What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

Sport unites millions of people and the most different nations of our planet. To attach it as more people and even non-professional athletes, they were based sports competitions among students as possible. They were first held in 1924, but at that time did not receive due to the popularity and the war was suspended.


What is the Universiade, prestigious universities students learned of the desire of the French politician Jacques Petezhana motivate the nation to raise sporting generation, however, then the game called quite differently.

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

Under his leadership, the first in the history of the competition in the Polish capital have been carried out. After this Universiade held in several cities, but due to the military operations of the cycle was stopped.

Only after the Second World War games were resumed under the leadership of the Students' Union. In 1949, the International University Sports Federation was established, which took over the organizational work and engaged in carrying out of games today. Its headquarters are located in Brussels and the mainstream - is the promotion of sports.

The present name of the competition received at the official level only in 1957 with the motto "Science. Sport. Friendship. Peace".

gaining momentum

Prestigious sports event Universiade began only in 1959, when it was held by the World Federation of Democratic Youth and the International Union of Students.

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

The main purpose of sports, then, is the union of the peoples who were enemies during the Cold War. First at the time Summer Universiade was held in Turin. Subsequent events in winter sports held next year in France. It is these games marked the beginning of all the traditions of student competitions, which are supported so far. The main difference from the most prestigious sporting events is the fact that during the ceremony and announcement of the results of the Universiade student march sounds, rather than country-winner of the national anthem. The number of players is growing competition every year, as well as a list of sports included in the Games program.

What is the Universiade?

The name of the event received from the merger of the words "Olympic Games" and "university". To date, such an analogue of the Olympic Games is the second in prestige and importance in international sport. Games cycle calculated biennium. Just like at the Olympics, separate competitions are held in the summer and winter sports.

What is the Universiade for students? The first opportunity to travel outside of their country and to defend the honor of their country on the world sports arena, even without having any athletic skill. To participate in the Games is open to all university students, their post-graduate students and graduates under the age of 28 years.

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

The basic condition for the latter is that their release should be preceded by ongoing Universiade (the two previous issue).

Summer Sports

Summer Universiade today includes 13 varieties of mandatory events. Among them command: water polo, basketball, volleyball, soccer and martial arts:

  • Judo;
  • Fencing;
  • tennis court;
  • Gymnastics and art;
  • table tennis;
  • diving;
  • Athletics;
  • sailing.

Winter contest

Among the mandatory winter sports competitions data match play award in smaller list of games. So, among them:

  • speed skating and skiing;
  • curling;
  • cross-country skiing;
  • figure skating;
  • biathlon;
  • ice hockey;
  • short track.

If desired, the host country of the competition can make this list ancillary events, which shall have been approved by the FISU and meet all international requirements.

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

In the future, these types of sport may well fill up the mandatory list. For example volleyball at the Universiade it was originally represented only the men's team. Women's category appeared in games only in 1961.

The history of Russian Universiade

Our athletes have traditionally taken part in all competitions except the Universiade 1967. Honored to host the game in our country for the first time happened only in 1973. Then the Soviet Union hosted the summer events.

Modern Russia has been able to experience the what the Universiade, only in 2013, when Kazan hosted the second summer games. In the future, the reception already winter competitions Krasnoyarsk is preparing for the first time in history. The capital of Siberia agrees to meet the guests and participants of the Games in March 2019.

Achievements local athletes

The history of the Universiade of local athletes were able to bring the Soviet Union and Russia for the first position in the team event 14 times Summer Games. If we consider that such events generally held only 28 times in all the time, Russia is today the undisputed leader. In winter the Russian competitions also received a leading place in the medal standings similar amount of time.

Preparing for future competitions

Summer competition between students in 2017 completed and now you must diligently prepare for the next. Back in November 2013th the role of host the next Winter Universiade Krasnoyarsk was chosen. Take visitors to the city will be in March, when the region was still raging this winter. Perhaps that is why become a "real winter" the slogan of the future events, or "Welcome to the winter."

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

volume polyhedron representing a snowball and made in the colors of Russian flag was adopted as the logo of the games. The figure will also include five Olympic stars, symbolizing the five continents of our planet.

The capital of Siberia, plans to take on the competition to ten thousand visitors, among which will be at least 3 thousand athletes. In addition to the existing sports facilities in Krasnoyarsk, to meet all the requirements of an international organization plans to build 2 more ice palace.

The competition program will include all of the major sports, and we plan to make 2 extra. These include orienteering and freestyle.


The Universiade is a unique opportunity for students to feel the atmosphere of this great sport and show off their skills on the world stage. Such competitions provide an opportunity to make new acquaintances, charged atmosphere of sport and youth, learn from their own experience that such a competitive spirit!

All popular sports in which we are playing since childhood: football, hockey, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball - Universiade joined in the competition for young people. This children the opportunity to undergraduate and graduate students to participate in such large-scale events, without being professional athletes. All participants of the games in the future will not only show off their athletic achievements, but also to work for the benefit of their homeland on the main profession.

What is the Universiade? Sports at the Universiade

This is probably why the Universiade was so popular in Soviet times. Games were allowed young people to look beyond the "Iron Curtain" and make new acquaintances.

Today, the main purpose of the competition is to educate generations of sports, which would pay attention to their physical development, as the age of modern technology gradually transfers all our achievements in the digital world, leaving no place live communication.