Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

Many people are thinking about buying night vision device. Especially strong this question bothers hunters, fishermen and those who prefer as a holiday destination is actively spending time in the later hours of the day. Flashlight for this type of entertainment is not suitable, since it is not always convenient. In addition, animals are often frightened simply lighting. This is not only a great game, but also fish.

In the Russian market there are a large number of interesting options. Sold as a unit of domestic brands and foreign. Many make a clear choice in favor of foreign devices. In this article we consider the PNV-57e, which was made in Soviet times. This means that it is made soundly. In the market of the device appeared thanks to the military-industrial complex. The review will be made based on feedback from everyday people and professionals, it allows each person to understand what kind of instrument in question.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

How it works

Every person who is planning to buy a device of this type, wants to understand how it works and what are its principles. The device described in the article is in the form of the helmet. It must be worn on the head. Radiation night vision device does not radiate, so do not be afraid of such risks.

This device works by optical laws of physics. In fact it is necessary to reinforce many times the infrared and ultraviolet rays. This is what allows you to see everything that happens at night. Specially installed converters capture all the light that is reflected from the lens, and pass it on to the photocathode. Due to the last component of the image is transferred to a luminescent screen type. It should be noted that the photocathode is made up of high-quality matrix. This device is a bit similar to what is used in cameras. The screen many times increases the brightness of the image. This happens due to the constant motion of small particles.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

Ease the technology

On the market there are a large number of international instruments. Most of them are made in the form of a monocular. Their appearance reminiscent of a telescopic sight. Devices made in this design, just in order to be able to mount them on a rifle. Allowed to be used as a telescope, if necessary. PNV-57e, the characteristics of which will be discussed below, is different from their counterparts by a significant increase of light, so it is in most cases can be used without the backlight.

The construction of

Apparatus PNV-57e, the instruction to which is supplied, has a small value (10 thousand. Rubles) and a binocular. That is, the user can see through it with two eyes. All this happens in real time. Buyers in a review, noted that it is the most convenient solution. Moreover, it is possible to change the tactical and technical data of the device due to small manipulation.

Military equipment is always characterized by high functionality and long service life. Cunning devices and expansion cards in this case are not used, as the most simple solution is to create a standard constructor: wire, metal construction, and optical devices.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

Disadvantages PNV-57e

Any device that has a military purpose, as it may be, has a lot of shortcomings. They drew attention to a large number of owners. The first thing to note the weight of the device. Due to the fact that the metal structure, it is a great burden on his head. In its review, the hunters often write that during the process need to have not only excellent nerves, but also the strong muscles of the cervical spine.

If you want to see what is twenty meters or more from the device, then nothing happens. The image quality and detail as the distance is only getting worse. The effect of fish-eye, too, has not noted as an advantage. Because of him, the resulting picture is distorted. At a distance of five meters you will notice a strong problem with the sharpness.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

The performance characteristics of

How to connect the PNV-57e? This can be found in the instructions. It is best to consider all the technical characteristics which the manufacturer offers. Field of view of this device is about 35 degrees. This advantage is quite serious, especially when compared to monocular devices of this type.

Unfortunately, not pleased that the optics have a small increase. It is not beyond the figure 1, 2 multiplicity. Eyepieces got diopter adjustment that can help the user to adjust the sharpness of the image. This option is suitable for those who complain of poor vision and can not use special medical lens. Focal length very small - 37 mm. Embedded in device 9 lenses. Due to the fact that the optical axis has a floating connection (such a structure is used in ordinary binoculars), this device can use every person, regardless of age and experience.

If we talk about the power consumption, the greater part of it used solar cells and a phosphor screen. Voltage - 30 V. Switching on the 24 and 12 is carried out automatically. The maximum loading capacity of the device does not exceed the figure 6 watts. Power PNV-57e is provided by batteries.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction


Unfortunately, only foreign manufacturers are used to inform its customers of the fact that the manufactured device is protected from any factors: dust, water and so on. PNV-57e has a rather interesting defensive characteristics, which the manufacturer has not informed.

According to its users, who have long been working with this device, it has received protection from dust. When used more than 100 hours in the analysis device within neither dust nor mud was found. It is available in small quantities only where there is grease moving parts. Protection against moisture is also present. People who buy the product, note that neither snow nor rain will not affect the operation of the device. The closure does not occur, even if more than 10 minutes in the water with reduced salt levels.

There is also an anti-shock protection. Of course, if the tank to move it, it will in any case be deformed, but after falling from a 9-storey building unit will refuse to work. Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction

Recommendations hunters

Like any other optical instruments for military use, PNV-57e, which mostly positive reviews, was not made for hunting or other similar activities. That is why to see an object in the far distance will be difficult. Problems with details immediately make themselves felt. Moreover, they are also at short distances (up to 5 meters). Some buyers assume that getting rid of this problem can be by reducing the focus, but then there is the related question of how to leave at the same level of detail over long distances. So to solve such nuances will not work, especially not in the hunting conditions.

There are other more interesting and valid method. It is necessary to move the lens at only one eyepiece, adjust the focus on the improvement in image 1-4 meters. The second eyepiece, it should be left as it is. At high speed through the forest of wild animals, this method will help to better navigate and saves time.

Working with scopes

It should be noted that the disclosed device is not designed for hunting in the dark. Therefore, at a great distance to see any object will be difficult, and look into the eyepiece even more. Because this idea should remain only in the mind. In practice, play it will not work.

With regard to the collimator, then a bunch of devices will appeal to many. If the optical device is capable of operating using the battery, and has a backlight fly, then center the PNV-57e with a collimator is not necessary. All that is needed - is to look into the device under relatively large angle and notice the point. If there is a laser guidance, the process is simplified greatly. These signs can be seen in the device is pretty good, so very easy to restore sight. Laser and collimator included should not be used. The fact that the problems begin with the building out. sight point will interfere as much increase in size.

closest competitors

After reading the description of the PNV-57e, many choose this device to work at night. But the price of many pushes, so buyers still prefer to pay attention to competitors. They do not differ in functionality, but clearly pleased with the cost.

Inexpensive device ZENIT NP-105 - a telescope. It is sold for 30 thousand. Rubles. He is going to the Krasnogorsk plant. The device is also able to zoom great, even the smallest objects. It weighs quite a bit - 1 kg. It should be noted that the PNV-57e has a weight of 2 to 3 kg. But on account of the convenience of the pipe is debatable. Run it through the woods with a rifle would be very problematic.

Belarusian binoculars Pulsar Edge GS 2.7 * 50 like a lot of buyers. It gives an excellent ability to see at night, as well as pleasing function approximation. But he is the same as the previous version, is designed to monitor.

Ukrainian "Promin PN-3" taken out of production, but due to the low price (2 thousand. Rubles) is in great demand. Outwardly, it looks like a film camera of the portable type. Functionality similar to the PNV-57e.


In practice, a night vision device is useful for many ordinary people. Now buy this product there is no difficulty, even if it comes to this military component. In order to use the device, do not have to obtain special documents. It is sold in retail stores. But just need to understand the specifics of the goods. He designed not to at night to make the pursuit of game, and to work with landing craft, tanks and armored personnel carriers. If the buyer it seems that this device is well suited for it in quality and ergonomics, it can safely buy it.

Night vision device NVD-57e: description, instruction


In general, all the buyers are satisfied with their choice. They are advised to buy a device every hunter and fisherman. See through it can be a lot of things, although there are problems with the detail and sharpness. General impressions of the device are positive.

Many people ask about how to remake the food PNV-57e of the battery on the battery, but the answer to it will not work. This process is quite risky and in 99% of cases can lead to device failure.