Wojciech Kowalewski - in the past Poland goalkeeper

Wojciech Kowalewski - Polish professional footballer who played in his career in a variety of championships. The goalkeeper for a long time to play for Poland at the prestigious international tournaments.

The first steps in the sport

Wojciech Kowalewski was born May 11, 1977 in the city of Bialystok. At the age of 10 years each brought him to a local children's football school. The guys there were older Wojciech for 2 years, so it was very difficult to get into the team. Coach Kowalewski put the gate as he was tall. On the other positions that player will no longer performed. Wojciech Kowalewski graduated from school at one five. With these results it is easily entered the Faculty of Economics. But he chose to study the sport, as it he had great promise. In 1998 the club "Legia" has offered a contract to this the goalkeeper, and he moved to Warsaw.

Wojciech Kowalewski - in the past Poland goalkeeper

career Start

In the club "Legia" Wojciech Kowalewski was considered very promising goalkeeper. But because of the strong competition that the goalkeeper for a long time did not manifest itself. After sitting on the bench for 3 years, he has been rented club "discus thrower". There he spent 15 games, and then returned to the "Lehi". At this time, Wojciech Kowalewski has been the main goalkeeper. At the same time the Polish club Kowalewski won the championship in Poland. In addition, the club "Legia" in 2002 won the national cup. At the end of the season this goalkeeper has acquired Ukrainian club "Shakhtar". It was at this club Kowalewski became known in Europe. Playing for the "Miner", he became the champion of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Cup holder.

Wojciech Kowalewski - in the past Poland goalkeeper

Moving to Russia

Since the 2003-2004 season Wojciech Kowalewski (goalkeeper) began performing in the Moscow "Spartak". He knew the Russian language as much as 5 years studied it in school. And then, in the Ukraine, he brought it to perfection. Wojciech immediately became a major player in the club. This Polish footballer immediately began to be popular among fans of the Moscow team. In 2004 he took part in the All-Star Game Legionnaires Russia. Along with "Spartacus" Voltseh goalkeeper twice in a row became the prize-winner of the championship of Russia on football. All this greatly affected the morale of the players, who have sought to gold medals. Nevertheless, the 2nd place in the championship gave the chance to play in the European Cups. Also club "Spartak", a part of which was Kowalewski, became the prize-winner of the Russian Cup and Russian Super Cup finalist twice. For his outstanding performances this goalkeeper has been twice honored by the fans of "The Golden Boar."

Wojciech Kowalewski - in the past Poland goalkeeper

Continued career

In "Spartacus" Wojciech Kowalewski played until 2007, and after he returned to his native country to play for the club "Korona". However, having played 10 games, he left to continue his career in Greece. In the club "Iraklis" the goalkeeper play the game until January 2010. This club has terminated the contract with Kowalewski, and he returned to Russia. For the club "Siberia" Wojciech played at a high level. Together with this team, he again took part in the final of the Cup of Russia. His team again in a bitter struggle defeated. At the conclusion of the season the Russian club put him on the transfer list. In 2011, Wojciech Kowalewski played for the team, "Anorthosis". February 29, 2012, this goalkeeper has announced the completion of his boxing career. June 15 next year Kowalewski held a farewell match in his homeland. Voltseh in his career became the winner of the Polish and Ukrainian football regular season. In Russia, Wojciech was close to victory, but in the final he was waiting for a defeat.

Wojciech Kowalewski - in the past Poland goalkeeper

International career

Wojciech Kowalewski has long been called to the national team of his country. For the international team, he played 11 matches. Poland national football team goalkeeper During this prize is not won medals.

Personal life athlete

Wojciech Kowalewski happily married. Wife with her husband used to travel around Europe. It is engaged in the house and fully supports her husband in the difficult moments. By creation of a second half of the environmentalist.

Wojciech Kowalewski, whose biography has developed very successfully built a long football career. Despite all the difficulties that await him many times he won the medal of the European football championships. Polish football team with respect for its past the goalkeeper. Kowalewski is regularly invited to participate in a charity match.