Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

Wakeboarding - what is it? The answer to this question can be obtained by observing the extremely dynamic and spectacular competitions, passing on the high seas or specific bodies of water. Resort fun, which used to be called water-skiing, gradually transformed into a separate sport with its rules, variants, sets of items and champions. Clubs wakeboarding there and in the capital of Russia, where it is possible for a few sessions to feel all the charm of an extreme.

For those who do not know what it is

Wakeboarding - a sport that was born on the beaches and resorts. We all know that snowboarding has grown from classic skiing. Modern wakeboarding replaces static and not particularly spectacular water skiing. The bottom line is that an athlete dissecting the water surface on a special board, following the boat and holding for a foul. While driving elements ekstremal performs slalom, jumps and makes coups, spectacular stunts.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

The athlete moves in the wake of the ship, so it can deviate from a straight line to ride the wave and give an impetus to their jump. The etymology of the word "wakeboarding" just and includes two main components of this sport. "Wake" - in English means "wake" and "board" - "board".

The boat is equipped with a special ballast in order to create a wave that help athletes perform various elements. Veykborderov tricks similar to those that perform their brothers snowboarders, but aquatic acrobats are limited in their freedom foul, because of which can not make revolutions around its own axis.


There are several types of wakeboarding. What is it possible to understand the process of observation of competition of professional athletes and fun veykserferov.

Wakesurfing - one of the branches of wakeboarding, amateur sport, which does not require expensive professional equipment. Here you can do usual surfboard or snowboard. The athlete starts moving on the water, holding on to the boat, and then releases it, continuing to slide on the wakefield.

Wakesurfing does not require specially-equipped routes, they can be practiced in any place where there is plenty of room for boats. Despite the simplicity and limited opportunities to perform tricks in wakesurfing there is a certain set of special elements. It can go both right and left of the boat, face or back, with or without a cord.

Cable cutter operations and

A plurality of nuances and execution techniques included in the wakeboard. What is it easy to understand, watching the contests of athletes according to different versions of the sport. It all started with wakeboarding cutter operations - a rather complex sport with lots of unpredictable situations.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

It is very difficult to maintain a constant speed and the combination of an ideal trajectory during the boat is in motion. This requires the presence of large bodies of water, making it difficult to monitor the progress of wakeboarding competition.

However, technology is not standing still, and the evolution undergone such a young sport. Now besides wakeboarding cutter operations there and the cable. Its essence lies in the fact that instead of a boat used electric windlass. The motor pulls a foul at a constant speed, which allows more objectively assess tricks and elements executable athlete. It does not need a boat, so the competition in cable wakeboarding can be done on a relatively small area of ​​the water surface.

Tournaments and competitions

Wakeboarding - a serious sport in which major international competitions are held. In cable wakeboarding athletes compete in two disciplines - ring and reverse the race. In the first case, the athlete performance is evaluated based on two criteria. Determining a quality value gimmicks, but is taken into account and the rate of passage section which is split into segments slalom.

The reverse movement of the race takes place only in a linear direction - forward or backward. Here comes to the fore already extreme acrobatic skill, performed more jumps, tricks.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

Land of the water surface is specially mark out for the competition. Lane represent flags and the buoys to perform acrobatic elements and jumps put ramps and jumps.

Wakeboarding - a very traumatic sport, as the boats can reach speeds of forty kilometers per hour. It should therefore be very careful approach to the issue of the choice of equipment.


Wakeboarding is a kind of a summer alternative to snowboarding, so it attracts a lot of fans of this winter sport, because of the hot, sunny days can not only lose their former skill, but also to learn some new tricks.

You need to learn the basics of wakeboarding in the wake of special parks, under the supervision of experienced instructors, as this is a very difficult and dangerous sport. Classes begin with the fact that a beginner is taught simply stay on the board of the motion. Only when the board will feel a part of your own body, you can begin training jumps and stunts.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

Particular attention is paid to the first class safety. Mandatory attribute newcomers are life jackets. Nearby are always instructors, because of falling and goes under water - an inevitable consequence of the first workout.


The correct choice of boards for wakeboarding - the key to successful training extreme sport. You must pick up the one that best resembles the level of training the person. There is no clear set of parameters wakeboard size boards have wide and narrow, short and long. Wide model pobrasyvayut best athlete on the waves, narrow - more speed and maneuverability.

There are subtleties and bindings for the feet. They differ from regulated over a range of up to the individual, made to the size of the legs of a particular athlete.

Also, the professionals attached to their boards of special fins that make wakeboarding takes control and maneuverability.

Where to engage in

Wakeboarding originated in the US in the early nineties and is now widely spread throughout the world. Today in Europe there are more than a hundred specialized Wijk parks, equipped with the latest technology. Develops and wakeboarding in Moscow.

In Russia, this sport has come recently and has not had time to acquire a sufficient number of fans. Accordingly, there are not many places for practicing wakeboarding. What is it, still do not know everything, yet beautifully appointed and equipped with a wake-parks can be found in Moscow.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

They differ in the two types. In the first available drive on the board, following the boat, in the second operating unit with electric winch and for reversing annular races.


Wakeboarding in Moscow is supervised by the Federation of Water-sports, supported by companies selling equipment and clothing for the summer of extreme sports.

Moscow Wake School -veyk Club, which opened recently in Strogino beach area Superbeach. two boats that visitors ride work here. It instructs them to the owner of the club, at the time engaged in professional wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding - what is it? Board wakeboarding

Wijk club Myakinin - the first in Russia, which began to operate a circular winch for wakeboarding. There is established about ten figures for performing jumps and elements.

"In the Club" in Strogino - an actively developing area for wakeboarding lessons. Here operate the winch for reverse circular and skiing; It found seven figures for jumping and stunts.