The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

Every girl would like to have in your box at least one diamond ring. However, the two seemingly identical stones may have different values. And it must be at least superficially acquainted with the peculiarities of the diamond before you go shopping. After all of them will depend on the pricing policy. When purchasing products with this gem on the label will be listed not only the weight. Most probably the important characteristics are the color and clarity of the diamond. A quality assessment engaged gemological laboratories or independent experts. Currently, there are 3 leading laboratories. They are located in the USA, Belgium and Switzerland. In the US, such a laboratory called the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Belgium - HRD (Diamond Council) and in Switzerland CIBJO (The World Jewelery Confederation). Of course, due to the natural origin of the stone, it can not have perfect form. However, the smaller the defect comprises diamond, the more valuable it is. But the purity of a diamond - a characteristic which indicates the presence of inclusions and fractures. The naked eye to see the defects is not possible, a poem for the evaluation of this gem are a microscope with 10x magnification.

The purity of a diamond

By purchasing diamond jewelry, every woman is going to get the perfect stone. However, among the other symbols on the label has such indicators as quality of cut, color and clarity of the diamond. 4/4, for example, the quality of cut A. And if the first characteristic is dependent on the human factor, then the other two master effect can not. All natural stones, and diamonds are no exception, contain inclusions and cracks. The size and shape of different. There are coal and snow inclusion. Their presence not only affects the pricing, but also confirms the natural origin. Most often, the experts observe the inclusion of ilmenite and magnetite dark colors. Less often seen as inclusions such minerals as brown spinel, garnet red, green diopside or enstatite.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

purity Scale

The first scale is purity of diamonds has been established in the Gemological Institute of America. the degree of distinguishability of the inclusions and their size and number: The basis for the creation of the classification of the following characteristics were selected. And to evaluate the stone experts proposed a 10-fold increase, which is still the norm today.

"Blameless" is considered to be a diamond, which has no internal defects, and from outside, you can get rid of by polishing. Well and, accordingly, the more flaws in the stone, the lower the purity of a diamond. GIA scale assessment, which is the most common, has 11 groups. In Russia, for assessing the purity of a diamond is used is different from the GIA scale. If you need to determine the purity of a round stone, which weighs less than 0.29 carats, using the numbers 1 through 6. If we are talking about the stones of the same weight but a different form, they are divided into groups of purity from 1 to 9. But the medium and large diamonds have a purity of from 1 to 12. the higher the number, the larger defects or inclusions that has rock.

Consider, for example, a diamond has a purity 5. average. This stone is either 3 small cracks or inclusions 3 dark or bright 6 inclusions.

The color of a diamond

From this parameter depends on the price of the stone. And the value of diamonds having the same characteristics, but different color, may be varied in a vast range. The naked eye, all colors expressed with 3 shades: white, transparent and steel. But the color in the certificate can be designated as a yellowish, grayish or brownish. Extremely rare colorless diamond. It has a high value, and its color is described as "pure water". In order to give an accurate assessment of the color of the stone, using a standard, since nuances are so close that even under a microscope at times to distinguish one from another is extremely difficult. To determine the color of the stone in a product often require its removal. Most expensive diamonds are fancy (Fancy). Their color range is much wider than that of the "white" counterparts. There are brown, pink, black, green, blue, dark blue and bright red diamonds.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

The last stones are the most unique. several times their price policy exceeds the price of "white brothers".

color evaluation systems diamonds

In different countries to assess the diamond color use different scales. Despite this, if necessary, they can be compared quite easily.

color grading system for diamonds in Russia

If we talk about the definition of the color of a diamond in Russia, local experts using 3 scales. The first applies to diamonds, whose 17-facet cut. This category is divided into stone 4 color groups. For stones with facets 57 and not exceeding 0.29 carats, experts identified 7 colors. And by the third scale, which implies 9 groups of colors are measured with stones weighing more than 0.3 carats and 57 facets.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

International diamond color grading system

Unlike Russian evaluation system, an international number has a different scales and absence of division stones by weight categories. It uses 2 color scales: for white and fancy diamonds. White diamonds are valued in the range of D to Z. The highest value are precious stones, the color of which is designated by the letter D (transparent). And the lowest, respectively, dark stones. They are marked with the letter Z. The scale assesses the fancy color diamonds, is fundamentally different from the first. Here, the darker the stone, the more expensive it is.

As already mentioned the diamond clarity and color are the most important characteristics of this gem. These two characteristics on the label write next. The first figure shows the evaluation of the color scale, and the second - is the purity of a diamond. 2/2 - a colorless diamond with a smallest defect. Only. Consider several examples of the relation of characteristics such as color and clarity of a diamond. 3/5 - a stone with a subtle defect and the presence of a small crack. Or white clouds. And if the color and clarity of the diamond 3/3, it is practically transparent and has no more than 2 small defects.

