What movie to see in Old New Year

New Year according to the Julian calendar, celebrated in the night from 13 to 14 January. However, Russia began to celebrate the New Year January 1, 1700 by decree of Peter I. In 1918 he introduced the Gregorian calendar and the New Year has become a celebration of the Old New Year in Russia.

Since the New Year - this is the main holiday of the year only for the post-Soviet countries, we wondered how it is celebrated, for example, in the US or Europe. So we offer you several options for fine films with a Christmas theme, when the New Year is not so important.

What movie to see in Old New Year

"Four Rooms" (1995)

Anthology of four directors - Allison Anders, Alexander Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Four episodes of the Four Masters tell us about visitors to the hotel receptionist and resourceful by Tim Roth. The receptionist on duty in the best New Year's Eve, and eventually visits the Sabbath, it draws in a perverse game married couple, almost maddening two children, but he chops off his finger to the client and to break the bank.

"Ghostbusters - 2" (1989)

After the events of the first film took five years. Ghostbusters have forgotten. The "Metropolitan" museum in New York brought the restoration of the mysterious portrait of the ancient Moldovan ruler Vigo. And here begins the really strange things, and all because of the spirit of Vigo, which is moved into the portrait, wants to be reborn in the New Year.

"Old New Year" (1980)

Without this, the film did not do. Two families on the eve of the Old New Year's experience argument. The representatives of the working class Sebeykinyh head Peter family is disappointed in what he has done for the family. We intellectuals Poluorlovyh head of the family, too, Peter, disappointed in life in general. In the company of men in the bath, they are philosophical conversation about the meaning of life.

"200 Cigarettes" (1999)

In 1981, young people celebrated the New Year in style and brilliance. In the film, several scenes, one follows from the other. The film is more like a spiritual conversation at table with tales and anecdotes. The plot is tied around a Christmas party at which each of the characters trying to get there.

"Sunset Boulevard" (1950)

Billy Wilder - master of comedy, and in the case of "Sunset Boulevard" you laugh too. But the film is tragic, he talks about the forgotten stars of Hollywood, when the talkies. The heroine Gloria Swanson Norma Desmond - last film star and star of the silent screen. But now she lives alone in a huge mansion, communicates only with the butler Max. So far in her life she does not appear, and the poor young screenwriter Joe Gillis. They even celebrate the New Year together, but Norma Desmond does not understand that her time has passed without a trace.

"Studio 54" (1998)

Once the club "Studio 54" was a legendary place. There hung Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and other cool guys. Stocks of drugs and alcohol there were inexhaustible, and to work as a waiter in the "Studio 54" was prestigious and cool. The film tells the story of one of the waiters, who thought he was in heaven, but in reality, as usual, the drama.

"The Gold Rush" (1925)

The Adventures of Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp in the image of the gold mines in Alaska. As always, the romantic Little Tramp seeks to great dream. On the way he meets suffering, which always entails a. Let the New Year's sad little tramp was not discouraged, and shares his light with the other characters and the audience.

"Radio Days" (1987)

Like all the films of Woody Allen, this tape is autobiographical. But in this case the master of comedy spectator suffered in 1930-40's, when the radio went to the masses. Yet there was no TV, no internet, and the director of the shares, as the radio influenced his life. These are the days when radio was the main attraction in the New Year, when the radio hosts became stars, and life seemed carefree.

"Old New Year" (2011)

Anthology of New Year stories about New Yorkers. Neither star cast nor heartbreaking romantic stories did not save the film from a huge number of "worst" nominations. Well, that is necessary to look, if you're sitting alone at the fallen tree with rotten tangerines and weep.