Russian volleyball team: composition, records and achievements

Russian volleyball team is the successor of the Soviet volleyball team. The first official match was held in 1993 in Moscow. At the moment the team takes fifth place in the FIVB rankings. Current coach is a former Soviet volleyball player Sergey Shlyapnikov. 320 matches in the Russian team in volleyball held Sergey Tetyukhin. This figure is the best among all the players of the national team has ever defended its colors.

Russian volleyball team: composition, records and achievements

The current composition of

At the moment the team consists of thirteen volleyball. Three central strikers are Likhosherstov Vadim, who plays for the club "Torch", Dmitry Shcherbinin representing the Moscow "Dynamo", and volleyball player "Locomotive" Ilyas Kurkaev.

Two connecting players who were part of the Russian national team in volleyball in 2017 in the World League, were Sergei Antypkin, defended the colors of the Moscow "Dynamo" and the player "Ural" Dmitry Kovalev.

Also called the team's coaching staff three diagonal. They were Alexander Chefranov of volleyball club "Gazprom-Ugra" volleyball "Torch" Alexander Chimeri and representative "Belogoriya" Maksim Zhigalov.

Russian volleyball team: composition, records and achievements

On doigrovschikov positions as part of the Russian national team in volleyball in 2017 is Dmitry Volkov and Yegor Klyuka defending the colors of "Torch", as well as a volleyball player "Ural" Egor Feoktistov. On the role of libero coaching staff were called Roman Martynyuk from "Belogoriya" and Artem Zelenkov of volleyball club "Dinamo-LO".


Since the spring of 1993, when the Russian national team played its first game at the official level of the Soviet Union's collapse, the team participated in 653 matches. Rivals volleyball team started from 44 countries. Total national team won the match and lost 472 181 times. The first game of Russian athletes won the national team of the United States in three batches. Longest winning streak of 19 matches, and defeats - 12 games.


One of the well-known Russian sports media, along with the Volleyball Federation created two ratings: Club "200" and the club "2000". The first club entered volleyball team, which played more than two hundred games, and the second - the athletes who received more than two thousand points.

The Club "200" consists of eight athletes. The first line is Sergey Tetyukhin, defending the colors of the Russian national team in volleyball since 1996. He spent at the site 320 matches, 46 of which occurred in the Olympic Games, 21 duel - at the World Championships, 46 games - to the European championship, 147 meetings - at the World League. Tetyuhin also took part in 34 matches at the World Cup, 24 meetings of the selection to the Olympics, World Cup and European Championship, and played 2 matches in the Euroleague. Sergei is the only player on the volleyball team of Russia, which held more than 300 meetings.

Russian volleyball team: composition, records and achievements

On the second place Alexey Kazakov, who played 276 matches. He is a leader in the number of meetings held in the World League (152 games). With 254 games in the assets to a third line took Konstantin Ushakov.

The Club "2000" includes 6 volleyball. And in this ranking also takes the lead with Sergey Tetyukhin 3002 points in the asset. He - the only volleyball player, who collected more than 3,000 points. In second place, Dmitry Fomin with 2762 points. The third is Olihver Ruslan, who collected 1113 points and played 1342 filing. Fourth place at Maxim Mikhailov, who scored 2315 points. He is the only member of the Club "2000", which has a "0" in the "win back feed."


Debut Medal of the Russian volleyball team won in 1999, taking first place at the World Cup. Three years later the team won its second gold. At this time the Russians subdued World League. Also in 2002, they became the World Championship silver medalist. In 2005, Russian athletes won the Euroleague.

Russian volleyball team: composition, records and achievements

The next medal had to wait a long six years. Only in 2011, the Russian team was able to win a victory in the World League. Also volleyball players won the World Cup. In 2012, the Russians were able to achieve the main goal - they have won the Olympics. At the end of the London Olympics in Russia five games beat the national team of Brazil. After losing the first two sets, the Russian athletes were able to come together and win the next two games. In the decisive set, the Russians were stronger than the South Americans, defeating those with a score of 15: 9.

In 2013, the team was in first place at the European Championship, the World Cup, Champions League and the World. Since 2013, the Russians could not win a single medal.