Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

Women in burkas and sheikhs, bathed in oil basins with gold tiles - that the United Arab Emirates through the eyes of one who was not there. Let's find out whether all the stereotypes about this country correspond to the truth.

There is always hot in

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

The majority of people with an UAE words imagine the grueling heat of the desert. It is true - the maximum summer temperatures can reach 50 ° C. But winter - all of 18-20 ° C. Water can also be completely 15 ° C. High humidity also influences the sensations. Add the strong winds, which are formed in the Arabian desert and fly in some emirates in certain months, the temperature variation along the coast - +13 ° C and below, the desert night +5 ° C. And yes, in Ras al-Khaimah in the winter there is snow. The last time was in 2017.

oil flowing ... and they do not work in the veins of the Arabs!

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

The modern Arab town who grew up in the desert in a matter of years, his whole manner seemed to say that the "feed" them extremely high-quality oil. In fact, the local economy rests not only on the minerals. Oil production has been "discovered" in the '50s, in the 70s the state income from oil revenues reached 90%. Now - three times less, and by 2021 the figure will not exceed 5%. Who is the first role out construction (real estate market with the influx of foreign specialists is growing with enormous speed), tourism, trade, finance and agriculture.

Modern citizen Emirates looks like the architect, manager, engineer or doctor. Camels and palaces pushed modern cars and apartments in high-rise buildings. By the way, the car is quite budget brands. Super-expensive sports cars can afford only one. As for state support, it is not rubber. It gets a young family (about $ 100,000). $ 20,000 and land also put a woman on the birth of a child.

This magnificent cuisine

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

Fresh herbs, oil quality, stunning flavors and melting desserts: Haris, baklava, poppy, Guzi, biryani and Umm Ali. Do you want that? You'll get it! And familiar shawarma and the ubiquitous fast food.

Arabic cuisine - it reflected the national character and natural features. But her contemporary global trends seriously affected in recent years. Western fast-food restaurants are increasingly jostle local institutions and local increasingly prefer snacking in a hurry. In fast food restaurants go whole families, especially the poor. As for the notorious shavermy and kebabs that are available and popular, even to them - especially in the big cities, - competition is increasingly constitute places of immigrants from India, Pakistan or Egypt.

It is expensive!

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

So it seems so long until you start to live here. For example, stretches across Sharjah Gift Market chain of stores. Prices here - from 1 to 20 dirham (1 dirham = 19 rubles.), And you can find anything from souvenirs and jewelry to clothing, footwear, utensils, and even cosmetics. Surprisingly, the quality is quite good. the goods are always fixed prices. These Arab scarves for 3 dirhams in Russia you will see a premium of 500-1000%.

Do not forget the bazaars. Thus, the gold market you will find jeans for less than $ 10. If bargain, then the original price can be reduced by three times. Even in the shopping mall of glass and metal have a place shambles. As well as seasonal discounts.

As for the food, then here come to the aid supermarkets (Union Coop, Geant Hypermarket, Carrefour and Lulu). They can find cheap products, especially from neighboring regions, as well as promotional items at a discount. If hunger by surprise outside the home, you will save a shop with kebabs for a few dollars or food courts of the same shopping malls, where you can find McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and Jollibee, the menu of which is not only burgers, but also spaghetti with tomato sauce. Cost - from 12 dirhams.

Local and save with the help of mobile applications. One of them - Entertainer - helps to purchase tickets to concerts and tours, stay with big discounts. Also, getting some position, the second one can receive as a gift.

You all go in a burqa

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

The UAE has absolutely everywhere and can be found in Quandour men and women in abaya. But men have day and evening image is often different. So, after spending a day in jeans and a shirt or a European suit, evening dresses in traditional Arab clothes to celebrate a family celebration. Actually, it is normal to change men's wear up to three or four times a day. Arabki same, preferring long Abaye, hide under it expensive dresses of famous designers, stylish jeans and numerous gold (or not) ornaments donated by the spouse.

Of visitors to the country do not expect the same (except for the places where the dress code is mandatory - mosques, etc...). Wear anything. Often the tourist by wearing shorts, and he would be happy to dress in something more appropriate to the situation and surroundings. You just do not stop on the street and do not make change, because your neck, shoulders, arms and knees open. It is an absolute myth. But that just does not find understanding, so is a man with a bare-chested in public places. Even if it is for a jog. The same applies to women in bathing suits. And of course, sunbathing topless ladies in the Emirates is also not worth it.

You do not drink and do not let others

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

The chance to meet an Arab, were drinking beer in the street of one of the Emirates, just as big as the opportunity to see a flying saucer parked on Red Square. And because tourists gathering in the United Arab Emirates, imagine a sad picture of sober evenings over a glass of camel milk in the hotel and a complete absence of bars as a phenomenon.

Not so bad. Drinking alcohol in this Muslim country, living under Sharia law really is prohibited. However, if you do not profess Islam, to have a demand. It is perfectly possible to buy a drink in the hotel bar, a disco, in specialized shops and, of course, in the Duty Free. Well, if you come back in a cheerful mood of the club, it is necessary to call yourself a taxi to avoid attracting the attention of local law enforcers. But drinking alcohol on a public beach, on the street, on trips prohibited. And advised to be careful in Sharjah, the popular, but the most conservative emirate, which operates throughout Prohibition.

You can not be a sense of

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

Each of the seven emirates, a modern piece of absolute monarchy. That is why it is so popular myth, that in this country is prohibited almost all: hug and kiss in public and emote loudly.

Locals really rarely behave this way, while the tourists more looseness. The myth is that you can not kiss in the streets, very tenacious. That does not prevent the Europeans do it.

There is another common belief - it is impossible to talk about Arab women. Not that flirt - ask how it is not recommended to go to the library, some of the guides in the country. However, if we are talking about today's resident of the city, wearing European clothes - no problem.

On the other "conservative" morals

Stereotypes about the United Arab Emirates: Truth and Lies

It is said that in the Emirates ...

- You can not consider those who take food

- During the handshake can not hide his other hand in his pocket

- Do not stand or walk while eating

- Take food, money and various items from the interlocutor need right hand

- It is forbidden to photograph palaces, schools and private homes ...

- As women

- Like men

- As well as the mosque

- And God forbid you to walk without a passport!

However, this list we can safely send to the folder "Myths". Adding that this is not some kind of local prohibitions, but the basic rules of decency. You have no one fined for eating hamburgers on the go! You will not be asked to change the hand! If in doubt whether it is possible to photograph a particular object, you can always ask the next stoyaschihili look for a special warning sign. Passport, for your own convenience, you can replace it with a copy. The only exception may be pictures of women in a burqa. (But Hush ... with a secret to say that it is possible - if from the back and carefully).

So feel free to go to explore the mysterious and alluring Emirates! Perhaps after your journey another myth or a legend will be less.