Vasily Koshechkin - an outstanding goalkeeper

Vasily Koshechkin is one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the KHL. Many clubs wanted to get this shot. Basil has a great experience of playing for the club and for the national team. The goalkeeper thanks to its robust game won numerous clubs and personal honors.

Early career

Vasily Koshechkin born March 27, 1983 in the city of Togliatti. In this small town on the Volga hockey enjoys a great love. Tolyatti Sports School has always been famous for its talented pupils. The hockey school "Harmony" comes a large number of children to learn hockey skills. Koshechkin lucky, because it was the first coach Nikolay Nikolaev. This specialist has opened the world a lot of talent. Koshechkin since childhood have a high growth, which undoubtedly influenced his style of play.

Vasily Koshechkin - an outstanding goalkeeper

Professional performances

After finishing the local hockey school, Vasily Koshechkin continued his career at the club "Olympia" of Kirovo-Chepetsk. And in the next year he moved to the goalie Almetyevsk "Oilman". Koshechkin had to play a few seasons in the Major Hockey League. He needed to gain experience and fix bugs in the game. In 2002, a draft of the goalkeeper to the club chose "Tampa Bay Lightning".

Vasily Koshechkin - an outstanding goalkeeper

A career in the Super League

Vasily Koshechkin after appearances in the Majors returned to his homeland and became the main goalkeeper tolyatinskogo club "Lada". At home, he played 5 years. During this time Koshechkin has become one of the most demand goalies Russian hockey championship. He was offered a good contract "Ak Bars" and Koshechkin immediately took the decision to move to a new club. However, the main goalkeeper Kazan, Vasily did not. In just a few games conducted at the goalkeeper was bad statistics. "Ak Bars" tore up the contract with Basil, and he returned to his native "Lada". In the 2009-2010 season Koshechkin moved to Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist".

Vasily Koshechkin - an outstanding goalkeeper

Go to the club "Severstal" and return to Magnitogorsk

Vasily Koshechkin, hockey player now with the experience, after a successful performance in Magnitogorsk decided to pursue a career at "Severstal" from Cherepovets. Basil in "Severstal" has a high coefficient of reliability. Fans in a vote called Koshechkina the best goalkeeper in the club's history. The management team has decided to extend his contract until 2013. After the end of the contract the goalkeeper returned to "Metallurg". The contract was signed for 4 years. During this time, Vasili Koshechkin became a double winner of the Gagarin Cup.

International career

Koshechkin often summoned to the national team to participate in the world championships. In total, the goalkeeper has played in five world championships. He is in the national team became the winner of this tournament, once won the silver and bronze. In addition to the World Cup, Koshechkin played for in the Euro Hockey Tour. To play at the Olympic Games this goalkeeper has never failed.


Vasily Koshechkin - hockey player, whose photos can often be found at the cheerleaders. He has long and happily married. And his wife met in Togliatti. She works as an editor in a local magazine. The couple has three children. Most of his free time Koshechkin spends with his wife and children. The couple always find an opportunity to see each other.

At the moment, Vasili Koshechkin protects the gates of the Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist". Its robust game allows this club to achieve high results. Famous Russian goalkeeper, despite their age, are not going to finish his hockey career. For the great victory of Basil he received the title of Honored Master of Sports and President of gratitude.