As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

• How sang the death penalty in the USSR

In the former USSR, the execution of the death penalty issue was closed. The direct participants in this process were given "a subscription to disclose." But today, the State and the bodies to which they gave a subscription, no. And the man more than two and a half years to execute the death sentences in Azerbaijan, a former head of the institution UA-38/1 UITU MIA Az SSR Khalid Mahmudovich Yunusov says ...

As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

- usually from the Supreme Court we have advance warning of such prisoners, they did to us only after the death sentences against them. It is now for each prisoner handcuffed dress, and only then on death row. I like the warden was obliged to accept it, offer to write a petition for pardon, if he considers the sentence unjustified, we - me and another employee, who at that time was around, constituted an act of refusal to convict write a petition for clemency, which were sent as as well as the application for a pardon, the public prosecutor for Supervision of procurator of the republic, which in turn directs all these statements to the presidium of the Supreme Council of the republic at the beginning, and then the Soviet Union. There existed a special committee to consider. While she considers the application of the convicted person, the person was with us.

- How much time usually passes from the time of sentencing and to bring it into execution?

- In different ways: three months, six happened and to a year. From the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to a special package with the decree of the Supreme Council, which roughly said: "Your application for a pardon is considered ...". In this case, the death penalty was changed to fifteen years of imprisonment. Or: "The sentence to enforce." We called the prisoner and announced it to him.

During the period that the condemned were with us, they have changed beyond recognition. If at first they do something hoping that then day after day ... They are distinguished between each step. Fifth Corps, Bail prison where imprisoned on death row, was very small.

As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

There was a special order for "top secret" (I do not remember its number), which was at the head of the prison. According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, on death row should contain in solitary confinement, in exceptional cases, for two people, if the place was not enough. It is now five or six people stuffing. Previously, it was not allowed, as this could lead to all sorts of excesses.

In the fifth case controllers to eliminate the possibility of their communications with the prisoners, collusion with them or if something is not enough, were spetsotbor to work with special contingent. Bombers, as they say, nothing to lose, decrease to the light, and the leakage of information should not be. I gave a subscription to disclose this mystery, but today there is no one to whom I give it, there is no Soviet Union, neither the Ministry of Interior of the USSR ... ".

- relatives admitted to sentenced to death?

- only with the permission of the chairman of the Supreme Court.

- Has it ever happened in the years of your work to a suicide bomber died before the execution?

- I'm in less than three years, there was only one such case. Affairs "Maeve-terevez", for example, fifty people imprisoned. In this case and was sentenced to death. But he obnaruzhilcya throat cancer, from which he died.

- How often you decide on pardon?

- There were two cases. For example, I remember a young man reprieved from Belokan, he killed one, and the other seriously wounded.

It was like this, he came only from the army, twenty-one years, he worked as a tractor driver. Tills the soil, drove up to him whether the chief engineer, or even any of his superiors: "Why are you not plowed ...", and it zarugalsya mat. The guy grabbed the crowbar and razmozhzhil her skull, injured his driver, rushed to help, he received serious injuries.

He did not write a petition for pardon, saying: "I'm sorry - let shoot. I called the prosecutor on supervision, which saw him, I decided that the guy has to use his chance. "After serving fifteen years, - he told me - come in thirty-six, the young will be more." He's probably already left ... On television showed, as a person runs in a dedicated room, stands with his back to the door, which opens pane, and shoot him in the head ...

We did not. We killed a very cruel way. The procedure itself was not fulfilled. I'm even on this question addressed to the Minister of the Ministry of Interior. He promised to send me to Leningrad, where he was a different system, but he was killed.

This was done and me, and me, too, as they say, is inherited. Going all night, after twelve hours. You must be present warden, the prosecutor of supervision - can we any dummy shot, and let go of the offender for millions.

Except those whom I have called, in the execution of the sentence were to attend a doctor - the chief medical examiner, who stated the fact of death, and the representative of the Information Centers into account.

As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

We were act - always I and one of the members of the group that performed the sentence. The Interior Ministry had such special secrecy group, which consisted of ten people. In those years, I worked, I was a senior in her. I had two deputies. First Deputy executions did not bring - blood was afraid. He previously worked somewhere in the Anti-Corruption Squad, and then made his way here to the post of deputy head of the prison.