Cut diamonds

It's no secret that the stone itself does not shine and beautiful shape. A stone sparkle shine amazing or not, depends on the master, which will deal with his cut.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

There are 3 ways to cut diamonds: round, klinevy and step. The most popular way to first. It is used to cut white diamonds. Craftsmen working with fancy diamonds, selected second and third cut method. Round cut is the most expensive. However, it allows you to get the stone with 57 facets. Klinevaya processing involves obtaining stone round oval proportions and by step-cut stones obtained angular shape or polygons. The most common type of fancy cut diamonds are "heart," "Emerald", "Princess" (squared), "pear" (in the form of droplets), "baguette" (rectangle), "Marquis" and "oval".

the cut quality of a diamond Group

cut quality - this is another important characteristic of diamonds. Color and clarity - these are the qualities that are given by nature, but it can only tune in the hands of a master.

To obtain maximum brightness and games diamond jeweler should comply with all proportions, which are calculated according to a formula.

International experts have identified an "ideal" quality of cut diamonds, "excellent", "very good", "good" and "benign". The main criteria for assessment of quality abroad are geometric relation, the symmetry and the quality of polishing. Domestic same cut quality rating system is designated by letters. It is from the point of view of clarity, is not very convenient. Russian experts allocate 3 scales: for diamonds with a 57-sided cut 17 and Alternative hexagonal facet. For the first category corresponds to the letter from "A" to "D", for the second - "A" and "B", and the third category is estimated by the letter "B". If in the process cut proportions have been violated, there is no need to immediately blame the wizard. Often this need arises, to keep the size of the stone.

Diamond Weight

When buying jewelry with a stone on the label you can see the weight, which is expressed in grams. This applies to all stones, except diamonds. This is due primarily to the fact that it is difficult to find a diamond, the weight of which will be at least one gram. Therefore, the sale often are stones, which weigh 0.2 grams. This weight is the weight of one seed of a tree "ct", which grows on the banks of the Caribbean. Therefore, the weight of the diamond is generally measured in carats.

Diamonds are conventionally divided into small, medium and large. To the 1st group include stones weight not exceeding 0.29 carats to 2nd - diamonds whose weight ranges from 0.3 to 0.99 carats, and of large considered faceted diamonds whose weight exceeds 1 carat. If a stone weighing more than 0.01 carats, it is called the diamond grit. But faceted diamonds whose weight exceeds 25 Carat (5 g, respectively), have their own names.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

Certificate diamond

Buying diamond jewelry, you need to pay attention to the existence of the certificate. This is the only document that proves not only the authenticity of the stone, but the correspondence between price and quality. The certificate not only indicates the presence of inclusions, but also their location, size and number. Do not think that this document will specify the price. The certificate described solely characteristics of the stone. These include weight, color, cut and clarity of the diamond. 4/4, for example, says that the stone has a slight tint and no more than 2 small defects.

Certificates can be issued labs that certify diamonds. However, the standards that are taken as a basis for estimation may be different. At the moment there are 2 laboratories, proved as adherents of the highest standards. This is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Association of Jewelers. Therefore it is better to buy the product quality is confirmed by these laboratories.

Yakut diamonds

Currently particularly popular purchased Yakut diamonds. This is due to the fact that the stones formed in permafrost supposedly have less cracks and inclusions. The experts on the subject have an opinion. Diamonds of high quality can be found and Yakutia. Simply, they are more common. If the Yakut diamonds were indeed qualitatively different, besides the scale of assessments and the purity of color, would also scale stone field. If, say, color and clarity diamonds 3/3, regardless of the place where it is extracted, it will rock with a subtle shade and 2 small defects.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

How to read the tag

On the label shall contain the following information: description of the purity of a diamond, the weight, the number of faces, the kind and quality of cut, the number of stones in the product with the same characteristics. However, these data are fed in a reduced form. Consider a specific example: Br. Kr. / 57/1 pc. / 03.04 / A / 0, 07Ct. This title should be read as follows: In item 1, the diamond present circular shape with 57 facets. Color corresponds to 3, and purity - cut 4. Quality - A stone weight 0.07 carats.

Tips when choosing diamond jewelry

First of all pay attention to the existence of a certificate confirming the authenticity of the stone. If he is absent, the naked eye to determine the real stone or forgery can not be in front of you. This certificate must be difficult to be around, decorated, and attached to it a special thread and seal.

Choosing between the weight of the stone and the quality of the cut, it is better to give preference to the second characteristic. In an ideal cut its value can visually increase due to an amazing shine.

The purity of a diamond, color diamond. The scale of the diamond purity

And the choice of colors you can save. After all, to distinguish the stone has a slight tint of a colorless it is possible only with a microscope. And the difference in price between these diamonds is essential. Jewelery with diamonds ennoble any outfit. However, be careful when buying jewelry. And remember that characteristics such as color and clarity diamonds are the most important. If the budget is limited, it is better to take a stone with a lower purity, but the large size. And if a diamond is close to the "pure water", the frame must be white.