Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends

Alexander Gomelsky - famous Russian basketball coach and functionary. He worked in several clubs and coached the national team of the Soviet Union. During his life, the legendary expert wrote a large number of works. One of the most famous works of Alexander Gomelsky - "The Bible of basketball." The book describes the entire system coach basketball drills and exercises.

Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends


Alexander Gomelsky was born in 1928 in the city of Kronstadt, in the Leningrad region. In 1945 he began teaching at the High School coaches. After 3 years, I received a diploma. In 1949, Alexander Yakovlevich entered the Military Institute of Physical Culture, where he studied until 1952. Then he took up coaching.

During his studies at the Higher School of Gomel he played as a defender in the basketball team "SKIF". In 1948, Alexander Y. began to defend the colors of "SKA".

Coaching career

Along with the performances of Leningrad "SKA" Gomelsky began his coaching career as a part of another club of Leningrad. The first basketball team Soviet specialist was "Spartacus" in which Alexander Yakovlevich worked for three years since 1949.

Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends

In 1953, he decided to change his residence and went to the capital of the Latvian SSR. In Riga Gomel was left without work. He took a local basketball club "SKA". In Riga, Alexander Yakovlevich worked for 13 years. Work in "SKA" Gomel allowed to declare itself as an excellent specialist. It is in the "SKA" basketball coach to win the first warriors domestic and European competitions. In 1961, Gomel was entrusted to the basketball team of the Soviet Union. He first combined the work in the team and Riga "SKA", and since 1966, the Gomel team began to combine with "CSKA". In these two positions the legendary Soviet basketball coach he worked until the end of his professional career. By the way, in the period from 1970 to 1976 he worked in the Gomel Soviet national team.

Achievements in clubs

In his first club, which was Leningrad "Spartacus" Alexander Y. failed to win a single trophy for three seasons as head coach. Since 1957, over the next three years Riga "SKA" under the direction of Gomel, for whom it was a second team in his career, was able to win three European Cup. These were the first trophies of the Soviet specialist.

Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends

has proven himself in Riga, Gomel was invited to the "CSKA". As head coach of the "army" for 22 years, he was able to win 16 times of the Soviet Union's Basketball Championship and the European Cup, which has become a specialist for the third of his career.

Medals in the USSR national team

In the national proceedings the coach were also very good. In his first year with the team Gomel managed to bring the Soviet Union to victory in the 1961 European Cup. Soviet basketball players won under the leadership of Alexander Gomelsky six European title. The first five champions team of the Soviet Union was able to win in 10 years, ie. E. In five tournaments. The last two gold medals at the European Championship Gomel dated 1979 and 1981. In 1977 and 1987 the Soviet basketball team under the leadership of the Gomel Stavan vice-champions of Europe, and in 1983 managed to win the bronze. In 1963 and 1970 the USSR team ranked third in the world championships. In 1978, Soviet athletes were able to win the silver. We were not spared and the gold medal of the world championships Gomel. In 1967 he managed to bring his basketball for the first victory in the World Cup. Second gold had to wait 15 years.

Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends

At the Olympics, Alexander Yakovlevich could also collect a complete set of medals. In 1964, his team lost in the final match and left with silver. 4 years later the Soviet basketball team won the match for third place, and with it, and bronze medals. Gold at the Olympics Gomel won in his last season - in 1988 in Seoul.


Biography Alexander Gomelsky has a large number of other awards, in addition to the medals of the Olympic Games, world and European championships and victories in competitions at club level.

For his services, "Dad", as they called the Gomel team players, has been awarded many awards, among which the following should be noted:

  1. Red Banner of Labor.
  2. Friendship of Peoples.
  3. Red Star.

In 1998, the specialist was awarded the Silver Olympic Order. In 2003 Gomel received the Order "For Merit" in Ukraine. Alexander Y. twice received "Badge of Honor".

Alexander Gomelsky: coaching career, awards, medals and personal life legends

In 1956 Alexander Y. received the title of Honored Coach of the USSR, and in 1982 - the Lithuanian SSR. Four times a specialist was named the best coach of the USSR. In 1995 Gomel became a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. In 2007, after his death, the name of Alexander Yakovlevich was included in the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame.


In Gomel there are siblings. Sister named Lydia and brother - Eugene. In 1997, our hero has been recognized by honored coach of the USSR.

During his life, Alexander Gomelsky was married three times. The first choice was a basketball player Olga Zhuravleva. In 1953 the couple had a son, Vladimir, who was a professional basketball player, and now is a well-known Russian commentator. Three years later, in a family of athletes he appeared her one son. He was named Alexander.

Second wife - Lily. She gave birth to a son, Cyril in 1975. At this time, Gomel was still married to Olga Zhuravleva.

Third wife of legendary coach called Tatiana. In 1997 they had a son Vitaly.

In August 2005, Alexander Gomelsky died in Moscow at the age of 77 years. The cause of death was leukemia.