Arm wrestling: exercise at home

What you can do at home in order to achieve success in this sport like arm wrestling? Workout at home will make it, but how to build them? What kinds of struggle exist in the form of the sport of arm wrestling? Workout at home to develop their abilities will be the topic of this article.

Arm wrestling: Top

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

This combat requires a trained athlete pronator. Here, as in many other cases, there are nuances that are involved in many do not consider. Although it is still to be done.

A lot of athletes think that the top is none other than the stretch and pronator. At this their thinking and end. They believe that the fingers is not pressed. In fact, the little finger with the ring finger helps athletes rotate the brush. Thus, a rotational axis.

Otherwise, the gripper can be disassembled. Also not ruled out option (if this nuance is not taken into account), when the opponent has more tenacious fingers, can easily win at the expense of what will break the leads.

The attack on the fingers

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

The attack on the fingers must be rotated brush enemy using the ring finger and little finger. If an attack is made on the abduction, just need to use the index and middle finger to a greater extent.

What is characteristic and important for the riding of attack?

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

is a stretch at the start to attack riding very important. That is, an athlete, pulling, strives to come up with the thumb of his opponent. In this case, the brush must be taken as high as possible in order to ease the implementation of this task. Generally, such tricks is rich in arm wrestling. Training top help the athlete trained to a sufficient level. As a result of an opponent's hand is extended, the athlete will receive a benefit that can be easily used to attack through abduction. Perhaps at the start of the enemy was able to reach the pole position, if he also has resorted to the attack on horseback. In such a case it is possible to try to perform a gripping gap and pronation. Thus, there is the likelihood of knocking diversion from the opponent. If an athlete has decided to fight on horseback, when he has to go on the thumb to be able to intercept the enemy lightning brushes. The trajectory of this should take the form of "thumb - shoulder". Concludes stage will be flexing the hand and squeezing the fingers to the side. Arm wrestling, training top which enable to develop strength, is the sport where is also important performance technique and not brute force.

If the struggle is in the straps, there fingers largely lose their role. Capturing becomes stronger, it is simply impossible not to notice or feel. There are times when your opponent on their data is larger. In this situation, it has a certain advantage, allowing it to quickly and effectively knock the brush. However, the movement is still possible to stop, and then you can connect to the point lead with pronation.

stretch. Arm wrestling: home workout

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

Train stretch in armwrestling - quite an important component, since this process is very, very closely related to a term such as "fight on horseback." Very often athletes perform stretch from the very beginning, as soon as he is set to grip. The task at this stage is to destabilize the hands of his opponent, which is performed staging of his hand and the implementation of a certain tension.

This allows you to lock the fingers of the enemy, to deprive him of the possibility to bend the brush as soon as the match begins. Also with the help of a stretch supiniruet blocked traffic. The most common type of this kind of course is a stretch "themselves." At the same brush in a completely assigned to the position. A similar trend was created and worked out for certain cases. The most effective is the use of a stretch "themselves" in the case, if the opponent - verkhovik.

The athlete will certainly try to draw the opponent's hand closer. The angle at the elbow will remain unchanged. The pressure in any case be carried out on the fingers. His most intense part should fall on two fingers: index and middle.

Arm wrestling, arm exercise which allows the athlete to be more prepared for a fight, has a number of nuances. Now it should be noted that there is a direct relationship between the most successful fight top method, and the value established lever. If your opponent - verkhovik, the best thing would be to take as high as possible. And this applies not only to the formulation of initial capture, but the whole course of the struggle.

A more favorable position you can always get by trying to move the brush closer. This move is not a secret, it is used by some athletes freely. As mentioned earlier, such a move can be practiced not only in setting the capture, but also directly during the match.

It is possible to avoid situations where confront each other will verkhovik sportsman and athlete-hook. In this case it is advisable different following action: locking suppiniruyuschego opponent's movement. In this case the brush must be set so as to fold the brush rests against the opponent's little finger (as well as the ring finger) are more densely as possible.

Be sure that the maximum retraction of the brush to make the opponent in such a position will not be able. But for such things and brush provided training in armwrestling. Stretch "on", it turns out, will allow the athlete to block plans opponent twisting motion. The operating angle opponent will also be significantly extended.

The distal phalanx of

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

More than once it has been observed that coaches, as well as some athletes, noted the importance of emphasizing the tension by so-called distal phalanges. What's the big deal? The thing is that the focus of this kind directly affects the weakest point. This is done to a greater extent due to the fact that the lever has a great arm.

Training for armwrestling house includes a number of exercises that are in some way connected with this. It is really a situation where you need to counter the opponent, aspiring to win the match due to the attack "on the side". In this case, the only way that will not lose a round, a lock ring and middle fingers of the enemy at the expense of all the same stretch.

Only in this way can reduce the effectiveness of the pressure side at times, to suppress a twisting movement of the wrist. A very important point during the stretch is to use the power advantage. This can be done directly by acting on previously identified weak point of your opponent. The aim (and the result) of this becomes elimination of an opponent in an extremely disadvantageous position for himself. In general, we can say that stretch also depends on what kind of weak and strong points has an opponent.

Tensioning requires the athlete perform one more point: synchronization elbow position. On the arm of the elbow, precisely because of these reasons, there will be static. You must perform a movement corresponding to that which the force vector is applied at the moment.

But the main thing - do not just perform the movement, and perform it to the best. That is, even while operating angle should not increase substantially. If this occurs, the athlete at risk in times of losing their power. And it's not very much, and good for him.

Why is a stretch?

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

In the control method of the "top" stretch is very important because it allows the enemy to shift his position at a disadvantage, to work on the weak opponent places. That is often itself a stretch with such a struggle is becoming the decisive factor that would bring victory to one of the opposing athlete.

Arm wrestling: training for beginners

Arm wrestling: exercise at home

What can be used for training in this area? Especially if you are just a beginner athlete?

To do this, you can buy a special table for arm wrestling. But this is only if you will, with whom to train. Just for the beauty of it is clearly not worth taking if you are in one.


It is very important to pay attention to at first not so much the duration and intensity of training, as their quality. As in many sports, arm wrestling newcomers do not even invited and strongly encouraged to develop the technique of basic exercises. The only way to build not just a force, and the force directed in the right direction. All puzzles are made up of small details, and arm wrestling is no exception in this regard.