Summer problem: how to get rid of pesky gnats

Summer • Problem: how to get rid of the pesky midges

Summer problem: how to get rid of pesky gnats

Getting rid of lice without harming households

Summer - the favorite time of year, not only the majority of people. But also insects. Heat, fruit juice all - present expanse. Especially for lice, which probably already chosen a secluded place in your kitchen. I do not like to share living space with uninvited lodgers? Then today, use one of the effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes at home and in the country.

There are many ways to get rid of pesky gnats. But, as in the case of cockroaches, most of them proposes to use chemical weapons. What you will agree, is not the best choice for the kitchen. And so, instead of radical measures, try here these three simple but effective solutions. A unites them one main ingredient - vinegar. It turns out that resist its flavor midges just can not!

1. The trap from a plastic bottle

Summer problem: how to get rid of pesky gnats

Vinegar - a favorite treat lice

All that is required - to leave open a bottle of vinegar. Desirably, apple. When this bottle does not have to be complete: the contrary, the smaller the liquid inside, the better. Top cover with cling film neck, securing it a rubber band. In the center, you do a small hole - "input" for the midges. They quickly fly off to the alluring scent, would climb into the bottle, but to get back will not be able.

2. Vinegar and soap

Summer problem: how to get rid of pesky gnats

Traps based on vinegar and soap

Slightly vinegar fill the deep tank, and the top, add a few drops of liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. Do not cover. Insects eat vinegar fly, but mired in a viscous fluid and drown.

3. Fishing for dessert

Summer problem: how to get rid of pesky gnats

From a midge traps just do not get

You will need a jar and a horn or funnel made of paper (such as those in which previously poured seeds, but only with a hole at the "bottom"). The jar, pour a little vinegar and place a slice of any juicy fruit. Set on top of the funnel. As in previous cases, lice can not resist the "yummy", but will not be able to get out of the trap.