Most volatile world currencies

• The most unstable world currencies

Today, for the first time the euro rose to a mark of 100 rubles., That the business media called the "psychological barrier". Against the background of instability in the ruble's look at the other national currencies, the reliability of which is not necessary to believe ever.


Sao Tome and Principe

African small island state in the Gulf of Guinea has one of the most volatile currencies in the world. Now the official exchange rate of € 1 - about 25 000 wells. The country has a black market exchange, where the exchange rate may differ from the official as much as 30%. In this kind notes are among the most beautiful in the world - they are bright and multicolored.

Most volatile world currencies



Today, € 1 is worth more than 26,000 VND. The largest bank note, having circulation in the country - 500,000 VND. Tourists are asked to pay for all the dollars, because Dong does not trust anyone, even the locals.

Most volatile world currencies



At the time of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979, the rial fell, investors pulled money out of the country, and money flowed after them. Since then, Iran's high inflation. Rial constantly depreciating, despite the efforts of the Iranian government to stabilize the economic situation in the country. € 1 is now worth more than 33 thousand riyals.

Most volatile world currencies

The rupee


Whenever the Indonesian authorities are trying to stabilize its currency, there is something that again brings down the local rupee. Well-developed black market, constant competition between the islands, the financial crisis of 1977, problems with the harvest rice - all this reflects badly on the stability of the local money. Now for € 1 give 15,000 rupees.

Most volatile world currencies



The currency hit the list, not only because she did not trust, but also because of its extremely serious, if not playful name. Zambia's economy has destroyed over-reliance on the export of copper, huge external debt and the policy of nationalization of private companies. Not so long ago in the country have carried out reforms aimed to change this disastrous situation, and they even helped. But Kwacha is still extremely unstable currency.

€ 1 is now worth about 600 kwacha.

Most volatile world currencies



Its romantic name of the Latin American country's currency required to Guarani tribe, the main people of Paraguay. High levels of corruption, a huge black market, wild inflation - a phenomenon with which the inhabitants of Paraguay are facing on a daily basis. The largest bank note - 100,000 Guarani, but most of these bills in the country - a fake.

For € 1 now can produce about 6,000 Guarani.

Most volatile world currencies

The dollar


Currency, which is always gloomy compared depreciating money. To date, over € 1 offer 468 646 Zimbabwean dollars. By the way, in relation to the Zimbabwe dollar ruble also fell.

Most volatile world currencies