Powerlifting: regulations, the basic nuances

What is this mysterious sport? Powerlifting is called weightlifting, and in recent years is gaining popularity among athletes. During the competition in this sport it is necessary to perform three exercises (hence the name of power triathlon). Let's look at what is being offered to athletes perform:

  • Squats situated on top of the blades.
  • Press of rod lying down (exercise is performed on a special bench).
  • traction.

The basic requirements for the exercises in powerlifting

As in any sport, there are certain requirements for the exercises. Exercise equipment is very important and it does not pay as much attention as in the standards of powerlifting. For example, if the exercise was carried out without the referee team, it does not count in the result. Also, in any case should not be allowed a double movement during exercise.

Powerlifting: regulations, the basic nuances

to exercise the implementation requirements squats

Judges take into account not only the amount of exercise, but also their quality. During squats always look at the depth of the squat (exercise is executed correctly if the hip is below the knee). If during the execution of the discharge standard in powerlifting athlete drops the barbell, it will be sentenced to deprivation of points.

It should be remembered that no action athlete performing the exercise squats should not be performed before the judges come from the team. In carrying out this exercise, an athlete may, in its sole discretion to choose the width of leg placement. There is also need to take into account your weight, the weight of the projectile and its regulations in powerlifting without equipment. Each movement must be accurate and consistent.

Powerlifting: regulations, the basic nuances

How to do the exercises on the press

Performing exercises on the press also has its own nuances. As in the exercise with a squat, every action is preceded by a team judge "start". This command means that the athlete must lower the bar so that she touched his body. The "bench" for the fulfillment of standards in powerlifting means that the athlete presses the bar to straight arms. At the command "rack" it is necessary to replace the bar. If during the exercise bar is pressed into the chest or abdomen athlete if the rod feed is not on straight arms, and in the down position, the exercise is failed.

In addition, performing the HIC standards in powerlifting in the exercise on the press, the athlete should avoid changing the position of the feet. Also, the exercise will not be counted if in the process of implementation of the athlete lifts the head, buttocks and shoulder blades from the surface of the bench. The only thing that does not pay attention to the judge in this exercise, because it is the width of the grip, but the position of the athlete interested in his fingers, as do the exercises on the press, using the open hand grip - is prohibited.

Powerlifting: regulations, the basic nuances

Performing exercises traction

Exercises drawn, in accordance with the regulations of powerlifting, can be performed in two ways: "sumo" and classic. At some width to put your feet at runtime, as well as the width of the grip of the bar, the athlete can decide on their own, depending on how convenient it from its weight and shell weight. During the exercise of thrust athletes are prohibited to maintain post hips or use special straps. In identifying these violations will be punished athlete scores.

Powerlifting: regulations, the basic nuances

In order to CCM guidelines Powerlifting been met, you must fulfill all the requirements the judge. If during exercise the shoulders of an athlete does not extend beyond the plane of the neck, it is considered that it is not correctly performed, with the result that the results do not count. Allowed movement of the bar down at the time, as an athlete removes his shoulders back, it will not be calculated as a double movement. In the exercise of thrust to power lifting standards have been met, need to raise the bar without a team, but lower it to the platform without the referee's permission is prohibited. This is considered a violation of the rules.


Keep in mind that is always comparing performance of participants the same weight class. Valued participant after it fulfills all three exercises (figures are added, and their sum is the result). Victory goes to the one whose rate is higher if the figures are the same, the winner is the competitor whose mass is less.