Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

Anatoly Firsov - the famous Soviet hockey player. Multiple champion and winner of the Cup of the USSR, three-time winner of the Olympic Games. One of the most memorable hitters in the national hockey in 50-60s.

Biography hockey

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

Anatoly Firsov was born in Moscow in 1941, a few months before the start of the Great Patriotic War. I started playing hockey in the youth team at the factory "Red October". it was not and we all are now well-known classical hockey and Russian, also known as bandy. At that time he was much more popular in the Soviet Union.

At 13 years young, Anatoly Firsov was in the children's sports school of the Moscow "Spartak". Only here he switched to bandy ice hockey.

A career in "Spartacus"

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

Firsov was in "Spartacus" is not so much because of addiction to this particular team, but because of the fact that the club's base was not far from his home. At the age of 17, Anatoly Firsov made his debut in the "red-white" in the national championship.

While domestic championship first was played in four sub-groups in the preliminary stage, and then determined the best team in the second round place from 1 to 8 and 9 to 16.

"Spartacus" was not among the leaders of the championship. In 1958 he won the tournament for 9-16 places. In 1959, Major League 5 teams left, the "red-white" became the fifth of what they greatly helped Anatoly Firsov. "Spartacus" then showed good performance, scoring 92 in the washers 27 matches.

In 1960, the scheme is changed again, and Firsov team became only the 15th.

The young striker played brightly, but a place in the first link and have not received. The turning point in his career was the season when it drew the attention of Anatoly Tarasov, head coach of CSKA, one of the founders of the Soviet hockey glorious traditions.

Do Firsov I wanted to CSKA?

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

is still not known, as it turned out this team Anatoly Firsov. Hockey player officially arrived in command after the call to the army was issued for him. Experts argue today whether he wanted to be an athlete in the camp, "army." Some believe that the attackers took away almost by force, others that all the details have been pre-negotiated with Tarasov. In this case, fans of the Moscow "Spartak" is still tell stories about how the "vile CSKA" stolen Player.

He made his debut in the 1961/1962 season's Anatoly Firsov. CSKA met with the Riga "Dinamo". The forward scored twice. Overall, however, the season for the "army" was unsuccessful. They sacrificed a lot - 240 goals in 38 matches. Closest pursuer in this indicator, Moscow "Dynamo", raised the 40 goals less. In this case, CSKA missed a lot - 105 times lantern ignited their gates. But even with these figures team up to the last round of fighting for victory in the tournament. As a result, only the third place. Champion became the Moscow "Spartak", which in Firsov such results did not show. "Red and White" scored 2 points more.

The champion USSR

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

However, it does not have to worry for long. The following season won the gold medal Anatoly Firsov. In the playoffs, "CSKA" won 16 matches out of 18.

Over the next 12 years, the striker 9 times won the championship of the USSR. I Tarasova was one of the favorites Anatoly Firsov. Hockey player won a place in the first link, and was one of the main striker of CSKA for more than 10 years.

Experts pointed out that the great striker assesses the situation on the ground, has a brilliant response. Prior to joining CSKA he lacked the physical condition, to grow into a first-class hockey player. Working with Anatoly Tarasov has solved this problem.

Olympics in Innsbruck

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

Starting clearly play in the domestic championship, Firsov began regularly attract to the games for the national team.

In 1964, he went to the Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria. USSR national team was one of the tournament favorites, began to prove it in the first match. At the qualifying round defeated in all respects the national team of Hungary 19: 1.

In the group stage the Soviet hockey players do not lose any points. And Switzerland was defeated 15: 0, Finland and Germany - 10: 0. US team 5: 1, Czechoslovakia 7: 5, Sweden 4: 2.

The biggest problems have arisen in the game with the Canadians. The match took place on an equal footing, but Firsov team still won 3: 2.

Triumph in Grenoble

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

In 1968, Anatoly Firsov, whose biography was now firmly associated with hockey, he went to his second Olympic Games to repeat the success.

At this time the Soviet team was released from the qualifying round, the game took place in a group in a single round. Most of the games for the domestic players also evolved quickly and easily. 9: 0 - victory over the GDR national team, 9: 1 - over Germany, 10: 2 - over the United States, 8: 0 - over the Finns.

