10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

Incredible memory, the ability to run indefinitely, and to control their body temperature - superpowers, obtained as a result of injuries and evolution

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

For most people, the talent - is the ability to sing, dance and so on. But some people are able to more of this, and most of them can not even control themselves.

1. Orlando Serell

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

No matter how sad to have brain damage, there is a very small percentage of people who lived through it and get a new unusual ability. People who get special abilities after a head injury, diagnosed with acquired savant syndrome. Usually savants have astonishing mathematical ability, or may, for example, draw a very detailed Rome.

In 1979, Orlando Serell played baseball in elementary school, when a stray ball flew into his head. However, it did not bother him, and he continued to play. During the year Serell suffered from headaches that can last for hours. By the end of that year, he realized that he can do excellent calendar calculation, for example, he knew how much it was Mondays in 1980. Along with this incredible skill he could remember every detail of every day, both at Hyperthymesia. If Serella was not severe form of brain damage, but the head injury was.

Ordinary people often envy the skills of savants. The reason that savants have as good brain works is that they take everything literally and note details that we do not pay attention. That's why savants great difficulties arise during the various school tests: these tests are given broad issues that do not match narrowly focused way of thinking savants.

2. Tai Ngoc

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

Vietnamese farmer Ngoc Tai suffered a fever in 1973, which at first did not seem to him nothing unusual. But when the fever has passed, it occurred bad case of insomnia. In the hope that it will be held for a week, Ty did not give it much importance. At the moment, he had not slept for the past 40 years since that night, when suffered fever.

You can decide that after 12 000 nights without sleep, you will be dead, but after the medical examinations he found only minor problems with the liver. The only thing Ngoc complains that he has become a little irritable after more than 30 years without sleep. He tried countless home remedies, and even tried to drown in alcohol insomnia. But it seems that nothing has worked. So why is his insomnia lasts for so long?

One explanation may give such a phenomenon as micro. Microsleep occurs when part of your brain gets tired and decides to sleep for a few quick seconds. For most of us it happens when we get tired - our brain is temporarily switched off, and then starts to work again. A good example of microsleep - when the driver falls asleep at the wheel. That's why, probably, Ngoc does not sleep so long.

3. Most Tibetans

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

The Sherpas, the Nepalese nationality known fact that they are agents of the people on Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Nepalese Sherpas and most Tibetans have a feature that allows them to survive in the mountains at a height of about four kilometers above sea level. Just a few years ago, scientists had no idea how they do it. Now we know that 87% of Tibetans have a special gene that allows them to consume 40% less oxygen than ordinary people.

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

EPAS1 gene responsible for the ability of Tibetans to live at high altitudes for a long time. Most people who have risen to a height of three kilometers, rising hemoglobin. Hemoglobin - the substance in our blood, which contributes to the spread of oxygen through the body. EPAS1 gene prevents the hemoglobin in the blood Tibetans to rise above a certain level, which prevents heart problems that can be experienced by other people.

According to the researchers, the Tibetans have received this power from the now extinct species denisovan. Denisovskoe people lived in the area where the Tibetans are now living, and the same EPAS1 gene was found in their resources. It seems that this gene is only for Tibetans and citizens of some Pacific islands as Denisovskoe humans interbred with other human subspecies, creating a reserve of this gene has not yet died out.

4. Elisabeth Sulser

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

In our time, most people have heard of synaesthesia - a condition in which some of the senses are mixed. For example, when people with synaesthesia eating red candy "Skittles", they can feel the taste of cherries, even if it is actually a different taste, but some people may feel the color with your eyes closed.

Elisabeth Sulser mingled sight, taste and hearing, allowing her to see the multi-colored sound waves and taste music. Assuming that this is a normal state, it is my whole life thinking that other people can also try to see the music and sounds. However, when Elizabeth realized that no one else there is no such power, she felt lonely, because anyone could not share his feelings. Incidentally, synesthesia - is not always good. People who can see sounds, constantly distracted in noisy environments, and as you can imagine, quite often suffer from headaches. Fortunately, Elizabeth - a musician, so it is unusual ability significantly helps it, allowing you to create a symphony of colors and tones. Remaining largely mysterious condition synaesthesia does not seem to bring Sulser no adverse consequences, especially since she has come to see only the music, but not all the sounds in general.

5. See

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

Anonymous known as "CM", the woman is suffering from an unknown illness that caused the complete destruction of her tonsils of the cerebellum (part of the brain that controls fear). SM, a mother of three children who can not feel fear, no matter how frightening the situation was. The study, to study its ability to fear, SM looked the worst of the horror films and touched the snake language.

