Samuel L. Jackson about his new movie "The Bodyguard killer" and his favorite swear word

The actor spoke about his new movie "The Bodyguard killer", as well as how to play golf with Trump and learn about it all you need to know.

Samuel L. Jackson about his new movie

Samuel L. Jackson - unique and inimitable, is one of those actors who are always changing, but remain themselves. While traveling, he always takes with him a few dozen movies (John Woo and Asian movies in a special premium), regularly goes to the movies and watching your own movies. More than anyone else, Samuel L. Jackson inspires the feeling that to be a star - it's great fun.

Fun - a word that can be consumed in respect of his last paintings - "The Bodyguard killer" action comedy for adults with Ryan Reynolds. The mad pursuit and a hail of bullets, actor pours insults - especially its corona motherfucker.

About his love for the word of Jackson he spoke at the beginning of the summer while staying in New York. It is a native of Tennessee and a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, began his theatrical career. Now he is in search of a new play, commenting on it: "Every time I talk about it, my agent seems to find me another movie."

You must have one of the greatest foul-mouthed. Why are you so fond of the word motherfucker?

This is one of the comprehensive word that describes a lot of different feelings and things. Depending on the intonation and the specific location in the proposal, your interlocutor immediately understands what you say and how you feel. Sometimes it is very comfortable and slightly unusual way to let off steam when thinking hard about something important. With motherfuck can belittle what you say, or vice versa, to lift up. In general, the word works surprising number of ways. It is not that the word helped you as a young man coping with stuttering?

I still stutter, as you may have noticed, when I speak too fast. It's liberating word.

Not everyone in Hollywood is not looking so pleased with himself, like you.

Yes, I am satisfied with myself. I have one of the professions dreams. I've always loved cinema since the days when he was a child. I've made faces to your friends, play and everything in this spirit. This lasted until until I finally realized that this could be my profession. No one ever said to me: "You can be an actor." When I finally decided to go and do it, it immediately became my obsession. I looked at the Errol Flynn, John Wayne (Hollywood actors -. Esquire), and on the other guys. Their work seemed great, the jumping from one side to the other, sword fighting.

Samuel L. Jackson about his new movie

You have recently acted as narrator in the Oscar-nominated documentary "I'm not a Negro," based on the manuscripts of James Baldwin (writer and journalist, human rights activist -. Esquire). Baldwin talked about what it is - to grow and to see on the screen only white faces. Do you have a similar experience?

I grew up in the period of segregation, so do not expect to come to the cinema and see black people on the screen. It's just not what I expected. I think, to live and grow in the "inclusive society", as it was in Baldwin, it's something completely different. I was all very distinction. Even movie theaters, which I attended, were specifically for black. Theater in my neighborhood, too, was for blacks only. My whole existence was black. I ran across the white, but when I went to the center. When I saw Sidney Poitier screen (the first black actor who has received the "Oscar" for Best Actor -. Esquire) or Harry Belafonte (American singer and actor, fighter for the rights of people of color -. Esquire), I asked my mother why they always die. Then, when I started to go to auditions, I was looking through the script and notes on what page I'm dying. I took it at some point.

You shoot the film of Raoul Peck, and Spike Lee, but seems to prefer a more box-office films like "Kong: Skull Island" and "Tarzan. Legend".

People say, "You're doing a genre movie." Well, this was a movie during my growing up. Of course, I love drama. I sometimes like to miss. But as a rule, I would like to go to the movies and see any nonsense that will make me cry: "Here is a pancake," I want to go out of the theater thinking, "That was awesome! That was great! Ah! "That's why people go to the movies, and I want to be a part of it. I always wanted to be in a film about King Kong - and I'm there now, standing in front of King Kong. Yes, I'm doing a trivial choice. But it should be. It should be fun. Some say: "I can not look at yourself on the screen." Well, find another job! You expect that people give for 12-15 bucks to go and look at you, but he did not want to look at it? I do not think so.

You used to play golf with the president of Trump. What do you think about him?

I had spent so much time with him to decide whether he likes me or not. At that time he was just a guy with a golf course. I met him at some tournament. He invited me to play on his site. I played. I saw what he golfer. Golf - a game with moral principles. You play the role of policeman for himself, and Trump is not enough to control myself. Once he began to preach their political views and the general opinion on what is happening in the world or in people's lives. Based on this, I can not call him a great man. But this is my opinion. The film "The Bodyguard killer" at the box office from 17 August.