who live on the territory of Russia and in the CIS. Because childhood all had roughly the same, family traditions, customs, rules and signs - too.

To know each other and themselves in these habits is very simple. This is not bad and not good, rather sweet, warm and in a native.

1. Dress up before going to the store

We love to look good. Sweat pants with extended knees and stretched a green T-shirt - is not an option, even for the usual trip to the store. But pretty dress and heels - the perfect outfit for a casual walk. And that's fine.

2. Sit down for a minute before the trip

When the bags are already collected, we usually pause to sit quietly a minute before the trip. Many do not like this tradition, considering it a relic of paganism, but the "minute" gives elementary respite in turmoil fees.

3. Talk really long and complex toast

Only the lazy Russian people will tell a simple toast, "To the health" or something of the sort. Really. We are always ready to listen to long stories and suggestions. Because we have something to say.

4. Telling jokes as often as possible

We can tell the story and in the middle to say: "Oh! It's like that adekdote ... ", and be sure to tell him. After all, we love to laugh.

5. greet each other after a shower or a sauna

Although the rules have to wish each other a couple of easy to bath, we say, "Enjoy Your Bath!" Only after a bath or shower.

6. Answer honestly and deployed to the question "How are you?"

"How are you?" Foreigners on the duty to answer the question prinyatno house, "Well, thank you!". We all wrong. If you really Russian man was asked how he was doing, then, really need to be answered. Nobody tells his life for six months, but to give a sane response - why not?

7. Do not smile at strangers

We do not smile at people you just met by chance eyes. At least, not at all 32. Smile we are sincere, for friends, family and loved ones.

8. Celebrate the New Year in a big way, than Christmas

Christmas tree - the New Year. Gifts for the New Year. New Year - the main winter holiday. Christmas celebrates far fewer people and far more modest.

9. Constantly review and quote the old Soviet films and cartoons

We often, and with great pleasure hum songs and recite phrases from Soviet films and cartoons, while maintaining the tone and voice of the characters, not at all embarrassed outsiders. Somebody tried to cite foreign cartoons and movies? But laughter Woody Woodpecker and the songs I do not remember anything about Chip and Dale. And we have - so much sense that it is possible to rethink the rest of his life.

10. Calling all women "girl"

If we want to call the waitress, we cry, "the girl!" If the appeal to the 40-year-old woman, we call it "girl." Any woman who turns the language called "girl" for us - a girl. And everyone is happy.

11. To sit down at the table for dinner and sit for hours until midnight or longer, constantly talking to

When we are now going for dinner, we sit down, have dinner and talk. Then we just talk, then another, eat and talk, then drink tea and talk, and even leaving home, we are standing on the threshold, some more time talking. We love to chat and eat. Especially salad with mayonnaise.

12. Never throw bags

Seriously, perhaps, in every house there is a package with a package. And after they are used.

13. Never go to visit without a present

This can be a cake or wine for dinner, chocolate or flowers (provided that they are not an even number). In fact, no matter what, the main thing - something to bring. Because "well, do not come with the same empty-handed."