Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts

Many people believe that age can be an obstacle on the way to achieving the goal, especially when it comes to sports. But there is a person who is completely dispel this myth by their actions and accomplishments. One such prominent fans of Physical Education is a 56-year-old Nikolai Kaklimov - a man who was able to establish not beaten till now none other world record when he was already over fifty.

Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts

briefly about the main

Future member of the Russian Book of Records and the Guinness was born and raised in a small village called Kutulik located in the Irkutsk region. As Nikolai Kaklimov always was small growth, apart from the cross-country skiing in his youth and did not take anywhere. However, he always trained on the conscience that was left without a well-deserved award. A schoolboy Kolya was repeatedly awarded prizes and certificates for pulling on the bar. His engineering education was a man at the college city of Krasnoyarsk, where to this day.

Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts


While still a young man, Nicholas Kaklimov constantly kept pace with the sport. Excellent physical fitness and good health secured him from entering the ranks of the elite airborne brigade of the Armed Forces of the USSR. In particular, the young man was the best runner and regularly tightened, and not just on quantity, but under the bill, according to team sergeant or officer.

Sport polyathlon

After transfer to the reserve Kaklimov Nicholas continued to engage actively in sports and seriously focused on skiing and polyathlon. Already at the age of 33 he has fulfilled the standard of master of sports of this kind of all-round winter. He managed to score 157 points out of 155 required in order to achieve the assignment of an honorary title. In the shooting, he was able to earn 90 points, and the number of pull-ups done to the maximum. Followed by a cross-country skiing, which is accompanied by certain difficulties. At the time of the race in Kazan was very wet weather and no wax as a lubricant for ski did not help. Then I come to the rescue of savvy, and Nikolay using conventional diesel, which helped to get out of an uncomfortable situation winner.

Over time, with polyathlon Kaklimovu had to say goodbye. As he says, the current record holder, the culprit were the only technical moments: shooting requires special expensive rifles, which are not so easy to get and.

The twelve Marathon

Kaklimov Nicholas, pulling on the bar for which is, in fact, one of the most important things in his life, regularly took and takes today participated in various competitions, both within the city and throughout the region. Sportsman boasts a variety of achievements. In 2008, he managed to make a half-hour 458 pull-ups. At that time, a resident of Krasnoyarsk, had no partners or sponsors who can help him in the preparation of the material.

His first world record dates back to 2015. It was then that Nicholas was left alone with the bar in one of the school gyms Krasnoyarsk and within 12 hours performing pull-ups. The progress of the exercise closely followed a specially created for this judging panel. The entire period of installation record was recorded with the help of several modern video cameras, one of which was installed directly on the bar.

Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts

The athlete began to catch up at 13.30 local time. At 01.30 the following day marathon ended. During this time I managed to catch Kaklimov 4989 times. This achievement has been documented and recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in the appropriate category. Of course, the athlete was tightened at intervals, the duration of which it regulated independently. During the first six hours in one approach, he did 10 reps. Then he lowered the load of up to 5 times in one sitting. At the end of the marathon Nikolai Kaklimov, a record which far exceeded the previous record by Jan Kares, on his hands he had numerous bloody blisters. Incidentally, a resident of the Czech Republic for the same 12:00 managed to catch only 4654 times. Be sure to point out that at the time the record was already rossiyaninu '54.

Another triumph

What else reached Nikolai Kaklimov? The record for pull-ups, set them in 2015, did not last long and was beaten by himself. The athlete has decided not to deviate from the format of the 12-hour marathon and once again decided to go this way. The second attempt was more successful, and he has pulled 5,825 times.

About his preparation prominent Russians spoke very briefly: on a monthly basis, he increased the number of pull-ups, time to them, he spent at least an hour a day and brought eventually to 4, 5:00 and on weekends is forced rest for recovery. As an auxiliary exercises for development of endurance running grueling cross-country races.

Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts

About family and willpower

Nikolai Kaklimov - a prime example of a man leading a fully healthy lifestyle. Despite the fact that all his life he worked at the plant vylivschikom zalivschikom-metal, he always found time for sports and after the change never went to the pub, and walked on the horizontal bar. And even before the work is given twenty minutes to exercise. Also, a man has never smoked and absolutely indifferent to alcohol.

Interesting Facts

Nikolay life adheres to one simple rule: no sports person will not have no family, no job, no health. And as time has shown, this axiom actually works. We champion and has three children and two grandchildren. Daughter for thirty years, the middle son 19, and the youngest - just four years. Agree to become a father at the age of 50 - this is a great achievement. It is noteworthy that the eldest son is also an athlete and two years in a row is in the lead among rugby players all over Russia.

Nikolai Kaklimov: biography, photos and interesting facts

In general, Kaklimov inclined to believe that the power of man is boundless, and all the obstacles in life and sport we build ourselves in his head. In addition, Nicholas is very happy that his family can be proud of him, and the younger generation have to take one positive example of self-actualization.