925 - Gold fashionable white or silver?

Luxury without cheating

In the jewelry store dazzled by the sparkling jewels - some just fancy patterned rings, necklaces, brooches, fine chains and pendants here! They never ask to to the neck, fingers, wrists, "Take me Buy me!" But how to choose in this sea of ​​splendor, luxury and seduction product of noble metal and present - silver, gold or platinum?

925 - Gold fashionable white or silver?

Meet: sample 925

To do this well before going to the store to get acquainted briefly with the classification of the samples, which are put on jewelry made of precious metals. Looking at the sample, it is already possible to know exactly how much of the metal is contained in 1 gram of the product. However, the question often arises, for example, 925 - white gold or only silver? No, it's not white gold, although it seems to him, and an alloy of silver and copper. Tableware - primary use of the alloy for which test 925 is installed. Gold may be added to the alloy in a small volume - 6-7%.

Probirovanie silver

Samples silver alloys on the metric system starting from 750 minutes (low-grade silver, alloyed with copper), and end 960 minutes the sample - is the highest quality alloy consisting of 96% silver and 4% copper. The alloy of this sample is used for manufacturing thin filigree work. Between samples 750 and 960 are 800, 875, 916, 925. In the silver alloy article (92, 5%) and copper (7, 5%) give stamp "925". Gold with a breakdown is not used in Russia. Stamp for gold

Samples for marking gold products in Russia established: 375 (low), 500, further 583 and 585, then 750 and finally 958 (the highest for jewelry, copper accrue 4, 2%). The most "running" the sample for jewelry inexpensive jewelry - 583 and 585. The composition of gold 585 - 58, 5% of the weight of the product. Adding to the gold alloy (ligation) of silver and copper in various proportions gives the product red, yellow or even green color, which is used for manufacturing individual parts in yk

925 - Gold fashionable white or silver?


The composition of the white gold

If an unscrupulous (or deluded), the seller under the guise of white gold offers jewelry with the stigma of "925" in white gold and it did not happen - you need to understand. Fashionable white gold - jewelry material consisting of gold, which as the main ligature added nickel, copper and zinc (one composition) either palladium, copper and silver (another alloy composition - the most common). It can also add platinum and silver - is the next option. You need to know that nickel in the composition of ornaments can cause contact dermatitis. The addition of nickel in jewelry in the EU has been banned since 2000. At a high content of silver white gold is matte, without shine. The frame for a diamond and black pearl

925 - Gold fashionable white or silver?

to impart glare decoration subjected to galvanization, coating their surface a thin layer of rhodium. White gold is used for jewelry with diamonds; advantageously distinguished in the frame of a material black pearls. In the product of white gold stamp is placed 750 samples, i.e. the content of the metal in the product can not be less than 75% of their weight.

Also called white gold natural alloy of gold and silver - electrum. As a part of this natural alloy of gold content can be from 16 to 69%.

Gold leaf - the highest standard

According to the metric designation, adopted in Russia, the highest gold sample - 1000. From this Susalny gold is a metal that is 100% of the gold, completely cleansed of any impurities. Gold leaf is used for covering the domes of churches, the bas-reliefs of buildings, monuments. From 1 g of a sample of gold can roll very thin sheet area of ​​1 sq. m.