Records: what our body is able to

• Records: on our body that is capable of

The human body - a surprisingly fragile thing. We are able to damage it every detail, even a nasty fall in the bathroom can turn you into an invalid for life. But, at the same time, the person is able to withstand really unexpected load.

Records: what our body is able to

Moreover, in the world there are brave men, ready to risk themselves, only to find out the limits of his own body strength. Here are five examples of incredible superhuman endurance, which are capable people.

No Sleep

Duration: 11 days

In 1965, a seventeen year old Randy Gardner set a world record by staying awake for 264, 4:00. This is as much as 11 days and 24 minutes. Repeat his experience, we do not recommend to anyone: sleep is necessary for our memory, the correct functioning of the brain and adequate response to environmental events.

Records: what our body is able to

Without air

Duration: 22 minutes

Danish free-diver Stig Severinsen went on an incredible record, held under water for twenty-two minutes. This of course sounds incredible, because the human brain die within four minutes without oxygen. Severinsen cheated death, breathing pure oxygen for 19 minutes before the swim. Every cell in the body diver was so saturated with oxygen, he could hold out for such a long time.

Records: what our body is able to

without food and water

Duration: 18 days

In 1979, the 18-year-old gangster Andreas Mihavech was forgotten in the basement of a prison cell. Nearly three weeks later remembered about him - Andreas took fifteen days to recover. It is not necessary to repeat these experiments at home: water nourishes our body, lubricates joints and regulates its temperature.

Records: what our body is able to

Without gravity,

Length: 437, 7 days

Float in space - a fun activity. At least, those it looks the part. Valery Polyakov, Russian cosmonauts had to spend without gravity as much as 437, 7 days, which is an absolute record. Why is that bad? Because our body was designed to function under the influence of Earth's gravity. Without it, the muscles very quickly lose and weight and power.

Records: what our body is able to

Without sunlight

Term: Years

In 2004, the Czech Zdenek magician Záhradky set a world record, having spent in the grave a full 10 days - with a tube for breathing, but without food and water. But the record for the stay without the sun has set, though, is not it. In 2012, Russian law enforcement agencies have found cult living under the ground, located in the Republic of Tatarstan. Many children do not see the sun never cult members. Meanwhile, sunlight is a major source of vitamin D, which helps the body to absorb calcium.