Only our people ...

• Only one of us ...

Only our people ...

only Russian man takes out a loan to pay off the debt on the mortgage.

Only our people condemned the craze for the Internet, sitting in the forums.

Only one of us goes to the museum to keep warm.

Only Russian man gets daily just to fill in the first page.

Only the Russian people can dream about forty years to get together in the morning and to seal up the top three teeth until they remove.

Only our people can 20 years to keep at home a crystal set and never they do not use.

Only one of us very politely gives way to the bus grandmother, because his next outing.

Only the Russian people is the worst picture in the passport, and the most successful - "In Touch".

Only the Russian people baptized before the drop into the ballot box for the Communist Party.

Only our people can sit at the computer 10:00, just go check the mail.

Only our people, when it can not find my socks in the apartment, regrets that they can not call.

Only Russian man throws all the dirty things indiscriminately into the washing machine, and when it is time to wash, pulls everything back to separate the white from color.

Only Russian can steal in a supermarket processed cheese, and then write a complaint to the SEC that the cheese to expire.

Only our people, making repairs at the weekend in the morning, at full capacity includes music to neighbors not interfere with the sound of the drill or punch. Only we have the mother awake children to put them to sleep.

Only one of us leaves on the plate the last piece - to not wash after dinner plate.

Only our man is easier to go to the rally than to bring trash to the bins.

Only our peasant no reason to drink - an occasion to drink from grief.

Only the Russian people can ride behind the wheel drunk as a lord, but fastened.

Only we can get poisoned counterfeit vodka and then a hangover counterfeit vodka, because he was ill on the morning of fake vodka.

Only our man can thank his wife for the delicious pasta nautically and get over it by ear, because it was the pasta carbonara.

Only our people, when drinking tea, be sure to stick with your thumb teaspoon so that it does not interfere with drinking tea, because only one of us can leave the spoon in the tea, so it can be to hold the thumb so that it does not prevent him from drinking tea.

Only our people, sitting down behind the wheel, includes a GPS-navigator, and then goes on his way, constantly arguing with the navigator, referring to his "you" insulting incorrectly specified route and get to your destination, proudly states: " that's it! And which of us was right? "

The author - Mikhail Zadornov