How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year or "Spring Festival" - the most important festival of the Chinese nation, which had a considerable influence on the culture of many countries. Despite the fact that we have not accepted his mark, we still use some symbols to tune in to a successful Year of the Pig, or Dog. Usually a real New Year Lunar falls on a date between January 21 and February 20. In 2019 it will happen on February 5, so mark this date on your calendar and pick a few nice tradition to celebrate it and to cheer yourself up.

How to prepare a house

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

In China, every street and house, which celebrate the Spring Festival, decorated with objects of bright red color. It is considered auspicious color, contributing to happiness and success, so that the residents hung red paper lanterns, ribbons and amulets paintings depicting money.

Decorations are hung in public places even for a month, but the decor of the house decided to do the whole family in the New Year's Eve. Now we will have year of the Pig, so you need to use in the decoration of ornaments associated with this animal.

You can just prepare a few red charms written on them wishes you and your family. Develop them in prominent places and are used as affirmations in the next few days.

With whom to celebrate the

The Chinese New Year family should spend time together. Wherever you may be in for a year - this is the time you need to come to the family home, where you will wait for the so-called "reunion dinner" - the most important meal of the year.

After him, the Chinese family watching a television show, send greetings to friends - in short, the difference from the traditional Western New Year there.

Use this New Year as an opportunity to meet with their loved ones and give them love and choose a nice evening show to watch together.

What else should use

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

From the very first minutes of the come new year residents of China's launch as many fireworks, firecrackers and fireworks. Exactly at midnight everywhere distributed billions of shots to scare away evil spirits. Use the remaining on 1 January sparklers - they also help you quickly find the festive mood, as a large-scale fireworks.

What kind of gifts to give

The most common gift for the New Year - a red envelope. It invested the money, and the red color of the packaging symbolizes the incredible luck. You can prepare a number of symbolic bills or invest in envelopes sincere wishes for loved ones that their year was as successful as yours.

What not to do

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Despite the fact that the Chinese people are becoming less superstitious people still think that's how you start the year - will affect how it will be, so that the Spring Festival - the main season superstitions.

At this time it is believed that everything we take in hand, and what we say - gives us a positive or negative properties. On the eve of the New Year should avoid going to the hospital, tears, broken objects - all this will be a bad sign. It is important to follow and for those which words you say when you give gifts, and are not recommended sweeping - so you can sweep all the luck.

Taken into account even the shape of objects - for example, even in the gifts you should avoid sharp corners, and packaging them in a soft, rounded packages.

What you need to have

How to celebrate the Chinese New Year

The food in the Chinese New Year also has a symbolic meaning, for example, the main course becomes a "fish", because in Chinese it is consonant with the word "prosperity". Fish, dumplings, rice cakes Dumpling and eat throughout the 16-day holiday season and always on the eve of the New Year. You can prepare meals with seafood or even order sushi - if your family enjoy dinner, you can be sure that the lunar year you started right.

And you celebrate Chinese New Year?