Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

Vladislav Tretiak, whose biography is described in this article - the legend of Russian hockey. It is the goalkeeper who was able to repel the attack almost any opponent. As a result, the team for which he played Tretiak, always received the highest scores. Only in the national team of the USSR Vladislav helped the team win the gold 24 times in various championships and Olympic Games. No less high-profile victories were in CSKA. Thanks to his talent sportsman became a living legend of hockey in the Soviet era.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player


Vladislav Tretiak was born on 25.04.1952, at the Moscow region, in the village of Orudevo. Family Vladislav Tretiak was inextricably linked with the sport. The boy's father, Alexander Zhukov, was a pilot, a retired major. He devoted much time to the sport. Mother of the future champion, Vera, was a physical education teacher at the school until his retirement. In his youth, he played in the women's team at the Moscow championship in hockey. Parents Vladislav died in 2004

Tretiak Jr. from childhood grew up active child. I dabbled in different kinds of sports: acrobatics, diving, swimming and gymnastics. But most of all he drew hockey. Vladislav Tretyak, taking a cue from his older brother, is interested in sports. Parents are welcomed hobbies sons and weekends often went with the whole family to the rink in the park to them. Gorky.

During the summer holidays Vlad five years in a row went to pioneer camps. There, he spent most of the time devoted to sport. I loved volleyball, ping-pong and soccer. But most of all the boy attracted skis and skates. Although he always tried to be the first in any sports arena.

Passion for hockey

Vladislav Tretiak became interested in ice hockey in 11 years. Then Vera's son recorded in Moscow Children and Youth CSKA hockey school, which was located on Leningradsky Prospekt. Vladislav had to qualify, during which it was important to be able to skate backwards and beat the puck. Tretiak these techniques mastered well and was enrolled in the Youth.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

The Youth Club: birth goalkeeper

The first time Vladislav played as a striker. I trained three times a week. More than a month had dreamed about being a hockey uniform. But all athletes then it was not enough. Vlad was lucky that no one wanted to stand at the gate. Then a clever boy asked his coach to transfer to a new position. So Tretiak became a goalkeeper and at the same time received a coveted form.

Young hockey player's father was unhappy with their son's choice, often compared him to a janitor with a broom. But Alexander Dmitrievich changed his mind as soon as the child began to participate in the competition and bring home money earned in the game. Even then, among other juniors stood out Vladislav Tretiak. How old was he at the time? Then the young hockey player was only 15 years old.

CSKA adult category

Popularity talented goalkeeper has grown every year. Spectators noted his open smile and friendliness. Vladislav Tretiak never refused to fans in an autograph. Coaches also noted the professionalism with which sometimes inexplicably Vladislav caught the puck.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

In 1967, he became interested in Anatoly Tarasov, coach of CSKA. Vladislav started training with the pros, but after a while was forced for a time to come back in the juniors. During this period, Tretiak managed to become the champion of Moscow and was named the best goalkeeper.

Season 1968/1969 was the best for Vladislav. He played in the CSKA team against the "Spartacus." In 1969 took place the very first trial game Tretiak in the Soviet national team. She played against a team from Finland. Hockey players fought for from the "Izvestia" newspaper prize.

In 1970 he was officially appointed a member of the USSR national team. In the same year, hockey has become a world champion. Since 1971, Tretiak - the main goalkeeper. In 1971, Vladislav the second time won the title of world champion. The following year he became the youngest winner of an Olympic hockey player, conceding the fewest goals. In 1972, at the World Cup he won silver in Supersessii-72 team lost to the Soviet Union. Despite this, Vladislav Tretiak said those matches one of the best in his career. In 1974, the goalkeeper played against the WHA, and the Soviet team won. One of the most memorable matches took place in 1975 against the club "Montreal Canadiens". Many players, coaches and fans celebrated a great game Tretiak. This match is among the best in the list Vladislav games.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

End of a hockey player's career

His career was bright and short, but during this period the Russian goalkeeper, playing for the USSR national team, got 10 gold medals at world and European championships. Even the first three places - at the Olympic Games and the highest medal at the Canada Cup. For fifteen years, the famous goalkeeper was the first goalkeeper of the country.

For professionals play an athlete did not have time. Retired hockey player Vladislav Tretyak (picture shot there in this article) in December 1984. In that year he took the ice for the last time. Tretiak more preferred more time to the family, who had seen him on television more often than in person.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

Life after sports

First, Vladislav became the coach. From 1984 to 1986 he worked in the international department of CSKA Moscow. Then he was promoted to deputy chief of sports and later received the deputy mandate of the Moscow Soviet. In 1990-ies. I worked in a large Canadian company. He coached goalkeepers "Chicago Blackhawks".

Through the work of Tretiak with E. Belfort goalkeeper he won the Vezina Trophy. In 1998, Tretiak was the founder of the sports academy, named after him. The Fund assisted a beginner hockey players. In 2000, Vladislav became a member of the Presidential Council for Physical Culture and Sport of the Russian Federation. It was in the coaching staff of the Russian team that won the silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games in Nagano and Salt Lake City.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

Prepared goalkeepers for the 2004 World Cup. Since April 2006 Tretiak became the fifth president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, and from July 2010 - member of the Patriarchal Council for Culture. Vladislav is the Board of Trustees of the International hockey tournament. In 2014, at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi Olympic torch lit with Irina Rodnina. Vladislav Tretyak is a member of the board of trustees of the Moscow English club.

Life legendary goalkeeper

He married the famous goalkeeper in 1972 to Tatyana Evgenievna. It until his retirement worked as a teacher of literature and Russian language. A year later, the couple had a son, whom they named Dmitry. In 1976 he was born the daughter Irina. Children chosen every journey of life, far from the sport.

Vladislav Tretiak: Biography of a hockey player

Dmitry became a dentist, and his sister - a lawyer. But the grandson Tretiak, Maxim, following in the footsteps of his famous grandfather. Boy started playing hockey in "Silver Shark", and in 2011 became the chief keeper of CSKA.