However, CM remembers how afraid of the dark as a child, but by the time she reached early adolescence, her amygdala were destroyed. She even described the meeting with the man, she walked alone in the park at night. He ran to her and held a knife to her throat. Instead of being frightened to death, the CM said calmly that at first he would have to go through her guardian angel, that scared the offender. Now she describes this case simply as "strange".

6. Dean Karnazes

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

Anyone who has ever participated in a marathon, knows that sometimes you need to make a quick break. As for Dean Karnazes, his muscles allow it to run forever.

Normally, the human body gets its energy from glucose and produces lactate. If lactate becomes too much, the body begins to produce lactic acid, which destroys its surplus. Dean's body does not interfere with the accumulation of lactate, which allows him to never get tired. Dean started running in high school when he joined the team on the run. While team members can run an average of only 15 laps, he ran 105 until he was told to stop. Since then, he did not stop running until he was 30 years old. Obviously concerned, some scientists in Colorado tested his stamina. They said that the test takes about 15 minutes, but Dean continued to walk on a treadmill for an hour. With its unique ability he once ran 50 marathons in 50 days.

7. The Tibetan monks

10 of the most mysterious of talented people in the world

The monks from South Asia, especially Tibet, say they have learned to control body temperature, using an ancient form of meditation called "Tum-mo". According to Buddhist teachings, our lives - it is not all that exists, there is also a kind of alternate reality. Practicing Tum-mo, monks allegedly reached this other world. During meditation, Tum-mo they produce a significant amount of heat.

During the study of this strange phenomenon, scientists were amazed to find that the temperature of the fingers and toes monks rises by as much as eight degrees Celsius. Tum-mo - is not the only form of meditation practiced by Tibetan monks. Other forms of meditation and allow the monks to lower metabolism. Metabolism controls the rate of digestion of calories. People with slow metabolism gain weight faster because their body can not break down fast enough calories. Through meditation monks can lower their metabolism by about 64%. Unlike ordinary people, it allows them to save energy. For comparison, the average person's metabolism is reduced by 15% during sleep.

8. Chris Robinson

Once Chris Robinson awoke after vivid dream in which two aircraft collided in mid-air. From the day he was supposed to see the future in her dreams. In addition, Robinson can wake up at a time when he wants to and record their dreams in Dream diary, which he leads. Stan Lee himself (with the help of Daniel Browning Smith) conducted an experiment involving Robinson. He said Robinson, that the next day they were going to take him to 10 seats, and its task was to see these places in a dream. The next day, Robinson wrote every place that he had a dream, on a separate sheet of paper and sealed them in envelopes. When they came to a place, they opened the envelope and found that Robinson guessed everything.

Of course, the results look extremely suspicious. Robinson tested again. This time he had to guess, that the organizers put in a box. Within 12 days of Robinson once a day to guess what was in the box. He guessed the only two times out of 12, that does not prove the existence of his psychic powers.

9. Eskil Ronningsbakken

Ronningsbakken, actor, performing deadly stunts, first learned about the art of balance, when he was five years old. Interest in this he appeared when he was 11 years on television saw a person doing extraordinary stunts. When Ronningsbakkenu was 18 years old, he ran away to the circus and performed for 11 years. He knew that the balance of art - that's what he wants to do.

Now in its 30-plus years, Ronningsbakken risk their lives by walking upside down on a bicycle on a tightrope above the canyon and doing handstands on the bar, which hangs under the flying balloon. In the video below, he rides a bicycle backwards along the serpentine in Norway. Ronningsbakken, however, is fearless and recognizes that is very nervous in front of tricks. He believes that fear - it is a feeling that makes us human, and if he loses the feeling of fear, he would immediately drop everything, because he is afraid to stop being a man.

10. Natalia Demkina

In Saransk, Russia, a girl named Natalia Demkina suddenly began to see through the human body. Since childhood, Natalia home people came, so she looked into them, and said, what they get sick.

Interested in "girl-X-ray," Dr. Ray Hyman invited her to New York for a series of tests. One included six patients with different diagnoses - remote from the appendix to the presence of the metal plate in the skull of a brain tumor - and one healthy control participants. Natalia correctly named four of the six that is certainly impressive, despite the fact that it says it can see at the cellular level.

However, it is interesting that it messed with the patient and the patient's appendix with a metal plate in his skull - a serious mistake for the person who can see inside other people. In the end, visit a doctor or someone with X-ray vision - it's your choice.