Rules of life of Chris Rock

• Rules of Life Chris Rock

Rules of life of Chris Rock

I love to be famous. It's almost the same thing as being white.

The White House and take troechnika - most importantly, that he was white. Therefore, Obama's victory - it is primarily for the progress of the white people, not black.

When I began leading his own show on HBO, I realized that people on television are not used to work on the black. Even the black there is not work for blacks. It took me two months to convince everyone that I am the owner of this show.

My real name is really Rock (Eng. "Stone"), and my mother name is Rose Rock. At school I was teased rubble stone Plymouth and The Flintstones. But now my name is Mr. Rock.

When you live with someone of divorced parents, you can not see how people come to compromises. You watch an adult who lives in a world where everything is arranged the way he wants. When you live in a complete family, you can see how people swear and they come to an agreement. Watching this, you quietly become a better person.

The area where I grew up, it is unlikely someone will like. There, you can shoot at a moment when you someone aims.

If you settle in Harlem, you will begin soon wonder how much money-poor women leave there at the hairdressers. In the barber shop next door to the abandoned building any aunt easily laid out for the perm five hundred. And her friend with a two thousand hairstyles can not buy health insurance because they believe that the hair for them - is more important. That's where the crisis begins. I have long ceased to relax in the Caribbean. Too often there stealing my shampoo, and right in the hotels.

I'm not that old, how I look. Just tired of this fucking winter.

No one will warn you that your career is coming to an end. For several years I watched movies with Christian Slater, and then, one day, they simply stopped going to the screen. Think it to someone previously struck a note? Type, this film - the end of your career, man.

Why do people do yoga? That's right: in order to clear your mind. But I am against. I appreciate the mess in my head.

Each comedian is in life when he realizes that he is not like the others. Like that dude in the movie who always see ghosts - turns to his friend and, like, "Did you see that a ghost?" And he: "What is a ghost?"

You can not make a good comedy with strangers. Each knows the entire tracklist of the album, but they had heard only hits.

People want to comedians were funny. I am able to appreciate the game of Jim Carrey in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," but it is unlikely he played better there than in the "dumb and dumber". Sometimes I can star in any serious film, but I know that people will go to him because, like, 'Hey, let's see how Chris Rock is trying to be unfunny. "

Eddie Murphy for me - it's black Marlon Brando. The revolution of the genre. Yes, before he, too, was black actors, but in fact they did not exist. If you want to see how to start a career of Hollywood stars, look at the real estate agency. As soon as you notice the guy who buys a house for six million dollars, you can safely count down the days until he starts to act in some shit.

Gays have rights too. For example, to be as miserable as everyone else.

Someday a woman will still rule the world - as a stop just shit together.

No more little girls. Now it's the boys with big tits, and they have the same predatory habits. Therefore, more than anything else, I want my daughters were girls.

You know what adults differ from children? Children are most active at the moment when it is time to sleep.

Everyone has their favorite type of criminals. My favorite - the pimps. We can all rob a bank, and we can sell drugs. But being a pimp - it's something else entirely.

I do not pay taxes. I let the state take them.

Probably, it is very difficult - to be invisible. I certainly would not have passed.

There is always someone who will eat out of the box the last slice of pizza.