Another later died, apparently affected him all this. My deputy was in position at least once during the quarter to replace me, so that I could somehow escape from this nightmare. I have three years of work were about thirty-five. And no quarter to anyone ... Once there were six people ...

Taking sentenced to execution of the sentence, we did not declare him where to lead. They said only that his petition for pardon decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet rejected. I saw a man, who at that time turned gray eyes. So, no matter what a person of inner strength was, at that time they did not tell him where to go. Usually, "Go into the office." But they understand why. They began to shout: "Brothers .. .. Goodbye!". An eerie moment when you open the door of the office and the person should not pass ... "Cabinet" is small, approximately three meters by three walls of rubber. When a person to give birth, he already understands. - The study of blood?

- It's all closed up tight, only a small ventilator. They say that even when the sheep tie, he understands why, even in tears happen.

People react in that moment differently. Boneless, spineless immediately fell. Often died before the execution of the sentence of a heart attack. There were those who resisted - had to knock down, wringing his hands, put on handcuffs.

Shot revolver was carried out of the system "Nagant" almost point-blank in the left back of the head in the left ear, because vital organs are located there. The man immediately turned off.

- In your practice was that the person at the moment evaded the bullets?

- No, we also had two or three. And then one must skillfully shoot, so he immediately died.

- in the movie were a scene in which the condemned externally with calm kneels, puts his head down, if it is a woman, even removes the hair from the neck. this happens also in reality?

- There was a case: Uncle and nephew - rustler - killed two policemen. One of them at once, as he begged, "Do not kill, I have three children and two children of my deceased brother ...". Scoundrels, I just for these people do not believe.

I look at the guy, and he :. "This is my uncle, I do not." Uncle five times before they were judged, the big man, his neck was not, we could not hand handcuffs put on such a wide wrist. Once he, wringing, hanging from the ceiling and the alarm raised. The guard opened the cell, he threw himself on it. Then we piled on him four of ...

In general, we started looking for a "cabinet", but he did not want to become his knees and had to use force to knock down. He fell and hit his head on the concrete floor ... He have thrust seven bullets, his head was razmozhzhena brains in all directions. I even thought that it was necessary to put on a gown ... He's still breathing, big. He was not a criminal had become, but as something to good use their skills. In general, breathing ... Suddenly I was, I do not know where, in the fall - went under the blade gave him two shots into the lungs. Then he brought his nephew. He, seeing the corpse, then fell. -Doctor stated: "It is not necessary, is ready ...". Just in case we did three test shots ...

After this work I have, at times, a could not get on the week. Who is telling you, and the whole picture before your eyes is worth ...

- Are there cases when you feel sorry sentenced to death?

- Was director sokolimonadnogo plant in Balakan. Lemonade with its plant at congresses featured. But then something happened, he "gave" the theft, he was in prison for a long time, was very devout, and just man. Let him pray, gave a small rug. Five times a day prayer was doing. And the foreman said (they were on good terms): "I know, I was shot."

When they led him to the firing squad, not even handcuffs put on. He calmly lay down, and said: "I know that in all fairness."

I, for example, against the fact that for the theft to give the death penalty. Here was a man of Nakhichevan, the father of eleven children. We then talked among themselves: "Well, shoot a man for the theft, and he had so many children. As they grow up? Who will feed them? And then, it's eleven enemies of the state and society. "

When it came to him pardon him for fifteen years and has replaced it fell directly under his feet. I calculated that it was to serve fourteen years and so many days now I do not remember how many "they brought him to his senses. "I am not for myself, - he said - for eleven children," "

In the "Arguments and Facts" was to be the "who, where and how does the death penalty." There is a "chance executioner" was written that they are going crazy, losing my mind .. "You know, I shot for these people do not believe the scum! I would even make himself a card file, but then said, "Well, them, to hell ..!". Here's a look at the photos of the executed.

- Young. What did he do?

- he raped and killed his daughter. And here in this photo - Ramin. He and his partner killed the driver and the vehicle body is thrown into a ditch. They were taken from the bus station customers, started a conversation, if noticed in the course of that wealthy people, then we wound up in some backwoods, killed and dumped the corpse ... This Ramin before sitting in the colony, he had five previous convictions, and there is still one person killed the wire. It quickly came to a decision ...

