"Oddities of our yard" or shocking stories depending on various subjects (Part 2)

The last part we told you about the people who took part in the popular reality show on TLC entertaining American channel called "My strange addiction".

Today we have decided to continue our story about its participants and their obsession with various objects. So, whether you are willing to believe that you can go crazy with his car, nails, hair and take to bed dryer to sleep with him as a loving man? No? Then, thanks to this article, you dissuade and realize that this is realistic.

Crazy, who has sex with his machine

Nathaniel obsession began when he was a teenager. The guy loved to collect various models of cars and even had one of them in a relationship. He called her Dylan, and it was a small model of patrol cars yellow. But the real love Nathaniel later. And, as he the guy said, "it was love at first sight." His beloved guy called Chasey, and is "incredibly sexy machine." This unusual behavior is called obektofiliya. Obektofil experiencing emotional and sexual attraction to inanimate objects. Besides the fact that Nathaniel attract cars, the guy feels a genuine sense of passion for skiing and various models of airplanes.

Sign with his beloved Chasey guy for the past 5 years. He communicates with her, talks about how he was the day that he ate, and what are the plans for the evening. In addition, Nathaniel with Chasey has its own song. He kisses her on the night (and not only), calling on dates and even engaged in sex with her. How he does it? "Basically, there is nothing unusual. I masturbate at its beauty "- Nathaniel said one of the psychologists of the project. After the show ended, Nathaniel said he Therapy helped, and he feels more comfortable. Man believes that obektofiliya - it's sexual orientation, which is not unique to everyone. Nathaniel still continues to go to a psychologist and deal with the problem.

The woman who sleeps with a hairdryer in the same bed

Some people like to sleep with a teddy bear, but this woman has got used to fall asleep with a hairdryer included in his own bed. Starting from the age of 8, Laurie slept with clothes dryer.

Woman like the sound and warmth that emanates from a hair dryer, and that's what helps her sleep baby sleep. But, despite the fact that Laurie became an excellent sleep, nights spent in bed with a hairdryer, affected her no better. One day she woke up from her hand severely ill. When the woman looked around her, she realized that her swollen blisters from burns. In addition, Laurie has several of the same scar on his chest. Laurie Young man can not sleep with a hairdryer in the bed, but it is of little interest, it is not off him ever. Moreover, it is not the only one struggling with this addiction. Her 3-year-old daughter has recently also started to sleep with a hairdryer. When the woman saw that, then clearly he decided for himself that he wants to get rid of this strange addiction, and her boyfriend supports his girl in this entirely. Hiking to a psychologist have helped Laurie. She wrote a farewell note to his hair dryer and never puts it to bed with him.

The woman who drinks blood

If you think that vampires do not exist, then this woman you prove otherwise. Michelle can not stop drinking blood, which she believes is just as important as water. Some people can not start their day without coffee, but Michelle can not wake up without a cup of delicious blood for breakfast. Her passion for this "drink" began when she was a teenager. She often suffered from depression and sometimes even cut themselves. It was then that she first tried to taste the blood and realized that he wanted much more than a few drops. Over the past ten years, Michelle drink 7 liters of blood every week to her craving was satisfied. In addition, she drinks blood, yet it adds it to the baking and makes her cocktail "Bloody Mary". Now you're probably wondering where she is so much of this red liquid? Do not worry, you will not see her in a dark alley at night. It is "good vampire" and drink only animal blood, which they bought in the local market. True, in an interview she admitted that she tried and human blood. Despite the fact that she stopped cutting myself, Michelle found a way to hurt yourself another way. The blood that she drinks can be infected with HIV or hepatitis. She took it for granted that there will be visits to the doctor more often to make sure it's okay physically, but the blood is drink and do not stop.