15 piercing quotes Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich

• 15 piercing quotes Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich

15 piercing quotes Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich

Among the winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, which began to serve since 1901, until yesterday existed five Russian writers: Bunin, Pasternak, Sholokhov, Solzhenitsyn, Brodsky. This year Alexiyevich worthily continue this list. All of her works that are no higher value than human life. The second important point, which transmits opinion writer in the world: the word "people" is spelled with a capital letter.

We are terribly happy for Svetlana Aleksievich and offers to get acquainted with its label and profound statements.

It will not have a durable asphalt and manicured lawns. And there will always be heroes!

All want to talk today, but no one can hear each other.

If you do not remember the war, there is a lot of hatred. And if you forget the war, a new beginning. So the ancients said.

Well, when the house is old. When they were alive - we have kids ...

Kitchen us - it's not just a place for cooking, it is a dining room, and living room and office, and the tribune. A place for collective psychotherapy sessions.

Death - the fairest thing in the world. No one has yet paid off.

Write to a book about the war to the war was sick, and the very thought of it would have been disgusted. Insane. Generals themselves would be sick ... Western feminists have come to us with their ideas: a woman, as a man, has to rise to the sky, to go to sea ... And in response - confusion. Our girl would not like a tractor, she wants to sit on a pillow with a bow.

In Moscow, on the Virgin's Field on folk remedies monument doctors-heroes of the Great Patriotic War. He would have to be made of gold! Yes, it is made of gold, only the other samples, the highest - gold human gratitude, human memory.

I think that is still my main principle - go and watchmen in the person himself.

Grandma knelt down and prayed. And we are taught: "Pray! This is - the end of the world. God's punishment for our sins. " Little brother was eight, and I was six. We began to remember his sins: he broke a jar of raspberry jam. And I do not recognize my mom that got caught on the fence and broke a new dress.

Life is beautiful, bitch, but so short ...

Knowledge itself is not a criminal.

Our children are not like us. On whom are they like? At one time, at each other.

If people knew the love to him, you can always come.