What girls are looking for on the Internet

When I was little and asked why the sky is blue, my mother told me that as reflected in the water in the seas and oceans. Now, when I ask a question of custom, my mother advises Googling. I study searches, and understand that I am not alone in this situation. Here are some fun things to look for our readers and readers.

The complex world of men

"As gently ask when waking date" (spelling preserved)

Listen, think about it when you wake in the morning, a little late, do not you think?

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"If a guy does not make steps, then I'm sure he does not like me"

Once Siri learns to speak dry "Yes", and we can save each other time.

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"The guy loves, but does not marry"

Maybe the fact that he loves his wife, and not you?

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"Substances produced by the clitoris clitoris"

Damn it, not all men understand how to deal with the clitoris, and here also the clitoris clitoris do not deprive attention! Take heart, there is still a lot of work and wonderful discoveries.

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"Will a man kissing a woman in the back if he did not like"

Once I kissed an unknown man, but I did not like. Bus braked sharply, and he slammed in my bare shoulder. I confess, I also dream a little about what is my other half, and the fate decided to bring us that way, but his wife, the formidable gaze dreamy process.

"It is not appropriate to meet friends, and I'm tired flirting. I began to ignore him, and he kept to himself "

It is the case when you want to say by inertia: "Here she is, a woman's logic, in all its glory!" Where, in what the book was written, that the best response to flirt - it ignore human? "How to create a look that you've got a guy in Instagram"

Oh, this cruel world in which everyone wants to achieve some unknown person set trims normality! My girl, even social scientists are already saying that being one is not so bad. And so your subscribers and even more so all the same, what's your status.

"If a man is a woman laugh, what does it mean"

I think it means that he has a degree of professor. Or tuberculosis. Perhaps scorpion Mercury. Although I suggest that it is simply a fact that he was a charismatic man with a sense of humor, and your tastes coincide.

"If a man is not got a phone number from a girl that would do if it is of interest to him,"

This is a new experiment? According to the experience, if I do not give a phone number on the street, a man comes after me a couple of blocks, then my dirty name-calling and turns on the hunt for the next girl.

Strong and independent

"Feminists are laughing out loud"

And here is the first item in the list of signs of a true feminist. Young women in a patriarchal world is forbidden to laugh as we could forget about it.

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"How not to burn out if you're a feminist"

Inspired by the great - just like that!

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"When your partner does not develop you"

This means only one thing - you develop your partner and do not give him a moment of time!

What girls are looking for on the Internet

"Statements ambitious humiliation of women"

Imagine there is a whole category of people who are experiencing so many problems with strong and independent that Google original insults. The fact that they can not come up with their own, already the default, alluding to their disability, but they do not even notice a problem in itself. "Should I pursue a relationship with a woman after insult"

So I see: you're saying that his salary is low and he rushes to the Internet for advice on whether you leave immediately. Well at least not to my mother.

"The women in the army"

As they say, if a woman really wants to join the army - the army there is no longer dependent on anything. But to find a really strong personalities of history, is to change the wording of nasty.

"My mother likes to serve in the army,"

Happy for your mother! Not everyone can find his calling in life. Only a search string, not a window of a new office in Odnoklassniki. But what might come out the story, tell you a little bit more!


"Why meet with men"

Because they have a penis, and sometimes this part of the body brings a lot of pleasure! But to get to the body, usually you have to give any promises and start a serious relationship.

"The female came to earth to enjoy sex with boys"

Or is the answer to the previous query, or the author has in mind that the girls - angels descended from heaven.