Canadians defeated - 5: 0, but not easy at that time had the Swedes, who only defeated with a score of 3: 2. Statistics spoil the perfect team managed to Czechoslovakia, which won at the Olympics Soviet hockey 5: 4. However, the Czechs lost to the Canadians and played draw with the Swedes. Therefore, the gold medal for the second time went to the team of the USSR.

Blow Anatoly Firsov in this tournament was smashing. He scored 12 goals and gave 4 assists. The result was the best in the list of scorers and the first of the "goal + pass". Firsov entered in the symbolic team and was named the best forward of the tournament.

A third Olympics Firsov

Anatoly Firsov, hockey player: biography, personal life, sports career, the cause of death

In 1972, already an experienced Firsov went to his third Olympics. At this time in the final round 6 teams participated, who played for the match against each other. Soviet hockey players started with a confident victory over the Finns 9: 3. However, in the second round, made a misfire. The match with the Swedish team did not bode any problems. Especially when after the second period the score was 2: 0 for USSR team. However, the decisive dvadtsatiminutke Scandinavians turn the game in their favor and three times hit the gate Vladislav Tretiak. The result - a draw 3: 3. In between the USSR and Sweden score was equal.

In the third round Soviet team trashes Americans - 7: 2, and Scandinavian outperform Poles - 5: 3. Decisive was the fourth round. USSR plays Poland - 9: 3, and Swedish lose Czechs - 1: 2. In the final round Firsov team trashes Czechoslovakia - 5: 2, and the Swedes lose again and took only fourth place, staying even without Olympic medals.

Irrepressible Firsov

When he was a player for Firsov is nicknamed "the nightmare of goalkeepers", and it was really so. The secret of success has been easy. Discipline, discipline and again discipline. He never contradicted the head coach Anatoly Tarasov, who led CSKA and the Soviet national team. A tutor constantly tried it in various bundles with different partners, constantly rearranged from one flank to the other. Forced to face new challenges every day. Firsov differed brilliant ability to implement ideas head coach.

Even today, the old fans remember unrivaled dribbling Firsov, famous feints and passes. With their help, he left out in the cold even eminent and venerable rivals, both our and foreign. Many say that his most famous trick Firsov spied a foreign hockey players. So whether it is unknown. Similarly, only that the world-famous this technique has become because of it.

It is also famous for its famous Firsov click. His strike was monstrous force. Hockey rink boards bursting at the seams, and sometimes they are not alone. Famous is the story of when in the match with Samara "Wings of the Soviets" in the championship of the USSR striker threw the puck to the gate with such force that it broke the helmet shot was Aleksand Sidelnikov. And also slashed his forehead. The goalkeeper had to be urgently hospitalized brigade ambulance. The goalkeeper claimed a hockey rink in an unconscious state. Fortunately, this injury did not affect the health Sidelnikov. But Czech goalkeeper Firsov provide a constant headache. It is said that Vladimir Dzurilla winced and shrank with each swing of the Soviet striker, not what you click. But the most popular story associated with Firsov, took place at the World Championships in 1967. The tournament was held in the Austrian Vienna. In the group of Soviet hockey players were head and shoulders above many teams. With a score of 16: 1, they beat Germany 12: 0 - Germany, 8: 2 - Finland, 7: 2 - USA 4: 2 - Czechoslovakia, 9: 1 - one of the main competitors, the team of Sweden.

fate of the title was decided in the game with the Canadians. An abundance of goals in this meeting was not observed, Soviet athletes vigorously attacked, but the goalkeeper overseas Seth Martin team did on the court wonders. Throws USSR team did not reach the goal.

Already in the middle of the match desperate Firsov, going on the next shift, without looking threw the puck on goal against Canada. As he was surprised when all partners in a second attacked him with congratulations. Washer, fired by the Canadian goal at random, was behind sincerely shocked Martin. This moment was a turning point in the match, the Canadians have not recovered from the shock and lost 1: 2. And in the final meeting gave way to even the Swedes - 0: 6.

Firsov on the tournament once again became the top scorer. On his account turned 11 goals and 11 assists.



