The most expensive in the world diamond "Pink Star" (Pink Star)

Most recently, in all media loudly discussed the sale with Sotheby's auction of the most expensive in the world diamond Pink Star, which we call "pink star". This event caused a stormy public outcry. Of course, it is very curious to know what kind of stone cost 83 million dollars?

The most expensive in the world diamond


Pink diamonds are rare among these gems. Scientists around the world to this day can not find a logical explanation because of their fantastic colors.

And let the brilliant "pink star ' including quite young stone (its history dates back to 21 th century), it is already ranked amongst the" brethren "honorable first place. The reason for this is the uniqueness of the gem. No wonder that it has been named by experts of the American Gemological Institute "pure", as it has the following characteristics:

  • of pure crystals in the composition;
  • excellent optical clarity;
  • a rare pink color.

The unique pink diamonds

The most common stones of unusual colors were always yellow and blue. The demand for the pink diamonds due to their attractive and romantic feelings that occur in humans when they form.

The most expensive in the world diamond

Gemologist, for example, it is known that yellow stones get their color due to the gold content of impurities. Blue color formed due to the presence of boron in the diamond. But with pink diamonds is not so simple - they include no specific chemical impurities. Therefore, the scientists has been suggested that the "romantic" color - it is the result of changes in the molecular structure of the stone as a result of seismic activity. Although faithful to this hypothesis is unproved, they remain the most expensive in the world of diamonds.

Birthplace pink "unique"

Despite the fact that many mines are searching for pink diamonds, their number is extremely small - only a few units per year, and in most cases - small size. The main production of high-quality, large diamonds produced at the Argyle diamond mine in Australia is part of the industrial giant structure RioTinto. Diamond mining is carried out here since 1983 and supplies to world markets 90% of pink diamonds.

Sale of the largest and most beautiful specimens with Argaylskogo mine is carried out on an exclusive tender, where the company annually puts about 50 stones.

Diamond with an initial weight of 132, 5-carat, which later became the biggest diamond found in Africa, the company DeBeers (1999). In his facet two years were spent jewelers company Steinmetz Diamonds.

The most expensive in the world diamond

Chronology of the world's most expensive diamond sales

First look at the stone became possible in 2003 at an exhibition in Monaco. Then in 2007 it was bought by an unknown individual. purchase amount, as well as the buyer's name, then you have not been announced. But the new owner was marked by the fact that the diamond came up with the name - Pink Star.

In 2010 he again became the subject of heated bidding at an auction in Geneva. With an estimated cost of 27-38 million $ Pink Star was bought for a record at the time 45, 75 million.

In 2013, the rock were traded on the Swiss auction of about 150 people. The starting price for "Pink Star" was defined in the 48 million Swiss francs. During the auction price rose to a record high and the world to know how much is the most expensive diamond - 83, 18 million dollars. The stone was sold to famous diamonds in the world of New York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf

Interesting moments of the auction

During intense trading one of the "remote" customers (by phone) was declared price, bound over several "stages" - $ 73 million. After waiting the allotted time for reflection, Isaac Wolf said the amount of 10 million more. Hall waited telephone buyer reaction, but on the other end sounded short beeps. With the final fall of the hammer in the audience played the soundtrack to the film "The Pink Panther".

The most expensive in the world diamond

Features stone

Largest diamond is 2, 69/2, 06 cm with a weight 59 carat 6 (or about 12 grams), it has an oval cut. It is known that prior to treatment Pink Star weighed 132 5 carats.

In order to put in their valuable acquisition potential for further growth in the value, the owner gave him a new name - Pink Dream. It is likely that soon the stone will be a history of record sales, and perhaps this time the auction will start with an initial level of 90 million dollars.

The precursors of

Prior to the resonance of trading, the status of the most expensive in the world diamond belonged "Graff Pink" - stone, sold at "Sotheby's" in 2010 for just over $ 46 million. Ring with exquisite pink stone was bought by the famous British jeweler Graff LA, and he immediately "modestly" gave the diamond its name. Weight stone quadrangular - 24, 78 carats. Previously, he belonged to the jeweler of America Winston and sold by auction (as many as six decades ago) in the hands of a private collector. The uniqueness of the stone is the fact that the physical type (IIa), to which it belongs, is only 1% of all extracted 8u gem diamonds.

The most expensive in the world diamond

Another large diamond with the highest price - "Winston Legacy ', characterized by a transparent color, pear-shaped and weighing 101, 73 carat (up to cut - 236). Following the auction, in 2013 it was purchased by the jewelry company "Harry Winston" (in whose honor and was renamed) for 26, $ 7 million.

"Wittelsbach-Graff" - brilliant sky-blue color (35, 56 carats), the name was named after 2 jewelers, who owned it. In 2008 was acquired by L. Graff at a London auction "Christie's" 24, $ 3 million. Then the stone was exposed to re-cut, after which its weight amounted to 31, 06 carats. Such a move was made to open the world of his true color. In 1664 blue diamond was the dowry for the daughter of Spanish King Philip IV of Margarita Teresa, and in 1772 - the property of the Wittelsbach. In 1964, the diamond was purchased by an anonymous buyer, and more than three decades has been the subject of his collection.

Another representative gems of exquisite color, which is called "Perfect Pink" is a rectangular diamond with a weight of more than 14 carats. It was purchased by the buyer on the secret for 23 Hong Kong auction "Christie" $ 2 million and to date is the status of the most expensive diamond ever sold in Asia.

The most expensive diamond jewelry

Of course, the purchase of these "grand" stones - first of all, a profitable investment for their owners. But as you know, diamonds - it is the best Inlay for exquisite jewelery. It would be unfair not to talk about the most expensive and interesting ones.

The first place belongs to the value of a diamond ring Graff Pink, which was discussed above. This is followed by a ring with another pink "brothers" in the center - Perfect Pink (14, 23 carats). Inlaid decoration on the sides with two white diamonds with a weight of 1, 73 and 1, 67-carat. The frame for the exquisite stone is made of 18-carat pink and white gold.

The most expensive in the world diamond

But the most recognizable to the public reputation of being a necklace with blue diamond "Heart of the Ocean" - an exact imitation of the famous jewelry from the movie "Titanic." Created by jeweler Harry Winston of blue 15-carat diamond, it was estimated at $ 20 million and was the most expensive of the jewels, worn at the Oscars. It's no joke, even a copy of a necklace bought at auction for 3, 5 million.

Perhaps the most unusual decoration is a bikini made of diamonds, which in 2006 came to the podium supermodel Molly Sims. "Sewed" his company Steinmetz Diamonds designer Susan Rosen, using materials as platinum and diamonds (total weight - more than 150 carats).