Relatives shot come, and they're gone. We had a 'ta hell "philosopher", the day after he was shot, and came to his father. Saturday was, he came to see me, "I dreamed that I dress it in white ..." - he felt. "No, I say - do not worry, he was taken to the Supreme Court to treat."

There was another such case. Two were executed, and on the eve of one of them asked me: "As regards me nothing? I had a dream that I have gone ... ". I just got a package in the safe he was lying. I opened, and in it their names ... What do you call it?

- But why families should not have to know that the person is no longer alive? Take the body and bury himself?

- I do not know. Maybe not to harden the people ... That's tales say that in Siberia were sent to the mines. This is the hope of some sort ... But the place of burial is not talking.

- Where was it?

- Twenty years have passed since then. Then it was near one of the cemeteries, in the 40-50 km from Baku.

- And what did "philosophy"?

- He was teaching in one of the areas. To become better acquainted with his student-tenth grade, and promised to marry, take in Baku and actually cohabited with her.

And after a while she heard that he was courting another girl. She said she will complain about him to the party committee. Then he picked up a dumbbell, led her to Ganly gel, killed on the lake and threw the corpse into the water. He unlocked a long time, but then proved it. Lenin managed in the volume chamber to carry. And I said, he "was behind the power." Twice he received a telegram from Moscow to suspend execution of the sentence.

Here is the (again, pictured), see, young man, born in Ganja, Fifty-fifth year of birth, non-partisan, eight-grade education, single, previously convicted several times. Saratov makes killing shestidesyatitrehletney citizen previously rape her. And then he killed his army friend, store manager. In prison, he tried to escape, he is a fool, did not know that the doors are locked double keys, one is from the controller and the other for me. Without the two key does not open. Duty, was one of old-timers, the last duty before him, he even we have prepared a certificate of merit.

I asked the man in his water. The guard did not have to open, but just humanity showed, opened a "feeder" and held the water in a plastic mug. The guy grabbed him by his coat, wanted to turn out, wrung his hands and take the keys. But the sergeant had already served twenty-five years, was experienced, had left his coat in his hands, twisted and raised the alarm. That, as it turned out, managed to prepare the fixture, wanted to kill the sergeant.

As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

Here Veliyev Hamid (the photo shows). This is a man? Night killed wives, and three-year-year-old children. She allegedly cheated on him. And this type of regret?

- Told you and members of your group to anyone what work do the second?

- Never. I work in the prison, and everything.

- And your family know?

- My wife guessed. Sometimes, coming home is not himself.

We even had to charter an article, according to which each of the enforcement of the sentence was laid two hundred and fifty grams of alcohol. I'll tell you what: I did before or even after the chicken did not cut, I can not.

- And why did you go for this job?

- You know, I was appointed .. six years before this caught on bribes Tired, only the enemies themselves profiteers. The authorities, knowing my availability and integrity, has sent me to the speculation and agriculture department. I threw on some aces, and my hands to ruin them. Well, one, I ditched the second, and then I will arrange a car accident, that's all.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, Kazimov, who was responsible for this area then, sending me already on the job, asked, "Are not you afraid?". I said, "I worked on the railroad, where the corpses of people had to collect, photograph, happened in pieces collected." He said, you know what? "It's death. You're still young. " I was thirty-five years. A job in the army - who is docile to order and ship. This life is like. I say: "What? The sentence will be, so that all legally. "

Only then I started thinking about this question. It's actually legalized murder. State judge a person for what he's hitting another person and self at the same time becomes a criminal.

- But you yourself just said that almost all of them cause you to have a sense of disgust and, in your opinion, are worthy of death. Or it should have been, so that they continue to kill others?

- I would be executed notorious killers. But if a person is killed by accident or in a fit of anger, then no. For economic crimes is generally the shooting should not give.

- Usually in films from death row asking, "What is your last wish?". also it happens in reality?

