Arkady Vyatchanin: a well-known Russian-American swimmer

The famous Russian sporsmen - Arkady Vjatchanin - in their 20s repeatedly became winners of various world championships and the Olympic Games, was a multiple champion of Europe. He managed to win so many awards, how many, and never dreamed of. By the way, he has already managed to get the title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia. However, at the end of 2009, he suffered a serious operation for a long time to recover, and therefore dropped his athletic performance. This became the basis of his conflict with the leadership of the National Federation of swimming, because of which the titled athlete even changed the Russian citizenship in the US.

Sports family

Arkady Abramovich Vjatchanin born in 1984, far from the world of sports centers. The birthplace of the boy has become a small village Tsementozavodskoy the Arctic Circle, located near Vorkuta.

Arkady Vyatchanin: a well-known Russian-American swimmer

Vjatchanin family is considered the real factory for the production of swimmers. Older sister Alla was also involved in swimming, was a master of sports of the USSR and Russia, engaged in coaching activities. It became the first coach of the future stars of world swimming.

Arkady Vyatchanin Mom - Irina Germanovna - professionally engaged in swimming, has become a great coach, and was awarded the title "Honored Coach of Russia" in 1998.

Father Arkady Fedorovich - nine-time champion of the RSFSR in swimming - arrived in Vorkuta already taken place trainer. He has trained several world-class athlete, but his personal pinnacle of coaching, of course, was his own son.

The first victory

At the age of eight years old swimmer Arkady Vyatchanin began to train in a group of his father, and immediately showed good results. The lanky gawky teenager promised to grow a great athlete, so tempting offers from different parts of the country did not take long.

Arkady Vyatchanin: a well-known Russian-American swimmer

In 1999, the Rostov region proposed the creation of a promising guy all conditions for training and Vjatchanin family members along with their joy left Vorkuta harsh for life in the southern region of the country. By this time, defined sports preferences northerner who acted backstroke.

In the national team Arkady Vyatchanin entered at the age of 16 years, and three years later he rushed headlong into the composition of the world's elite. At the World Championships in Barcelona, ​​an unknown swimmer from Russia won the silver in the 100 meters backstroke and the day before helped his team to take second place in the medley relay.

In 2004, a first in the biography Arkady Vyatchanin Olympics. Young athlete could not stand competition from the best swimmers of the world and could not get into the finals.

The triumphs and failures of

The next Olympic cycle turned out to be very successful for native Vorkuta. It is well acted at competitions FINA, winning many awards at world and European championships, and was good at the more prestigious competitions in the classic 50 meter pools.

Arkady Vyatchanin was a performance at the European Championship in 2006 is particularly impressive, where he won both his crown discipline in the 100 and 200 meters, and with a record of the continent, and also helped the team to win the medley relay.

The peak of the career of the charismatic swimmer became the Beijing Games in 2008, where Arkady became two-time Olympic medalist.

Arkady Vyatchanin: a well-known Russian-American swimmer

He took two bronze medals in individual disciplines, consistently finishiruya third in the 100 and 200 meters. In 2009, Arkady Vyatchanin was forced to interrupt their careers for a successful operation on the retina. After a long time he was recovering major surgery and gained the previous form.

Change the passport

In 2013, there was a serious conflict between Arkady Vyatchanin and the Federation of Russian navigation. The dispute has remained hidden from the general public, however, after recriminations and accusations all over the fact that the award-winning swimmer decided to abandon the performances under the Russian flag.

Arkady Vyatchanin: a well-known Russian-American swimmer

athlete decided to change the situation and chose for this Serbia, which gladly accepted the stellar swimmer and immediately issued his hands on the country's passport. However, FINA has banned him from participating in international competitions due to violations of the rules on change of sport nationality. Because of this, Arkady missed the Olympics in Rio, where expected to go in the new team.

After that, the athlete has focused on training in the United States, where he serves on the major national tournaments. Arkady Vyatchanin even managed to win the US Open, becoming the first in the 100 meters.

In August 2017 a famous swimmer became a US passport, has once again changed his sports citizenship.