Firsov was a truly unique player. For example, experts say, that he is one of the few players in the world, who played as a midfielder. Although officially this role in hockey does not exist. Even today, there are only a goalkeeper, defenders and attackers.

Such an experiment invented unsurpassed coach Anatoly Tarasov back in the 60s. Implement this plan had Firsov. His playing construction Tarasov called "system", Firsov was in it connecting the motor, the main key figure.

They say that their "system" Tarasov saw in a dream, just as Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev periodic table of chemical elements. And even in his sleep at the position of midfielder played an athlete at number 11. It is this figure was listed on a sweater Firsov. It subsequently emerged that the successful "system" Tarasova works only in one case. If the position of midfielder plays a wagon as Firsov. Therefore, the idea of ​​the famous mentor forgotten for many years.

We tried to go back to it the Swedes at the Olympics in 2002 in the US Salt Lake City. At first, all went well. In step Scandinavian group, guided procedure Tarasova alternately beat Canadians - 5: 2, Czech - 2: 1 and Germans - 7: 1.

However, in the 1/4 finals suffered a sensational defeat from Belarus - 3: 4, which until then had lost all their matches in the next group. Apparently, his Firsov in the Swedish national team and was not found.

Firsov was an outstanding hockey player. During his career, 8 times won the world championships and 8 times champion of Europe. At these championships I had 62 games in which scored 64 goals. 9 times champion of the USSR, twice won silver medals and one bronze times. 5 times won the Cup of the USSR, 6 times won the European Cup in hockey.

In total, the USSR championship matches held 474 matches in which scored 346 goals. A phenomenal result. For details on this and many other details of the sporting career Firsov said in his autobiography, "Light the victory of light."

In this case, leave the national team Firsov had in the prime of a career. Back in 1972, he starred in an attacking unit of the top three along with Kharlamov and Vikulov, and a month after the triumph of the tournament was expelled from the national team.

31-year-old striker was the victim of intrigues and games under the clowns. USSR national team coaches, Anatoly Tarasov, and Arkady Cheryshev left the team after the Olympics in Sapporo. It was replaced by the no less famous Vsevolod Bobrov, who Tarasov was tense and hostile relations. The new coach got rid of all pets of the previous coach. In the first place by Anatoly Firsov. For hockey it was a complete surprise and a serious blow. He was in great shape, but he was forced to retire, being unnecessary the national team. Just on the eve of the Super Series Soviet hockey players with Canadians, which took place in 1972.

Overseas journalists for a long time been at a loss, because they could not understand why the site does not go Firsov. In Canada, he knew all the many loved and respected, and the club of the National Hockey League, "Montreal Canadiens" even proposed a long-term contract. However, at the time to obtain official permission to speak for a foreign club of Soviet hockey players was unreal and secret escape from the country Firsov was not going to.

Result Super Series was good, but not outstanding. Of the eight matches Canadians have won half of the meeting, the USSR national team only three. One game ended in a draw. It is likely that for more reliable performance Soviet hockey players just do not have enough Firsov, who at that time was in excellent shape and could hit its outstanding dribbling more than one opponent.

After the end of his sports career Firsov started working a hockey coach. First, in CSKA, then in Polish "Legia". However, considerable success has never achieved. Many believe that in this position he lacked toughness. Traits that have Tarasova he failed to adopt.

After the failure of the senior team for many years he worked in the sports school of CSKA Anatoly Firsov. Children loved and respected him, saw him as a mentor, who can be in sports, and in life. He led the junior team of the USSR, along with Anatoly Tarasov was a leader of the All-Union tournament "Golden Puck".


Another distinctive feature of the hero of this article - he was an exemplary family man. In 18 years, he contracted marriage Anatoly Firsov. I hope wife spent with him all his life, 40 years in a strong marriage. She died in 2000. Her death was a serious blow and shock to him. Recover from which he was unable to. Nadia died in April, and Anatoly Firsov, died in July. Cause of death - heart failure. His wife he had experienced just three months. He was buried at the cemetery Staroskhodnenskom in the suburbs, in the Khimki district. Together with his wife. In 1998, Firsov received official international recognition. He was included in the list of members of the Hall of Fame of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which is located in Toronto, Canada.