- One of the first shot I was a young boy, from the city. He killed his uncle, and then stabbed the corpse fingers into the socket alleged that the current dead. When his last "time was summoned for questioning and asked:" What will be the last wish "formally usually ask?. He asked for a cigarette. The desire to ask something, but who does it? If he asks for a cigarette, then yes. And if you want to feast? .. It's unreal things.

- Well, maybe ask to convey something close or last time to see someone?

- No, I did not do so, only about a cigarette I remember.

- You were talking about cases involving men. And women had to be shot?

- If I did not have women.

- Why are you working so little - only three years?

- After the assassination of Interior Minister Arif Heydarov was reshuffled "But, in fact, in this position for a long time do not work. From the words of old-timers, I heard that one of the workers up to me in connection with these shootings was a mental disorder. Then the order was. ", Who is above the" ceiling "worked for five years, was given the rank of colonel. In the holiday home sent were those in the suburbs, but personally I there never was. - The warden necessarily had to take part in the enforcement of the death penalty or is it just you were instructed?

- According to the regulations the chief had to be sure.

- And how do you do still think there are some special qualities that are required for people in this job, because not everyone is able?

- Above that I had not thought about it. Then I realized that it was legalized murder. After all, the Quran and the Bible says: "Life is given by God, and God is taken" ... I agree that the Council of Europe the right to restrict calls to life imprisonment, but it is also necessary to ensure ...

- There have been cases in your practice when only after the sentence became known that executed an innocent man?

- I was not in mine. In general, in Azerbaijan, I have not heard about this. With convenient error or falsification cases it was. About Chikatilo read that there is first executed an innocent man. L recently heard on TV about the electric chair in the United States: in the century-old practice of use of twenty-five people were executed by mistake.

No, it is better to let a hundred guilty than to condemn an ​​innocent man.

- Can be sentenced to death there by the amnesty?

- No, we have a different system.

- The literary works and movies before enforcement of the sentence the convict was allowed to meet Mullah or priest, who instructed him, let it have sins. It has been practiced?

- What do you mean. People in those days, when celebrating wedding or a wake, afraid Mullah call, the party could be excluded.

And what about literature ... In the same article in the "Arguments and Facts" wrote: "Lose my mind and executioners. Psychiatrists claim that rare person can stay in your mind after the fourth in a row killing. So executioner, too, waiting for severe punishment. "

But I was thirty-five.

- Write more, that those who have to carry out the sentence, are not allowed to communicate with the bombers, so they do not wake up to them some friendly feelings. This is true? - No, I spoke, but as it should be. I make sure that the conditions in which are contained. The prisoner could say that it hurts, I had to call a doctor, he's a man. But another communication was not in the office, I was not invited to tea.

As performed by the death penalty in the USSR

- It is possible to determine the average age group of those executed?

- I have not watched it, but, on average, perhaps thirty or forty years. Young twice across. The oldest was sixty-three years. He left his family and married another woman. This woman had a daughter, whom he first raped and then strangled. When the girl's mother - his wife - came, he killed her too.

- differ from the conditions of detention on death row conditions of other prisoners?

- Yes, they have a much different way. They do not put the transmission, communication with the outside world, there is no, do not take a walk, only once a day to the bathroom. That's all.

- You said that you agreed to call for printing his name. Do not you think that maybe your kids will not want to about anyone to know?

- Children, as they say, his father did not respond, and the father of the child does not respond. This is mine, this school I have passed this life already lived, it has no I will not take. You see, it was! Why should I hide? I believe that every normal person knows where and what is done, or at least should know. Why do people cheat, let know the truth.

- And to pay for this work influenced?

- Yes, to pay more. 100 rubles members of the group and for 150 rubles immediate perpetrators on a quarterly basis.

- You probably do not believe in the existence of the afterlife, immortality of the soul, as seen thirty-five deaths. You then changed its attitude to human life?

- You know, when you read before the execution of the death sentence, you will know what he has done, is clouding consciousness. I imagined the hours he could have done with my brother. And this bastard has to walk the earth? ..

And the price of life. . . The price of his life, he himself defined. . . As for my life, I realized that I simply plight outstanding. I knew that people sit on positions pohlesche and know as much as I can be, and is worse than me, but they were lucky. But I've got a dirty job. Source: "Mirror", Baku, N19 (504), May 1997